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Stoke-on-Trent stands together

posted by: David Braniff-Herbert | on: Saturday, 30 April 2011, 19:56

Today in Stoke-on-Trent over 150 people marched through Hanley to oppose the planned closure of a Royal Mail Customer Service Centre. Royal Mail has repeatedly moved jobs out of the area and this time over 400 people's jobs are at risk. For a city that currently experiences much higher than average unemployment these job losses are a blow to the community.

The Communication Workers Union welcomed HOPE not hate's support for the campaign and we have worked together to promote today’s event through our local materials and networks. Speakers at the rally included Melanie Meredith, a worker in the Service Centre whose job is at risk. Melanie called on everyone to support the campaign and oppose any possible BNP intervention as it would only lead to division and hate in the community.

I will be interviewing Melanie early next week but in the meantime you can support the campaign here.

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Not so much

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 27 April 2011, 12:18

BNP candidate Gary Lucas getting upset last night

BNP candidate Gary Lucas getting upset last night

The BNP are in panic mode this morning after a number of embarrassing exposures of the true thoughts and feelings of their Candidates' have been aired in various newspapers.

Of course, some will try and laugh it off or ride it out, while for others the ramifications could prove far more serious. When in doubt, or in regular parlance "caught out" the BNP are telling their candidates to say that their emails or facebook accounts have been "hacked".

Others just have to confess they've been had. Take Gary James Lucas, a BNP candidate in Knowsley in Merseyside. Some of his more choice online comments formed part of an article in the Independent newspaper last week about the true nature of the BNP.

Lucas posts as Gary Huyton on facebook and is absolutely furious that comments that were not even attributed to him by the Independent still made it into the paper. What we didn't tell the paper is that not only is Lucas either a current or very recent steward at Liverpool football club, but also has a habit of referring to black and Asian people as either "n******" or "p****" . He also labours under the illusion that "blacks were better off under apartheid". Some of his other filth is not worth repeating here. Knowing he was caught out,Lucas seemed to be quite upset last night.

Steven Moore the BNP's Northern Ireland organiser has also apparently claimed that his facebook account was hacked when references to killing Celtic manager Neil Lennon were made on his account. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has said that they will investigate any complaint made against Moore for his alleged comments.

Moore, who has a habit of making sickening racist and sectarian remarks is not claiming however that jokes about raping his work colleagues were the work of a hacker.

Of course, it's not just on facebook and the internet that Searchlight has being doing the damage to the fascists. For nearly fifty years we have been exposing them and their thuggery, corruption, terrorism and violence.

Some of these BNP folks do not even know who they're sitting next to in their meetings or on the bus, even...

Please donate and help us keep up our good work exposing the BNP

Moore: Another BNP sick joke

Moore: Another BNP sick joke

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30,000 for Stoke-on-Trent

posted by: David Braniff-Herbert | on: Friday, 15 April 2011, 19:22

We've just finished organising the 30,000 newspapers into wards at our venue for Stoke-on-Trent tomorrow. But as we finish preparing for our day of HOPE, locals are telling me that the BNP have started to distribute their own newspaper as they prepare to launch their manifesto of hate.

Stoke-on-Trent is a key target for the BNP this May as they try to preserve their dwindling numbers on the council. Last year Hope not hate worked alongside local anti-fascist group North Staffordshire Campaign against Racism and Fascism to prevent two BNP councillors from winning again.

This year we aim to remove the remaining four who are restanding and ensure the other six who are standing across the city are defeated.

Join us tomorrow as we deliver the final knockout blow in Stoke-on-Trent and across the united kingdom.

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West Midlands Union Friday

posted by: David Braniff-Herbert | on: Friday, 8 April 2011, 10:59

Local Organisers have been leafleting commuters since 8am this morning. The West Midlands Union Friday is a tradition for the Hope not hate campaign which brings together Union Members and Staff to hand out a workers-themed leaflet. Our newest member of the team, Seth, has proved a hit with the locals! Go Seth!

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Jefferson strikes again

posted by: Sonia Gable | on: Thursday, 7 April 2011, 11:32

Clive Jefferson: glutton for punishment

Clive Jefferson: glutton for punishment

The BNP’s moronic national elections officer seems to be a glutton for punishment. Clive Jefferson has taken a pasting from us this week for his laughable claims that the BNP’s election effort this year is going just fine, and has come back for more.

Yesterday evening you could almost see Jefferson glowing when he reported that the BNP had another nine BNP councillors elected unopposed to parish and town councils in his home county of Cumbria. They include two local organisers as well as Angus Matthys, husband of BNP leader Nick Griffin’s daughter Jennifer, who will sit on the parish council of Woodside.

Not surprisingly for the pathetic fascists, nine councillors doesn’t mean nine different people. Dawn Charlton, a so-called “super activist, has taken a seat on Maryport Town Council as well as two parish seats in nearby villages.

Nevertheless, Jefferson, who has retained his own seat on Broughton Parish Council, seems not to have had confidence even that BNP members could get elected where there was no opposition. Clearly some have stood without declaring their party affiliation as he warns: “There are many more surprises to come out of West Cumbria as those members currently undeclared start to take on the party whip.”

Creeping onto the very lowest tier of local government by not declaring your BNP affiliation is hardly a sign of success.

In Yorkshire the BNP’s press officer has got onto Luddington and Haldenby Parish Council unopposed. But the party is not doing very well elsewhere in Yorkshire. On Monday we reported that Kirklees BNP, which has fielded full slates and at one time had three councillors, had no BNP candidates this year. Now I’ve found out why.

