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Where now for Godless Golding?

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 28 July 2014, 12:22

Golding: Chief of the binbag brigade

Golding: Chief of the binbag brigade

News broke yesterday that Jim Dowson had abandoned his baby, Britain First. Dowson had failed in his quest to build a street army of Christian Crusaders. Instead they look like a bunch of silly kids in binbags, further from God they could not be.

On hearing of his departure, a rather startled looking Paul Golding gave a Youtube rant where he conceded to Dowson's wishes and claimed the group would stop invading mosques. They would, instead, return to harassing Muslim hate preachers. Golding claimed earlier in the video that Britain First had driven Muslim hate preachers from the streets, but by the end of the video conceded that they were still there...

Britain First wished Jim well, yesterday. "We will miss him enormously and we as a movement are much the poorer without him...We wish him and his family all the best for the future."

Obviously, that was before they saw Jim's interview with the Daily Mirror where he described Golding and co as just as bad as Anjem Choudary, the person Golding loves stalking the most.

"I think he is fooling himself and lots of people that Britain First is a Christian group. Sadly, it has just become a violent front for people abusing the Bible.

“I think they’re becoming as much a problem as [Muslim activist] Anjem Choudary who they claim to oppose. They are just as bad as each other” he told the Mirror.

Well, who would have thought it? People are saying they doubt that Dowson has had an epiphany regarding his own views, which do remain quite hateful. In fact, he has said nothing otherwise.

Golding: knickers in a twist

Golding: knickers in a twist

For the past two weeks Dowson has been criticising Israel which has put him somewhat out of sync with Golding. It seems that Golding believed he was actually bigger and better than his paymaster, and just would not listen.

How Golding will cope without Dowson's offices to avail himself to we shall wait and see. Word on the street is that Andy McBride, another former BNP high flyer has also left the group.

For Dowson, believed to now be on holiday in Europe somewhere, he has to face the likelihood of going to prison in the near future for his other activities in Northern Ireland.

Sweaty and angry, Golding shouted into his Youtube vide "I'm not Tommy Robinson or Nick Griffin."

On that, we all agree. So did Jim.

Dowson's timeline

Dowson's timeline

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NF flop in Oxford

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Monday, 28 July 2014, 09:41

Luke Pippin:  NF idiot

Luke Pippin: NF idiot

The sun was shining in beautiful and historic Oxford on Saturday, tourists and locals alike were soaking up the glorious day. What more could they want?

Oh yeah, a visit from 35 Nazis from the National Front trying to spread their bile. Their “demonstration” was as pathetic as their turnout! They were not a happy bunch as it was made immediately clear to them that they were not welcome in Oxford…just like they’re not welcome anywhere.

The boneheaded gang of bad babysitters were due to meet in the Four Candles pub on George Street but arrived to find it closed due to “unforeseen circumstances”. The management, to their huge credit, took the decision on Friday night on hearing who would otherwise be contaminating their bar. Instead the assorted Nazis gathered in the Eurobar by the bus garage. Various Trade Union & Anti-Fascist groups had joined forces to block their path and outnumbered them 4 to 1.

Four Antifascists were arrested when they broke away from the main group and tried to confront the NF from the bus garage. Their charges ranging from attempted Theft (of an NF Flag) to obstruction. The large numbers of Police had kettled the counter demonstration and then led the Nazis on their 600 yard walk of shame to St.Ebbes Street where they simply embarrassed themselves further with their ramblings, which included calling David Cameron a Paedophile.

Like most Nazi groups do, the NF complained that they weren’t allowed to reach their original demo site of Bonn Square and so threatened to take their ranting and hideous selves to the next town... and then the next…and then the next …

The NF were supposed to be protesting about child grooming, but failed to mention another of their members has just been convicted for being a paedophile. Strange that, isn't it?

Rally: The NF try to rally their morons

Rally: The NF try to rally their morons

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Mr Hate quits 'Mosque Invaders'

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 28 July 2014, 07:41

Dowson: Quits Britain First

Dowson: Quits Britain First

So, Jim Dowson has quit Britain First citing his displeasure with the group’s mosque invasions. That Dowson, one of the most divisive and influential figures to emerge on the British far-right in the past twenty years, has taken umbrage with the group would appear to be a wider reflection on the state of the far right in this country-not just Britain First.

Only a week ago Dowson’s former best friend and now life-long nemesis Nick Griffin was ousted from his role as leader of the shrinking British National Party (BNP) and the English Defence League (EDL), the other main group on the far-right, also appears leaderless and without purpose.

The Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror

Like Griffin and EDL founder Stephen Lennon, it appears Dowson has failed in his mission to mould a movement that could match his own political vision and aspirations. Like Lennon, Dowson has cited that some kind of spiritual non-nazi campaign is impossible in either this climate, or perhaps this country. Like Lennon and Griffin, Dowson was stuck trying to recruit within the same pool of socially, politically and economically challenged individuals and like Griffin and Lennon, spent an enormous amount of his energies trying to continue bleeding that pool of finance and energy to continue pursuing his specific dream.

Dowson was unique; he spread his own wealth and talent across both the neo-nazi BNP and the counter-Jihad EDL in a vain search for his own Crusaders. He funded them, trained them, clothed them and breathed apparent new life into them. He saw disciplined Christians emerging in natty uniforms carrying bibles and his evangelical message of doomsday and civil war-everyone else saw the same old thugs with a new slant on their desire for a race war. In an interview with the Daily Mirror Dowson confirms that like the EDL and like the BNP, Britain First are no different despite the camouflage. They are racist thugs corrupting ancient biblical texts to justify their own personal hatreds and agendas.

They blame HOPE not hate

They blame HOPE not hate

To many, Dowson’s own agenda is little better than those he has tried to share it with anyway. Militantly homophobic, anti-immigrant and still believing in the inevitability of some kind of holy war, as we wrote in our report into Dowson’s activities with Britain First, he remains a religious extremist.

Dowson has apparently been convinced of the error of Britain First’s ways and the obvious stupidity of his front man, Paul Golding, by having conversations with English based evangelical Christians with whom he is supposed to share an adherence to biblical teachings and prophecies.

There is no doubt that as a Calvinist Christian Dowson is drawn to believe that there is a circle of religious and holy events that points to a seemingly inevitable conflict initiated by God. He has simply, for as long as we know, assumed that it will happen between Christians and Muslims.

However, dumping Britain First with its shady money-making schemes, outright lies and bully-boy tactics, is a surprise. Britain First has been for almost a year now, the only game in town on the far-right. Something obviously either very sick or very dangerous is afoot within the organisation. Pressure has been apparent not just from Christians in England and Scotland horrified by their antics, but also in Northern Ireland from where so much of Britain First’s imagery is borrowed.

With Dowson gone, who knows where Paul Golding will lead of what remains. He has been condemned by the very man who breathed life into his headline grabbing antics, and then accused by the same man of being no worse than the bogey man Anjem Choudry himself. This will be strong stuff for Golding to swallow, having hidden behind the bovver boot and bible whilst building Dowson’s army.

Golding issued a ranting video last night, having blamed HOPE not hate earlier on the group’s website for Dowson’s departure. Looking shaken, Golding claimed they had cleared all of the radical Islamists off the streets of the country, but they were going back to target them again because they had not gone away… Golding claims the group will now stop Mosque invasions.

If Jim Dowson wants to desert the sort of jackbooted fascism that he has help fund and promote in this country for the past seven years while searching for the meaning of his life, we welcome this. We now call upon the authorities in this country to take notice of Dowson’s own criticism of the group he founded, and deal with once and for all, the bloodlust of the race haters who invade mosques, masquerade as military charities and run vigilante patrols in the name of God.

They can start tomorrow by calling in the HMRC to investigate the activities of the group.

Our report into Britain First 'Army of the right' can be purchased here

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Plenty to hide

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 25 July 2014, 22:19

Coat tails:

Coat tails:

Great to see Adam Walker's brother Mark Walker hoping people do not help those digging up dirt on his brother.

I wonder what Mark would not want shouted from the rooftops? Like Adam, Mark no longer teaches, either.

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Dissecting the new Fuhrer

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 23 July 2014, 15:15

"Many of you will already know me. For some years I have been the BNP National Organiser leading our street protests, for example demanding the restoration of capital punishment for the killers of Lee Rigby, while others will know me for my union work as a former president of the nationalist union Solidarity."

This is true. Adam Walker is very well known to people. He is the idiot who got in his car and chased after some children and slashed their bicycle tyres with a knife. We don't just know Adam, it's fairer to say he is infamous. In his capacity as National Organiser of the BNP, Walker presided over the almost complete demise of its activist base. Not only that, his "campaign" against the killers of Lee Rigby was the appalling chanting through a megaphone outside of their court case at the Old Bailey that led to the family of Rigby abandoning their press statement on the steps of the court.

Solidarity is a scab union. So he's also a scab.

"I am honoured to have been selected to replace Nick Griffin and lead the BNP in this exciting new era."

Honoured? Nobody else in their right mind would employ him. As for an exciting new era, we look forward to a series of expulsions and employment tribunals in the near future.

