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Still no great leap forwards

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Sunday, 30 March 2014, 10:02

BNP brainstrust: These guys run Facebook, apparently

BNP brainstrust: These guys run Facebook, apparently

Much excitement in the British National Party (BNP) during the week when they stumbled across an article in the Telegraph claiming they had taken over Facebook! How someone came to this conclusion is a mystery. They're already way behind Britain First and the English Defence League (EDL) in terms of numbers and "likes" and the BNP fall way behind Britain First in people interacting or "talking about" their page.

Despite the BNP having 104,000 likes on Facebook, its real and actual membership is now below 2,000. The EDL, shrinking and more stupid everyday with its 163,000 followers, has the lowest number of people interacting with it on social media.

Still, we should expect to see another one of those suspicious research pieces about the EDL in the Telegraph again very soon. Yesterday, the EDL managed just 250 people for a national march, this time in Peterborough. Most of the other 162,700 "members" probably stayed at home to fill in a survey advertised in the margins of Facebook which asks them their opinions on a whole host of issues which they never actually normally consider unless one of the possible answers to a question is the proposed burning down of a Mosque and the "Sport are troops".

As neither option was given in the survey, no doubt we'll be hearing how the EDL are all Oxbridge graduates and bank managers very soon.

Someone who could probably give us an idea of the thoughts of the EDL is Michael Bayliss. Bayliss travelled up from the south west yesterday to get close and personal with the new leader of the EDL. Bayliss probably has a much better idea than most what the EDL are thinking, but whether SO15 will publish his findings in the Telegraph, is unlikely.

Secret Squirrel: Bayliss on the prowl yesterday

Secret Squirrel: Bayliss on the prowl yesterday

It's been a quiet weekend so far for the Britain First crack-dsitribution brigade. Word is, despite finding God, Paul Golding has been moonlighting on the side cutting other people's lunch.

Survey: 163,000 EDL

Survey: 163,000 EDL "members" stayed at home ti fill it in



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Far-right round up

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 28 March 2014, 16:30

Britain First: Prepared for handbags with the BNP

Britain First: Prepared for handbags with the BNP

An interesting week for the British National Party (BNP). Nick Griffin was in Germany for a meeting of the youth wing of the neo-Nazi NPD and made one of his most bizarre speeches ever. He's never been blessed with great oratory skills, you're probably aware, but it was the actual content of the speech as opposed to the delivery that makes you wonder if Herr Griffin is beginning to buckle under the pressure of leading the BNP into oblivion.

It was mad and racist, even for a mad racist.

I would not worry too much about Griffin when he's finally out of a job come May. An old friend was telling me yesterday that Griffin has so much lucre squirreled away that his main worry would probably be Clive Jefferson bumping him off to top-up the party's funds.

Last night Griffin drove up from Exeter to Leeds to address a Yorkshire region fundraising meeting. To say Yorkshire has its problems would be an understatement. The organiser for the region is Adam Walker and word is he will not drive even to the end of his street these days without the promise of a large wedge of cash. Is it any wonder his speaking engagements have dried up? He has become the party's major embarrassment since his brother left to work in a pet shop.

Sadly for Griffin, HOPE not hate decided to ruin his plans for the evening and let the folk at the Woodkirk Valley Country Club know that the BNP was planning to meet there after using a false name to make the booking.

All credit to the Country Club, they decided to cancel the booking rather than allow the BNP to soil their name. Perhaps the club will now do the same to stop the National Front and British Movement from booking rooms there anymore.

Griffin and Adam Walker ended up glum faced in a pub in Morley trying to put a brave face on their humiliation. Griffin has been bragging as he travels the country of how much cash the party is collecting at their fundraising evenings. In the main, he is telling lies. The £1000 he claims was raised in Exeter was actually close to £600 and once he and his minions have taken their "expenses" out of the takings, very little will go into the pot for any election campaign other than Griffin's own charge of the light ale brigade in May.

No such cash shortages (unsurprisingly) for Griffin's former best friend Jim Dowson. Jim's got so much cash he's even managed to buy his Britain First 50,000 Facebook followers and some rather fetching cloth caps for their supporters.

