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Bonehead earns himself promotion

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 18 April 2016, 12:17

Got no job, but got a duff army..

Got no job, but got a duff army..

Earlier this month we revealed the astonishing claim that not only was he tough, Gary Crane was the toughest Bonehead in Britain.

Nazi on the run..

Nazi on the run..

So tough, he left his sick wife to begin a relationship with another woman. Tough guys do that.

Since we revealed Crane was the toughest Bonehead in Britain, it appears his uniform wearing brethren have promoted him within their ranks. Now, the former General of all Boneheads in Britain has been promoted to Lieutenant General. Wowzer! Not even the Royal Family get promotions like that, and they own the bloody army.

How Gary won the war..

How Gary won the war..

Crane has obviously been promoted to his lofty position on the back of his performances in the front line; Running away from the enemy, losing his flag, soiling himself, dumping his missus etc, etc.

Who's a lucky Bonehead?

Who's a lucky Bonehead?

No doubt the social will be amending their records to take into account how much time he is polishing his boots when he should be looking for work and not planning a cowards’ revolution.

Despite his promotion, Crane has not let it go to his head. Yes, he's still hanging around with kids at bus stops poncing fags and the use of their mobile phone.

Hail Gary!!

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Comment 1 | From: joeys apprentice spy catcher | Date: 18 April 2016, 18:25

Oh yeah like he doesn't work for you lot.

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