Yesterday the former Kirklees and South Kirklees BNP organisers announced that the whole branch had defected to the English Democrats and will be “working tirelessly” to establish the party in the area with a view to standing in next year’s elections. The whole branch had got fed up with the way Griffin had brought the party into “disrepute”, refused to answer “legitimate questions over finance” and suspended and expelled members who asked those questions.

Even worse in their eyes, Griffin had “placed people with previous serious criminal records in senior positions” who had further damaged the party’s image, and to cap it all was Griffin’s “disastrous error of judgement” in appointing Ian Kitchen, wife of granny porn queen Linda, as regional organiser. All we can say is they must have been reading Searchlight and what we have been saying all along has finally got through to those BNP members with more than two brain cells to rub together.

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Jenny Griffin is a busy girl

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 6 April 2011, 13:30

Jenny Matthys: Her Dad's a popular politician...

Jenny Matthys: Her Dad's a popular politician...

I have more hilarity from Clive Jefferson, the hapless BNP national elections officer, to report.

On 26 March Clive announced on the BNP website that the local elections campaign was “hotting up” and, in an effort to chivvy along other activists, claimed that his patch, North West Cumbria, was going to stand 15 candidates “and counting” in Copeland and 15 candidates “and counting” in Allerdale.

“This year’s elections have a different feel to them. There are no unrealistic expectations,” claimed Jefferson. “There are a lot of new people coming forward eager to pin the British National Party heart to their chests,” he boasted. “People have worked quietly but systematically over the last year, and there is a feeling of real excitement in the active groups who are fielding big slates in 2011 … Cumbria has thrown the challenge down. Which region is going to beat the Cumbrian gambit of 30 seats?”

The BNP faithful lapped it up.

There appears to have been a problem though. Jefferson’s efforts to whip his colleagues into a frenzy of excitement were not based on fact. Indeed, when nominations closed it was revealed that there were only four candidates standing in Copeland which means that a number of BNP branches have managed to beat Clive Jefferson’s big push hands down.

There was little respite for Jefferson in Allerdale either where, despite claiming he had 15 candidates “and counting”, he could, at the end of the day, only muster six. And, what happened to their mayoral candidate for Middlesborough? He or she is also a no-show.

Two of the candidates were Jennifer Matthys, the daughter of Nick Griffin, and her husband, Angus. Angus is best remembered as the man who had to wear rubber gloves to open the BNP's post when he worked with Jenny at the BNP's Belfast office. Both are standing as candidates for the BNP in Allerdale.

But Jenny will be particularly busy come election day. She is standing on the Welsh Assembly regional list for South Wales East (fourth on the list) on the same day. And now we hear she's also standing in Scotland, Mid Scotland and Fife region, while husband Angus is also standing in Glasow, on the regional list! An unlikely proposition I know, but one wonders how they will divide their time between so many different countries should they get elected? Obviously, given their past there it's no surprise that neither made it onto the list for Northern Ireland.

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Our map is up! It's pointing to a BNP demise.

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 6 April 2011, 11:31

Ian Kitchen (behind Griffin): Patriotism & Pornograhy

Ian Kitchen (behind Griffin): Patriotism & Pornograhy

The BNP appears only too aware that its 2011 local election campaign is in deep trouble. Many of its usual candidates have abstained from standing for the party in protest at Nick Griffin’s divisive leadership and others have defected to the English Democrats or National Front or simply thrown in the towel altogether. The BNP is clearly bracing itself for the worst.

Yesterday we had Clive Jefferson, the BNP national elections officer, regaling the membership with the momentous news that the BNP had gained two parish councillors and that therefore ultimate victory was at hand. Today, London BNP has announced that its 2012 London Assembly campaign is “already well underway”. You certainly gain the distinct impression that the BNP, which appears to be wallowing in fantasyland, is simply wishing the 2011 election campaign wasn’t happening at all.

Only 14 BNP candidates have nominated for West Yorkshire, one of whom is Linda Cromie, a sitting councillor for Queensbury ward in Bradford. Gone are the days when the BNP was a real danger in the city. Three former BNPers are standing in Bradford as "Democratic Nationalists", which surely must be a pointer to the issues concerning Griffin's dictatorial style over the party in the region, expulsions and purges and, of course, a certain married couple. Former BNP member Andrew Clarke will be standing for the BNP in Bradford, in Wisbey ward, where he polled 27.8% there in 2007.

Former Yorkshire regional organiser Ian Kitchen is also standing for the BNP, in Wakefield. Kitchen is the husband of 'Granny porn star' Linda, whose exploits have caused so much embarrassment and internal strife. I guess the barrel has been well and truly scraped.

There are also seven BNP candidates for Thurrock, but Emma Colgate, the former party manager, will not be defending her seat. The party had 16 candidates in 2007 and 16 more in 2010 there.

Our list is being constantly updated and you can follow it here: http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/2011/elections/

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Four into six?

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Tuesday, 5 April 2011, 23:55

Such excitement from Simon Darby over four, yes four BNP candidates in Northern Ireland.

Apparently it's groundbreaking and "historic". Well maybe it is for them. No surprise for us to see them select a well-known sectarian skinhead. We'd be little less than surprised if that was some sort of percentage-based composition of the party in the six counties.

No such joy for Cambridge graduate Nick Griffin, however. Seems that Cambridge BNP are amongst those ignoring the elections while the party is under his control.

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