"My leadership style is likely to be very different from that of my predecessor because we are very different people. I will be pleased to listen to Nick’s views alongside all the activists and supporters of the British National Party. Having taken those views into account I will make my own mind up and my own decisions."

Well, that's just simply code for 'I promise not to be as daft and obnoxious as Griffin.' There's as much chance of Walker listening to Griffin as there is of Griffin giving Walker access to the party's bank accounts. "Having taken those views into account I will make my own mind up and my own decisions" is basically saying Walker will ignore Griffin in pretty much the same way Griffin has ignored Walker for the last three years.

"My primary focus is reconnecting the BNP with the ordinary person in the street. That means that any extremist language or dogma is unwelcome. Nationalism is about promoting the interests of the people. The people are always right, and I want to build a popular and genuine nationalist alternative to the rotten old political parties without compromising any of our core BNP principles."

Probably the most interesting thing in the statement. The party will remain as racist as ever, but Walker is not a fan of Griffin's recent slide into the gutter of far-right politics by hanging around with all kinds of vermin. He'll probably insist on wearing some kind of army uniform to branch meetings...

"The BNP enjoys huge support from the British public and it’s my principal aim to convert that huge support into votes and real electoral success."

I never knew it, but I guess he is a funny bugger after all.

"My message will be very much centred on those key concerns. As a former military man, I want to instil discipline, professionalism and careful planning in to all aspects of BNP work. I will be drawing on the energy and passion of all our members and supporters to assist me in my work."

There you go. Yes, he was in the army. He was also a teacher, but he has not mentioned that yet..

"I am the leader of the BNP, but in truth, the BNP is run by a team of which I am just the captain. Like a football team, we all have different roles but we all share a common goal, and like a football team we are in competition with other teams – in our case, the other
political parties. We cannot afford to miss open goals, and it’s vital that we put the ball in the back of the net every time. We’re playing to win, and we want the title!"

Oh dear, running out of things to write, Adam Walker almost goes as far as to describe being as sick as a parrot.. The BNP a football team? Well, given their recent form I suppose comparisons to the England team were bound to surface. Of course, the BNP does not support the England team due to their being too many black footballers therein. Adam thinks he's going to do a Roy of the Rovers but alas for poor Adam, the party is actually more akin to a bunch of mindless football thugs. Still, perhaps he wants to turn the clock right back...

The England football in 1936

The England football in 1936

"You’re going to be seeing a lot of me because I am someone who is very hands on, and who likes to lead from the front. It is an exciting time for me personally, and I hope this fresh start will provide people with the opportunity they need join our party – or to rejoin it."

What he means there is, he'll be charging you for driving wherever he wants to go. It could be the chippy, it could be Whitley Bay. They're still recovering in the North East BNP from his latest demands for reimbursement for little or no activity on their behalf.

"In the coming months I will be listening to and drawing on the experience and knowledge of our BNP members and officials, and together we can move on to greater things."

Yes, what he means here is 'I'm going to sack that bastard Clive Jefferson.'

And in ending his first address to the deserting membership, Adam Walker concludes:

"Once again, I’m proud of the great honour of serving the fine members of the BNP in this role."

He's just as daft as the last bloke.

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Some more bad news for Griffin

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Tuesday, 22 July 2014, 15:15

Griffin: He'll be blaming the Jews

Griffin: He'll be blaming the Jews

Whilst he may no longer be leader of the BNP or an MEP, Nick Griffin at least has his severance from the European Parliament to look forward to... Or does he?

I understand that an application has been made by a certain corporate recovery service to grab Griffin's payment for themselves. This relates to Griffin's increasingly ill-fated decision to declare bankruptcy earlier this year.

A source in the BNP confirms that Griffin was served with a notice earlier this month by solicitors acting on behalf of a leading firm of business recovery and insolvency practitioners, based in Bournemouth.

They can do this under section 307 of the Insolvency Act of 1986 and Griffin was served earlier this month with a notice that a claim had been made upon his package. As of yet, it appears, that Griffin has not been able to access his money until it is resolved.

They should also look to see if they can get his £25000 he is apparently due from the BNP.

No point not kicking this man while he is down.. he'll probably enjoy it.

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No BNP bloodletting, yet

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Tuesday, 22 July 2014, 11:34

Adam Walker: Best man for the top job?

Adam Walker: Best man for the top job?

Yesterday we reported that Nick Griffin had stepped down as the leader of the British National Party (BNP) to be replaced by Adam Walker. We had twice before reported that Griffin was facing mounting internal pressure to resign and even named names last month in what had amounted to a faction within the party pressing for him to go.

