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Running a campus Voter Registration drive

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Election night on May 7th 2015 was heartbreaking for so many of us, as we watched colleagues who had dedicated their lives to the Labour Party get pipped at the post in seats the length and breadth of the country. There were some bright spots though, and for me, one of the most important, was Nigel Farage’s failure to become the UKIP MP for South Thanet. This was in no small part because of the work that was done by the HOPE not hate team in the months running up to polling day - a campaign that was replicated in Grimsby, Cardiff, Dudley, Southampton and Thurrock. We know that HOPE not hate delivers in local communities, empowering people to stand up to the politics of hate and fear.

So as Labour activists the question for us must be - How can the Labour Party run similar campaigns in our heartlands, and key seats, to enthuse people to get involved and stand up against the vile politics promoted by UKIP and their ilk?

We know that the Labour Party is at its best when we are offering a vision of HOPE for the future. A positive alternative to UKIP’s ideological assault on the values and institutions we hold dear. An offer and a campaign based on hope and ambition not fear and hate. But this cannot be a top down national campaign, it has to be a grassroots response to local issues. Labour values, in Labour communities, fighting for a Labour victory.

That’s why we’re launching Labour Friends of HOPE not hate to support constituency Labour Parties as they develop campaigns in the coming months and years. Our goal is to support you and your local activists take the fight to UKIP and beat them - on every street and at every election.

So I’m asking you to sign your CLP up, to come to our training events and to fight the good fight once again as we make the case for the type of country that we want to live in.

Ruth Smeeth MP
Chair of Labour Friends of HOPE not hate

Labour Friends of HOPE not hate newsletter September 2015

Running a campus Voter Registration drive

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To affiliate to Labour Friends of HOPE not hate please email labour@hopenothate.org.uk

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