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British National Party (BNP)

Lee Rigby Sentencing, Old Bailey Feb 2014
Ideology: Racial Nationalist/Fascist
Membership: 300-500 (BNP claims 3,000)
Leadership: Adam Walker (Chairman), Clive Jefferson (Deputy Chairman)
Publications: Identity
Online: Main website, Facebook, Twitter (all complemented by some regional and individual accounts administered sporadically)
Areas active: Barnsley, Blackpool, Burnley, Barking & Dagenham, (Essex,) Bexleyheath, Croydon, London, Leeds, Manchester, Poole, Rotherham, Salford, Stoke
British National Party

Summary of 2015

It went from bad to worse for the party. They managed to stand only one more candidate (eight) than the National Front (NF) in the General Election, only managing this because Tess Culnane jumped ship from the NF at the last minute. The party was then humiliated in July when its star employee, Dawn Charlton, gave an extraordinary and revealing interview to HOPE not hate about drug abuse and financial mismanagement at the party’s head office.

Adam Walker was finally confirmed as the party’s new Leader although, as Charlton suggested, there were serious questions as to the tactics used by the leadership to ensure Walker was finally elected as Nick Griffin’s replacement. The tactics more than the result led to another split. Those who stayed with the party after its messy separation from Griffin then watched in horror as expulsions and purges of even Walker/Jefferson loyalists continued.

Jack Sen, who joined the party briefly after being expelled from UKIP, led a revolt against the leadership in September that captured most remaining organisers and activists in the north west. Rather foolishly (but not surprisingly) Walker also appointed the party’s Treasurer, Clive Jefferson, as his deputy without an election. Although this is not unusual and is within the party’s rules, it was seen as a snub by the party’s London Regional Organiser, Steve Squire, who resigned his post in December, citing “cronyism” as the reason for his decision.

Walker’s conference speech confirmed that he is not a man blessed with great oratorical skills or even a vocabulary.

In desperation, the party has begun looking to autonomous former EDL groups to lead in anti-immigration activity.

One such event took place in Barnsley in December where thirty hooligans were led on a pointless march around the town by local BNP thug Danny Cooke.

Prospect for 2016

The party will continue if only because there is still enough money in the kitty to pay wages to those who are now in control of it. No amount of humiliation and visible corruption will deter the party’s leadership from continuing to behave in a manner that exiles and isolates what little support it has left amongst its membership.

The party also faces a series of legal challenges to expulsions made post-Griffin. Its first real test will be whether it can weather the storm in London and still mount a campaign for the London Mayoral election. The power and the money may well be jealously guarded in the north of the country, but for the first time in over a decade, the bulk of the remaining membership remains entrenched in the south.

In January of this year, the party was deregistered by the Electoral Commission after what the BNP termed a “small clerical error.” It looked likely it would soon be re-registered however.

Last updated February 2016

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