The party constitution (which appears and vanishes from the BNP website intermittently) has enshrined in it that in this eventuality, Griffin receives a £25,000 pay off. Wisely, for Griffin, he stepped down under pressure and allowed Adam Walker to replace him. If there is one person in the party more lazy, inept, untrustworthy and disliked than Griffin, it is Walker himself. if there is one person who has tried to bleed and squeeze more money out of the party than Walker, they are yet to be found.

But if Adam Walker believes he has truly replaced Griffin as leader of the party, he is sadly mistaken. He'd have to hire a large removal truck and go searching under Griffin's dog kennel to find party property still worth looting. He could of course attempt to remove the extension to the Griffin home that the party paid for, but Adam's most pressing task is to keep himself employed. Last week he received his final five week pay-off from his job as a European Parliamentary Researcher and he is in the real world, almost totally unemployable.

What Griffin has done, is to allow Walker and his followers to shove him off centre stage for the next twelve months while Griffin goes traveling to dream up new and stupid ideas to resurrect his position next year. Walker has about twelve months in the job before even his own faction will want him gone. Griffin may be an oaf and a buffoon, but already the media is revelling in delight at Walker's track record of violence and stupidity. Griffin has also in place his own loyalists, hugely stacked against Walker and his friends.

Angus Matthys: First for the chop?

Angus Matthys: First for the chop?

While Walker is likely to push at first, just for the removal of Griffin's incompetent and almost comically inept son in law Angus Matthys from the party payroll to free up some cash, Dawn Charlton, Jenny Matthys (nee Griffin) and Clive Jefferson will also be in his sights. Walker's hatred of this group stems from being excluded from a series of schemes they tried amongst themselves to secrete monies during Griffin's tenure.

Behind Walker is a series of dysfunctional party functionaries; Steve Squire a Soho-based sex shop owner accused of selling date-rape drugs, Donna Treanor, who appears to have previously been some kind of victim of revenge-porn and Kevin Layzell, a rather wooden and monotone youth with a fetish for fancy dress and writing self-congratulatory praise of himself on the party website. Between them, they are believed to be pushing Peter Molloy to stand against Griffin next year, or if Griffin tries to push his daughter Jennifer forward for the post, than Treanor instead will stand. Jennifer has long been groomed to replace her father

Jenny Matthys: Griffin's precious daughter

Jenny Matthys: Griffin's precious daughter

That's hardly a heady group of illustrious choices for the party's vanishing membership to elect in his place and so Griffin is, according to our source, quite prepared to allow Walker and his friends on a wrecking spree while he recharges his batteries. There's also plenty of monies left to ensure Griffin won't go hungry over the next twelve months which will ensure he'll still get a stipend from the party greater than Walker.

In a statement issued last night Griffin wrote "Adam will be a fine leader, but elections are won by in-depth community work, talking with and helping voters on their doorsteps and collecting postal votes, not by waving magic wands or switching leaders" which is apparently only slightly as bitter as he was when he stormed out of the leadership meeting over the weekend.

Griffin had been accused of running the party into the ground and ignoring the aspirations of other BNP candidates during his last two years in office while he oversaw the party's almost complete destruction and of course, their absolute humiliation in the wake of the murder of Lee Rigby.

Simon Darby is today trying desperately to get both Griffin and Walker interviewed on television and next week will be trying to flog Griffin's long awaited autobiography to publishers.

If he does, and it is an honest tale, it will be full of stories about drug dealers, pornography, dodgy foreign friends, dodgy foreign trips, curry house car parks, glass dining room tables, why he charges guests a quid for a cup of tea and of course, the Zionist conspiracy that has unseated him.

Now let the bloodletting begin.

Steve Squire: The pornographer backing Walker

Steve Squire: The pornographer backing Walker

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Nick Griffin Steps Down As BNP Chairman

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 21 July 2014, 20:25

Breaking news: The British National Party has announced that Nick Griffin has stepped down as party chairman and has handed the position to disgraced teacher and deputy chairman Adam Walker.

Announced on the BNP website earlier today, Griffin will now take up the new role as President of the far right party. What isn't clear at the moment is if Griffin will still hold the reins of power or if he has truly handed over the party to Walker.

With the party on the brink of self destruction, the futures of a number of BNP officials such as Clive Jefferson, Simon Darby, Patrick Harrington and Griffin's daughter Jennifer Matthys also appear to be in some doubt.

Our sources tell us that the BNP will stage manage the handover to Adam Walker, complete with an accompanying video, so expect lots of fake smiles and handshakes.

This is not thought to be a split within the ranks of the BNP and is thought to be a face saving exercise for Nick Griffin. No consultation has taken place with the BNP membership.

Hope not hate was the first organisation to report on the movements behind the scenes in the leadership of the BNP over the past few months. You can read more here and here.

