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Will British Boneheads turn out to help Swedish turnip?

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 13 July 2016, 18:21

Peter Kramer: Swedish meatball etc, etc

Peter Kramer: Swedish meatball etc, etc

Who could forget Peter Kramer, the resplendently black-clad and sexually inactive fascist with a uniform fetish who came to Liverpool last year for a riot?

Kleenex Crane: Stockholm on the social?

Kleenex Crane: Stockholm on the social?

Peter is the head drongo in 'Right Wing Resistance' a bunch of grown men with play stations who want to save the world from black people. They dress in all black and sew patches on their uniforms. They prance a lot, too. It's a world wide group of weirdos. About ten of them.

Their modus operandi, other than sitting on the internet in big boots is as a self-appointed mimic of the Nazi Ordnungspolizei.Heady stuff. Like all things daft and crappy, we were bound to get a branch of it here. They can't be doing very well as the Huffington Post are yet to assign somebody to follow them around all day. The British leader (head of Kleenex) is Gary Crane, an unemployable middle aged man who likes to hang around at bus stops bullshitting to teenagers and poncing fags off them.

Crane is also the self-declared toughest bonehead in Britain. Even other Boneheads think he's a bit sad. We've written about how sad he is here and here.

The main activity of Kramer and Crane is to fill the internet with lies about their big armies, their big boots and millions of followers. They're even sadder versions of Gary Raikes!

Kramer: cries wolf

Kramer: cries wolf

When Kramer came to England last year to watch lots of Boneheads getting caved in at the train station in Liverpool, he made a series of promises to people in the pub. One was that he would stage a massive rally in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. He also told people that lots of blonde Swedish women would love to have sex with unemployed English layabouts in ill- fitting uniform and boots. He implored his English brethren to join him. They all readily said they would and Kramer said if they did go to Stockholm, he would put them up in some log cabins where they could get drunk and play with themselves.

Well, Kramer has announced that this weekend is to be the weekend of his mass rally. There's not been much interest in it in Sweden because like here, even the fascists think this kind of kinky stuff is bad for business. But this has not stopped Kramer. Writing on the group's international web page he is very excited about the potential for his British followers to turn up. In fact, he would just like anyone to turn up. As he wrote "If you say yes to come . Please come . You can all do me a favor. Invite your friends and other organizations to this demo." And if that isn't desperate enough, how about this list of luminaries he claims is joining him: "So far we have Infidels of Britain joining us, South East Alliance of the UK, AIFEnglishLions UK. EDL. RWR UK,RWR Finland RWR Spain., and RWR Sweden. "

This should be interesting. The EDL have a demo in London and the Infidels have a do in Sunderland that day. The South East Alliance may go, but their current leader is on police bail (as are most of the far-right in Britain) and since Brexit, the price of a pint of their favourite proletarian beverage has risen to about £8 in Sweden.

Sounds like a sexy, Aryan time to me..

Sounds like a sexy, Aryan time to me..

Kramer is still promising to lay on accomodation but it is now a tent by the airport. But he has added booze to the list of things to entice British Boneheads to spend upward of £400 to head to Stockholm to get filled in by Nordic anti-Nazis.

Last night Kramer was making frantic phone calls to his "friends" in England, begging them to get to Stockholm. Why are habitual liars always surprised when they get lied to in return? Anyway, let's see if any of our lads are brave enough to go. Here's a reminder of the last time some of far-right ended up in Stockholm.

Seriously lads, IKEA is much better in Sweden.

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Comment 1 | From: John Kevin Wilshaw | Date: 13 July 2016, 17:21

Love it!

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