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Get your leafleting boots on!

posted by: Lorraine Fitzsimons | on: Tuesday, 7 April 2009, 15:26

Leafleting day of action - 11am, Sunday 19 April, Sheffield

If you're a more seasoned Hope Not Hate activist you'll have been itching to get out there and fill a few letterboxes. Normally by this time of year we've been out leafleting several times. Well now's your chance.

There's a by-election in East Ecclesfield, Sheffield on 30 April. So far, Sheffield has not been afflicted by BNP councillors, and we need to keep it that way. The whole of South Yorkshire has been a target area for much BNP activism and recruiting in recent months, and they'll have high hopes to make their first breakthrough in Sheffield.

The BNP have been using by-elections in Yorkshire to mount quick concerted campaigns, which brought them 9% of the vote in Harrogate and 23% only last week in Leeds. These are all steps along the way to testing their vote and building support for June.

Let's keep up the pressure. We've hundreds of activists signed up in Sheffield, more in South Yorkshire and still more in the unions, faith groups, students and more. Please support the leafleting day of action in Sheffield on 19 April.

Meet 11am, Trades & Labour Club, Duke Street, Sheffield S2 5QQ

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