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Police believe missing Blackburn man has EDL links

posted by: . | on: Saturday, 19 July 2014, 19:44

A far right sympathiser from Blackburn, who was part of a group that ambushed people going to an anti-fascist benefit gig, is being hunted by police.

Peter Hawley, 54, was jailed last year for his part in the attack, which left his victim ‘battered and bruised’.

He is now wanted on prison recall after breaching the terms of his license which involve him cooperating with the probation service.

Sgt Andy Horne, the East division crime and tasking co-ordinator, said: “East division remains committed to make communities safe, and local people can assist with this goal.

“I’d also like to appeal to Hawley himself to come forward.”

The assault happened in Liverpool last July when a gang of nine men, including Hawley, who is from the Lower Audley area of Blackburn, rushed towards the victims, throwing punches and kicks.

The violence then spilled from the street into the nearby Tabac café where the violence continued among shocked diners.

Witnesses later told officers there were two distinct groups involved in the fighting, one clearly doing the attacking and the other being attacked.

A Merseyside police inspector was on duty that evening and he saw between eight and 10 men running from the scene, including Hawley.

Police said he was believed to be active within the English Defence League (EDL) and was an avid football supporter.

He was described as white, of a medium to stocky build, 5ft 6ins, clean shaven, with greying brown hair, blue eyes, and West Ham United tattoos on his right forearm.

Lancs Telegraph

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Paul Golding: Now his pants are on fire!

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Thursday, 17 July 2014, 12:14

Golding: No lie too big enough in the quest for cash

Golding: No lie too big enough in the quest for cash

Yesterday I blogged how Britain First's Paul Golding was handing himself in at Bexleyheath police station as part of his ongoing fight against "sexism" and his own stupidity.

Golding's video cut short before his anticipated arrest, and over in Belfast, his paymaster Jim Dowson dutifully sent out a begging letter appealing for funds so that Paul and his bin-bag brigades could continue harassing and intimidating Muslims in this country.

It has now been confirmed by the Metropolitan Police this morning that there was neither a warrant for Paul Golding and neither was he arrested. The police did interview him, however.

Another thing to add to the list of shameful Paul Golding incidents.

Still, one does ask the question, when exactly will Paul Golding be stopped from trying to start a race war in this country?

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Meet the ASBO thug behind anti-Roma campaign

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 16 July 2014, 22:21

Bristow: Probably stole the flag, too

Bristow: Probably stole the flag, too

Who remembers Clint Bristow? He was the lovable rogue arrested for burglary whilst standing as the English Defence League (EDL) endorsed candidate in the Rotherham by-election in November 2012.

Clint, whose real name is Brian Bristow, came last with 29 votes. He stood as an independent as the EDL has never been registered as a political party, but he had the support of the group during the campaign; they smashed up at least two pubs in their crusade against Islam/immigrant crime/tourism etc, etc on his behalf.

Less than two weeks after his humiliation, he was arrested and later convicted for stealing toiletries during a burglary in Bridlington.

It was just one of a number of convictions accumulated by the law abiding patriot in his war against foreign criminals. Back in 2011 he was put on an ASBO after more violence directed at Muslims.

Bristow has surfaced in the last week as one of the people behind the anti-Roma campaign failing to grip Hexthorp in Yorkshire by the EDL.

The group claims that "hexthorpe (sic) has a massive and growing problem with the never ending influx of roma (sic) there are becoming no go areas in parks etc for locals".

Whether this is true or not is a mystery. But as this whole story about Roma originated from the Daily Mail there's probably a chance that single mothers, lesbians, French people and a Polish builder are living there too.

Bristow is on a five year ASBO, which prohibits him from EDL activities. I'm sure once reminded of this, the powers that be will be looking into the continuing hateful activities of Bristow.

And we are nothing if not public spirited.

Bristow: Crimes against decency

Bristow: Crimes against decency



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Paul Golding, you are a hate preacher

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 16 July 2014, 21:33

Hate Preacher: Golding and his bin-bag Brigade today

Hate Preacher: Golding and his bin-bag Brigade today

Paul Golding, the clown-like leader of the paramilitary nazis of Britain First has just issued a video statement from the steps of Bexleyheath police station in Kent.

Surrounded by his band of bin-bag clad "Crusaders", Golding complains that the police have raided houses associated with his gang and he is there expecting to be arrested. Something he is obviously, extremely proud of.

The raids followed Golding's visit to a Mosque in Crayford, Kent, last Sunday, where he and his gang attempted to "stand over" the Imam of the Mosque and demand he removed signage that Golding claims offended him and all womankind because they are, in his opinion, sexist.