Expect the current sniping between the BNP and Britain First to come to a rather nasty conclusion any time soon.

This weekend, the English Defence League take their travelling circus to Peterborough. Wisely, the group have declared this march will be a no-alcohol affair. Not so wisely, they're meeting up in a pub first..

No room at the Inn: Griffin's night ruined

No room at the Inn: Griffin's night ruined

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Neo-Nazi who plotted to blow up Mersey mosques branded "evil" by judge

posted by: John Siddle | on: Tuesday, 25 March 2014, 17:01

A neo-Nazi who plotted to blow up Merseyside mosques was branded "evil" by a judge today.

Terror suspect Ian Forman, 42, from Birkenhead, planned to explode home-made devices packed with nails and ball-bearings.

He downloaded pictures of two mosques near his home and labelled them "targets" before making a string of YouTube posts threatening to "blow them up".

He stockpiled potassium nitrate, sulphur and charcoal, and drew up a shopping list of bomb components after months of internet research.

The Hitler obsessive then created spreadsheets for the prices of chemicals needed for homemade bombs, and where they would be stocked.

Forman, who frequently expressed his racist ideology and views against the disabled to friends and workmates, also posted on YouTube about "Mosques lighting up the sky to keep us warm in the winter".

A jury of seven men and five women at Kingston Crown Court today found Forman guilty of engaging in conduct in the preparation of terrorist acts.

Judge Paul Dodgson said: "The defendant had, in my judgement, very extreme and evil thoughts - I think the word evil is appropriate.

"As the jury found he at some points had the intention of carrying those evil thoughts out.

"For his sentencing there must be a message sent out by the court that this behaviour is regarded with extreme gravity.

"But, on the other hand, I must mitigate this by the acknowledgement that his intention wasn't carried out to effect."

Forman, of Shavington Avenue, Oxton, was first arrested last June on suspicion of possessing explosive devices.

He was then rearrested on September 5 by officers from the North West Counter Terrorism Unit over concerns about chemical and explosive substances at his house.

Subsequent analysis of Forman's computer and 16 mobile phones revealed his research of mosques in his local area and saved photos of them.

Forman labelled Penny Lane Mosque in Mossley Hill and the Wirral Islamic Centre, near his home in Birkenhead, as "target one" and "target two".

Jurors heard Forman also made and tested improvised explosive devices, and ran tests on black powder.

Adjourning sentencing until the week commencing April 28, Judge Dodgson told Forman: "There will be a lengthy custodial sentence - of that there is no doubt.

"But I must make sure that I pitch that sentence so that it reflects your danger to the public, your hitherto good character, and that you did not in fact carry out these acts".

Forman had denied engaging in the conduct in the preparation of terrorist acts.

Three counts of making explosives and a single count of possession of explosives were left on the court file.

Forman will be sentenced at the same court in the week commencing April 28.

Liverpool Echo

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Griffin makes bizarre hate speech and insults Jews, immigrants and Africans

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 24 March 2014, 22:55

Griffin and his Aryan chums

Griffin and his Aryan chums

Nick Griffin was over in Germany at the weekend dazzling his far-right friends with a speech about the wonders of youth. Griffin was speaking at the "Europa-Kongress" of the NPD-youth-organisation "Junge Nationaldemokraten".

It was a bizarre, rambling and unpleasant demonstration of how low he has sunk, even by his own low standards. Let nobody doubt any more, that the British National Party (BNP), is still a neo-nazi hate party.

He even raised a titter (in our office) when he spoke of politicians being described as "thieving lying, scum" by the electorate, to which he and his party apparently retort, "we're different".

Wherever he goes these days, Griffin is more and more bitter in his speeches as he faces up to the reality of his life out of work come May. As well as attacking UKIP for stealing his handbag, he returned once more to his favourite theme of attacking the English Defence League (EDL), or as he calls it, "A Zionist front."

Not only do those "Zionists" also control the EDL, according to Griffin they also control the Ukraine. He's bound to be bitter, he was stopped from going to Crimea.

In a speech heavy on guarded anti-Semitism, Griffin spent a lot of time attacking "those who control the media" a code word for "Zionists", in itself a code word for Jews.

He mentioned the Frankfurt School as being the same as the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers.