Like most of Golding's stunts, it drew widespread criticism in the liberal media-Golding, of course, saw nothing wrong with his stunt. As well as being a lager-swilling "Christian" crusader, Hitler admirer and thug, it appears that Golding is now the self-appointed spokesperson for women's rights in this country.

Golding, who claims he is no longer a racist, is out to cure all of the ills in this country. Terrorism and sexism are top of his list apparently. However, it appears that terrorism and sexism only need addressing by Paul and his gang if they can pin them (wrongly) on the Muslim community.

Speaking directly into the camera Golding complains that the police used dogs to raid "family homes" for what he admits could be taken as "intimidation or harassment, something like that".

Having admitted he intimidated and harassed members of the Muslim community, bizarrely, Golding accuses the police of "appeasing" his victims!!

Let's make this clear to dear Paul. He claims to be a Christian out to stop grooming of children, yet neither Paul or his bin-bag brigade have ever been to a church (of any denomination) to question or complain to Priests/pastors or vicars about well publicised cases of child abuse in both the Church of England or the Catholic Church.

No person of faith would ever condone the intimidation of people of other faiths like which Golding engages in. Why does Golding seem so obsessed with only Muslim cases of grooming/child abuse?

I would guess it is because the majority of Muslims in this country are non-whites and some Imams, often stranded at the mercy of Golding and his gang, do not always have the greatest grasp of the English language.

But Golding persists that he is a "Christian Crusader" spreading the word. He is the idiot who told one Imam in Bradford to "embrace" Jesus Christ. His offsider, the failed recruitment consultant who claims to have read the Quran, failed to step in and tell Paul that Muslims do "embrace" Jesus Christ, he is a prophet and a messenger of God.

How could Paul get it so wrong? And what of the hundreds of single sex Christian schools around the country? And what of Christian Churches that also have separate entrances for men and women? And then there are public toilets to contend with.

And how about people who collect money under the auspicious of being an official armed forces charity?

Britain First is an affront to all of Britain; people of faith and people of none. Whilst Golding is hanging around outside a police station waiting for the police to come outside and arrest him, his mate Jim Dowson is waiting by a telephone to cash in on people's outrage at poor Paul's plight.

Like the EDL and like the BNP from where this mob of racists came, they are the greatest recruiter for the likes of Anjem Choudary.

Is it any wonder, like nobody else, Choudary likes Britain First?

Choudary: Like Dowson, cashing in on Paul's hatred

Choudary: Like Dowson, cashing in on Paul's hatred

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Britain First 'invade' Crayford mosque demanding removal of 'sexist' signs

posted by: Tim MacFarlan | on: Tuesday, 15 July 2014, 17:29

Paul Golding (centre) confronts a member of the Crayford mosque

Paul Golding (centre) confronts a member of the Crayford mosque

Members of a far right group "invaded" Crayford Mosque and demanded "sexist" signs be removed.

Britain First activists marched into the North West Kent Muslim Association mosque in the High Street at around 1.15pm yesterday.

Led by former Swanley BNP councillor Paul Golding, they confronted members of the mosque over the building’s separate entrances for men and women.

A statement on the group’s website under the headline "Britain First Activists invade Crayford mosque", said: "Islam treats and views women as second class citizens.

"Britain First Kent battalion activists entered the big mosque in Crayford to inform the Imams that they have exactly seven days to remove sexist signs from outside their building, or we will.

"Britain First will not allow Islam to drag our standards back to the 7th Century."

Mr Golding resigned as the BNP’s Sevenoaks District councillor for Swanley St Mary’s ward in March 2011.

Read the full story in The News Shopper

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Would someone please explain?

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 12 July 2014, 11:29

Many readers will be aware of Northern Irish politician Anna Lo. She has decided to quit politics due to the high level of racism she is facing.

This is a photograph from a traditional 11th July bonfire in Belfast last night.

Seriously, was there nobody there with a sense of decency? Perhaps the UPRG or PUP would like to comment?

Unbelievable: All sense of dignity seems to have vanished

Unbelievable: All sense of dignity seems to have vanished

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A 'Nightmare' in Belfast

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Saturday, 12 July 2014, 11:11

Andy Frain: Psychotic thug on the loose in Belfast

Andy Frain: Psychotic thug on the loose in Belfast

Today is the most important day in the calendar of the Orange Lodge, the Irish institution for protestants who like to march with flute bands and celebrate the victory by the protestant King William of Orange over the Catholic King James at Boyne in 1690.

It's fair to say, that although that was a fairly rudimentary description, things haven't particularly run smoothly in Ireland ever since.

Traditionally, British fascists have themselves struggled with the tricky Irish question. From Lord Haw Haw to Oswald Mosley to even dear old Stephen Lennon (who described the formation of the EDL as his own "Bloody Sunday moment") there has been great sympathy with Irish nationalism and then, there has even been the children of Irish immigrants going as far as to mix themselves up with Loyalist paramilitaries, such are the bloody ties of history, conflict and friendship between Britain and Ireland.

Then we had Combat 18, the wannabe nazi terror group who themselves fancied themselves as an outreach of Loyalist gangsterism, but instead got themselves weighed in and down with drugs and grassing up their 'heroes' for shorter prison sentences of their own.

Of late, British fascists have done their upmost to antagonise the current situation in the six counties, perhaps none more so than Jim Dowson of Britain First who was allegedly behind the organisation of months of rioting over a flag being removed from Belfast City Hall.

Well, brace yourself Belfast. Fresh out of prison (again) is Andy Frain who arrived on your doorstep yesterday with a host of others looking for a riot. It's understood that Frain and a dozen others are hoping to kick off some trouble at the flashpoint in Ardoyne where there has been a year long stand off at Twaddell Avenue between marchers, police and residents.

Frain is nicknamed the "nightmare" for his obsessive and racist activities as the leader of the Chelsea Headhunters football gang. Among his many prison sentences was one conviction for slashing the throat of an off duty police officer. His other convictions include blackmail as well as a string of non-pleasantries. It was Frain's associates who organised the terrible riot at an England football match in Dublin in 1995.

He truly is a living and walking nightmare.

Last night, people across all of Ireland, both protestant and catholic, were horrified to see on one traditional 11th night bonfire, an effigy of a catholic swinging from one bonfire.

These are difficult times in Northern Ireland. The overwhelming majority of people just want peace. This will no doubt include a large proportion of those marching today and also protesting at Twaddell Avenue, no matter how people may view their historic ties and actions.

Let us hope that those marshalling the Twaddell Avenue protest, deal with Frain and his friends appropriately and stick him back on the boat from which he staggered.

Bonfire: What does burning flags have to do with culture?

Bonfire: What does burning flags have to do with culture?

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Police investigate BNP candidates for failing to submit Croydon election expenses

posted by: Gareth Davies | on: Friday, 11 July 2014, 20:34

John Clarke, Clifford Le May and David Clarke stood for the BNP in Croydon in May's council elections

John Clarke, Clifford Le May and David Clarke stood for the BNP in Croydon in May's council elections

Five candidates who stood in May's council elections are under investigation by the police for failing to submit their expenses.

The Metropolitan Police has received an allegation that four British National Party (BNP) candidates, and an independent, did not file a return within 35 days, which is a criminal offence.

The accusation is currently being assessed by officers within the Met's specialist crime division.

The BNP candidates are brothers John and Dave Clarke, who stood in Fieldway, Clifford Le May who stood in New Addington and Heathfield hopeful Michael Collard.

Edward Wentworth-Shaw, an independent candidate who stood in Selhurst, is also under investigation.

Under the Representation of the People Act 1983, the agent of every candidate must disclose their expenses within 35 days of an election result.

That must include a statement of all expenses incurred on behalf of the candidate, as well as payments made by the agent.

John Clarke, who is the election agent for the BNP candidates, admitted to the Advertiser today (Thursday) he had yet to submit the forms.

He said: "We're waiting for Croydon Council to send the form. I've notified them. I sent them an email, but I didn't get a response.

"I've got all my paperwork ready to send to them. I'm waiting for the normal expenses form. I've done them before they they haven't been sent yet.

"I know one of the Conservative candidates quite well and, a couple of weeks ago, I asked him whether he had received his expenses form, and he said he thought he had.

"So I realised I better send [the council] an email. I haven't heard from them yet. I'll ring them."

Mr Wentworth-Shaw, who received 128 votes in May's election, said the paperwork had slipped his mind.

He explained: "To be honest, I completely forgot. I think I spent about £48 on the entire campaign. It’s not exactly headline news.

"I think I have two receipts which I can pop over one lunchtime and give to them.

“I appreciate [it’s a criminal offence] but to be fair I’ve had no correspondence, no communication, no letters sent over to me in terms of a reminder.

"I’m sure the police won’t be kicking in my door any time soon. I’ll be contacting them to advise what has happened.”

John and David Clarke won 212 and 210 votes in Fieldway respectively. Mr Le May stood in New Addington and received 168 votes. Mr Collard won 285 votes in Heathfield ward.

A Met Police spokesman said: "We can confirm we have received an allegation in relation to a number of candidates for failing to submit election expenses within the stipulated time frame.