He’s an idiot.

The Frankfurt School was the name given to the development of a new line in Sociology and Social Philosophy.

Speaking of immigrants and being told that immigrants can be wonderful for the country, Griffin raised his voice to argue "no they're not.

"Many of the Africans who've swamped Britain, hundreds of thousands in the last five years, are perfectly good Christians. I don't care. They have no place in my country, they have no place in our Europe."

He also attacked Marine Le Pen, leader of the French National Front for being, along with Geert Wilders, "a fake nationalist."

Being in Germany and surrounded by Nazis, Griffin described the Second World War as the "European Brothers War" and described a secret plan to commit genocide against white people. Only by radicalising people, says Griffin, could he see people joining up with the Nazi right.

Talking up his revolutionary credentials to his audience, Griffin failed to mention his own party is shrinking, mainly to the "enemy, UKIP", those who do not apparently know there is a Zionist conspiracy, and mainly due to he and his remaining few members, banging on about Jews and trying to empty the bank accounts of their own members.

Griffin then called for an economic downturn, which he feels would be good for Nazis, but then bizarrely complained about demonstrations, like the one in the Ukraine, where he apparently saw "Africans with bones through their noses [and] spears."

Poor Nick, life on the dole will be hard for him.

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Angry old men

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Sunday, 16 March 2014, 07:40

Paul Prodromou: Angry little man with not much of a future as leader

Paul Prodromou: Angry little man with not much of a future as leader

Nick Griffin's personal bodyguard Martin Reynolds was arrested last night after he exploded in childish rage outside the BNP's function in St Helens when he should have been inside looking after his Fuhrer, Nick Griffin.

Still, as with death, the BNP has still managed to see a money making opportunity. Martin Reynolds will be out of a job when Griffin loses his seat in May, but the party is only asking for people to top up the party's funds and not Martin's redundancy package. Is it any wonder Reynolds has been sending his CV to building contractors in London without mentioning he has been guarding Griffin and fetching him curries for the last six or so years?

Nicked: Reynolds gets nicked, Griffin gets on the calculator

Nicked: Reynolds gets nicked, Griffin gets on the calculator

The police have apparently taken possession of Reynolds' phone. Rumour inside the BNP is that the phone is full of pictures of dirty coffee tables. Should be interesting....

Griffin claims the BNP raised over £2500 last night in St Helens. Somehow we doubt that..

Send cash: But not for Reynolds it seems

Send cash: But not for Reynolds it seems

In London, BNP members decided against joining the tiny ranks of the EVF and SEA on a disastrous attempt to march up Whitehall.

It was left to comedy figure Paul Prodromou to have a tantrum when things did not go to plan for his little gang. Chased away from Trafalgar Square, many of his followers decided to go to the pub instead of attempting another march.

Things will become clearer soon enough as to who will mop up what is left of the stragglers leaving both the BNP and the English Defence League.

On the evidence of another pitiful march organised by Prodromou and his inability to keep his temper in check, we doubt it will be him.

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St Helens: Griffin's bodyguard has been arrested

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Saturday, 15 March 2014, 19:13

Reynolds before his arrest tonight

Reynolds before his arrest tonight

It appears that the BNP's fundraising night in St Helens has been a bit troublesome. Griffin's bodyguard, Martin Reynolds, has just been lifted by the police.

Adam Walker: Cheap suit and wine

Adam Walker: Cheap suit and wine

A good night for the BNP...

A good night for the BNP...

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Classy BNP take their golliwog to St Helens

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Saturday, 15 March 2014, 16:53

Notorious BNP organiser Mike Whitby has arrived. With golliwog in windscreen window..

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BNP Beanfeast begins in St Helens

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Saturday, 15 March 2014, 16:21

The BNP's party up in St Helens is now beginning. The party have snuck a booking at the Springfield on Thatto Heath Road

Nick Griffin has booked the meeting to raise funds for his almost non-existent election campaign

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Fascist march is acrimonious failure

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Saturday, 15 March 2014, 16:09


Poor "Pitt": An angry Prodromou tries to rally his troops

Tempers flared between fascists today as their planned march up Whitehall ended in disaster and acrimony, with many being chased away by anti-fascists.

The march was under the banner of the English Volunteer Force (EVF), but on the ground it was mainly British National Party (BNP) and South East Alliance (SEA) losers who were meant to bolster the numbers as a show of unified strength.

Trouble flared soon after the group decided to try and march towards Trafalgar Square-where their march was supposed to actually start from a pen the police had arranged for them in Whitehall.

After being confronted by a smaller but more hearty group of anti-fascists and stopped from proceeding any further, about fifty of the marchers decided to go to the pub instead of marching. A furious Paul Prodromou, who leads the SEA, then decided he would lead the remaining fifty into a head-on clash with anti-fascists, but soon ended up in the pub himself begging people to join him in a street brawl. There was somewhat of a heated discussion as most present at the pub were clearly not impressed by his bawling and complaining.

Instead, they all ended up marching back together to their pen in Whitehall. From there, the rally turned to farce as nobody could hear the speakers ranting and raving.

This disaster will only strengthen the rival gangs of the English Defence League (EDL) and Britain First, neither of which joined this rag tag today. Both sides are already crowing that this is a bigger flop of a march than even Prodromou's "ten thousand man" disaster in Woolwich last year.

The fifteen strong BNP contingent, led by a pornographer and a Madonna impersonator, left before the march even started!

Tiny: But they'll say this was thousands...

Tiny: But they'll say this was thousands...

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Fascists on the march today

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 15 March 2014, 10:10

Paul Prodromou: Leader of not a lot and some DVDs from Steve Squire

Paul Prodromou: Leader of not a lot and some DVDs from Steve Squire

.The combined forces of what's left of the splinter groups from the EDL will attempt a march in central London today. Although they claim they will be marching from Trafalgar Square, late last night there appeared to be a few changes of mind and it was decided that marchers should instead head straight to Westminster, where it appears they will do what the EDL did last year and just march 80 yards from the pub to Downing Street.

Organising the march is London is Paul Pitt, real name Paul Prodromou, who has taken his tiny grouping the South East Alliance (SEA) as good as into the British National Party (BNP). Who is the most desperate of that couple is anyone's guess.

The BNP were supposed to be sending some people along to support the march, but some of their Essex "hardmen" have come up with all kinds of inventive ideas to avoid going.

A counter protest against the Fascists is due to take place in Trafalgar Square, which probably has something to so with the far-right's change of heart

Sick note: Bob's got a toothache

Sick note: Bob's got a toothache

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Here's a fun night for the family...

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Monday, 10 March 2014, 10:13

If you're in the British National Party (BNP) and you haven't yet popped your clogs, the Dear Leader Nick Griffin, would still like you to cough up a few quid for his retirement fund.

Next Saturday, the bar crawl heads to St Helens. Last time the party took over a hotel in St Helens the legendary shenanigans that followed still has one Sunday newspaper desperately trying to buy a copy of a video that was made.

So, good luck with the meeting. Leave your kids at home and your room keys in the nearest available ashtray.

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Classy BNP celebrate another dead member

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 8 March 2014, 11:01

BNP: They love their members dead

BNP: They love their members dead

We've written before about the BNP's obsession with their members dying. It neatly ties in with their obsession with other people's money.

The few remaining members of the party's membership are bombarded almost daily with requests that when they die, they leave their worldy goods to the party. Of course, we know it does not always work out well for them.

Now it turns out that one of their members died almost a year ago. It is the first we've heard, not just of his death, but also of the member in question.

Today the party has announced "with deep regret" the passing of Graeme Howard Malcolm. They've decided to announce his death because it serms he left the party some cash, and now, in death, he was some kind of wonderful patriot. I get the impression that he was of absolutely no use to them at all when he was alive.

According to the BNP, "There is a new trend for legacies to be left to the party." Ah yes, of course he is more valuable to them dead.

Just how classy was today's website story dealing the death of another "great" patriot?

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Fascists on the doorstep

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 5 March 2014, 22:24

Golding: Would sell the shirt off his back for a quid

Golding: Would sell the shirt off his back for a quid

There have been whispers of trouble for quite some time now. Everybody wants to be the führer of the British far-right, but so few of them actually have time to do it, what with issuing death threats on Twitter and Facebook taking up so much of their time.