"The allegation is currently being assessed by officers from the Specialist Crime and Operations Command.

"No arrests have been made at this time."

The Electoral Commission said it had not been informed of the allegations, adding that the member of the public who contacted the police had been correct in doing so.

Croydon Advertiser

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Far-right round up

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 11 July 2014, 12:17

Stuart Baines: Putting the bottle into the EDL

Stuart Baines: Putting the bottle into the EDL

Meet Stuart Baines. He's English Defence League (EDL) through and through. He does seem to think he is in the boy scouts however and cannot understand why people think the EDL are a bunch of thick, ignorant, racists.

He has some novel ideas to save the future of the gang, which include fundraising for charities. This would be nice, but some people are still chasing the £2000 the EDL raised at their Preston demonstration back in 2010 when they were behaving like a bunch of drunken, racist yobs.

As well as raising funds, Stuart suggests that the EDL helps out the army on tours. I shall remind him, then, that the allegedly missing £2000 was for Help For Heroes-so I'm guessing the military could do without that kind of help anymore, thank you...

I do wonder if this is the same "helpful" Stuart Baines mentioned here, also from Driffield, but currently desperate to relocate to York for some reason.. Answers on a postcard, please.

Sick of being scum, but hanging around still

Sick of being scum, but hanging around still

Some (more) bad news for the EDL could come in the form of former matron of the yob army, Hel Gower, who is seeking legal advice as to whether she can stop her former friends using the name of the organisation that she owns. This could mean Helen taking possession of the hundreds of unsold T-shirts and mugs her former friends have just had printed. It's good to see she is still serving her master Stephen Lennon so well. His de-radicalisation is working a treat.

There was lots of fun and games (and lies) in Wigan last weekend. A photograph has just emerged of Britain First leader Paul Golding leaving the Asian owned shop in town from where he was taking shelter. My source tells me that Britain First's leader had no problem with paying for and eating his Halal chicken sandwich. God told him to, apparently..

Golding: Takes security precautions with Halal sandwich

Golding: Takes security precautions with Halal sandwich

Sticking with Britain First, it appears that Facebook removed some 150,000 of their followers yesterday, because they were not real. They were the rather non-Halal spam.

And if you remember the British National Party (BNP), well done. They sent their members an email during the week telling them what great revolutionary activity the party has been up to now most of them are on the dole.

It was about two lines long and inquires as to whether anybody was planning on dying soon and leaving the party their worldly goods. Others complain that the party is getting more nazi everyday. No change there, then.

New flag: Mark Jones of the youth wing of the nazi BNP

New flag: Mark Jones of the youth wing of the nazi BNP

It's hard to see why people think you're all racist thugs, eh Stuart?

It's hard to see why people think you're all racist thugs, eh Stuart?

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Racist thugs jailed for 36 years for battering two men almost to death with baseball bats

posted by: Dan Bloom | on: Friday, 4 July 2014, 13:22

Six thugs have been jailed for 36 years after battering two men almost to death because they were black and non-Muslim.

Ringleader Abu Bakr Mansha - who was previously jailed under the Terrorism Act for plotting to kill or harm a decorated soldier - was with a teenage boy when the pair began the unprovoked attack at a busy Tesco store in Bow, east London.

He assaulted the two victims before following them home to discover where they lived - then called four other thugs to help.

Armed with baseball bats, they beat the two men in a vicious attack which left both victims needing hospital treatment for serious injuries.

One of the victims, who were 40 and 49 at the time, suffered two broken wrists and a fractured skull.

Read the full article at The Daily Mail

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Southampton student 'plotted cyanide attack'

posted by: BBC | on: Wednesday, 2 July 2014, 21:04

Police searched an address in Butts Road, Sholing, on 3 June and on Tuesday

Police searched an address in Butts Road, Sholing, on 3 June and on Tuesday

A college student plotted to kill non-Aryans in a cyanide attack, a court has heard.

Mark Colborne, 36, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London charged with preparing a terrorist act.

The charge follows an arrest and searches at his home on Butts Road, Sholing, Southampton.

Mr Colborne spoke only to confirm his name, age and address. No indication of plea was given.

Counter-terrorism police searched the house, which Mr Colborne shares with his mother, on 3 June, when he was arrested but later released on bail.

His home was searched again by Hampshire Constabulary and the South East Counter Terrorism Unit on Tuesday, when he was charged with engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts, contrary to section 5(1) of the Terrorism Act 2006.

Mr Colborne is alleged to have possessed chemicals to produce cyanide.

He is also accused of researching techniques and possessing material to help produce lethal poisons and explosives and of expressing intent to kill people of various ethnicities.

He was refused bail and remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey on 18 July.


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