Slowly but surely with the law catching up with them, there seems to be fewer and fewer fascists around these days. The Liverpool 7 may be due to crawl out of nick any day soon but things will have changed for them dramatically, even in their home town(s).

Britain First, led by Jim Dowson and Paul Golding , has been quietly beavering away on replacing everyone and everything with their own branding. The English Defence League (EDL) is as good as finished and all of the other groups like The Infidels, The South East Alliance (SEA) and English Volunteer Force (EVF) have struggled of late to muster even a dozen activists on their activities.

The main show in town for quite some time has been Paul Golding. He's been travelling the country with a video camera filming himself on the doorsteps of Mosques and on the doorsteps of radical Muslims, cutting quite a dash amongst the Fash while doing it.

In doing so, Golding has put quite a few noses out of joint. Initially, In January of last year, Golding and Dowson offered the EVF, SEA and the English Dems the opportunity to join them in a united front against Islam, immigration and the left. They all got drunk together in a tatty pub in Kent before launching their new group.

It lasted about a week before they fell out. The SEA, lead by Paul Prodromou, prefered the company of the British National Party (BNP), and found Britain First too "stuffy" for their notoriously louche tastes.

Late last year Britain First announced they were going to stand against the BNP leader Nick Griffin in the Euro Elections. It was another nail in Griffin's soon-to-be coffin that infuriated both the BNP and the SEA and Infidels, who have gravitated towards the BNP.

In the new year, Golding launched a series of stalking raids on the home of radical preacher Anjem Choudary, drawing with him large numbers from the other groups. In the process, a whispering campaign began against Golding and Dowson, accusing them both of taking momey from the movement and of general dishonesty. Dowson and Golding retorted by describing their detractors as "Godless drunks." Things have been unpleasant, ever since.

Things nearly came to a head at the Old Bailey last week when Golding and some of his supporters decided to march to court, passing a number of their enemies. When names were called, Golding became emotional and had quite a public meltdown in the middle of the street and threatened to have certain people "seen to". Britain First then issued a statement attacking all of the other groups for their appaling behaviour on the day.

Over this last weekend there was uproar when Golding appeared in Blackburn without apparently consulting the local fascists there. As soon as their anger was known, Golding began appearing on people's doorsteps. In fact, in the last week, Golding has visited the homes of five people connected with the EDL and its satellites and issued them invitations to fight with him in the street!! Unsurprisingly, most have refused his invitation.

The only person not to buckle on the doorstep was apparently, Paul Prodromou, the leader of the South East Alliance. Golding made his way to Essex to confront Prodromou but by all accounts he was not for budging or intimidating. Golding was apparently more interested anyway in finding John Snowy Shaw who has been throwing around weight he is not fit to carry, namely that of Loyalist paramilitaries, whilst issuing threats against Dowson and Golding.

So disturbed was Shaw to hear that Golding had ventured as far north as Blackburn he has now changed his tune to one of love and reconcilliation, while others are using the United British Patriots facebook page to demand help against Golding.

To top this all off, we understand that Golding may soon be getting a visit from the BNP, if they can rustle up any heavies. Nick Griffin wants back a series of magazines that he lent to Golding when he was Griffin's errand boy, but Golding is refusing to hand them back. If Griffin cannot find enough heavies to visit Golding he should just sit tight anyway. His description of Golding as a "pikie" at last weekend's BNP conference has infuriated Golding who is, after all, a very delicate soul.

Please stop bullying us: Fascists hate fascism it seems

Please stop bullying us: Fascists hate fascism it seems

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The God Complex

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Tuesday, 4 March 2014, 20:09

What with far-right group Britain First taking to the streets of London to hand out cans of lager in the name of Christianity, we thought what with the holiest time of the Christian calendar fast approaching, it was time to take a good look at fascists and their God complexes.

The Reverend Robert West

Fake Rev:

Fake Rev:

Robert West, to call him by his real name, has been around a while. No wedding, baptism or funeral would be too big or too small for the Reverend, though none would be entirely legal or pleasant (what with him running his "church" from his garage.) The Reverend West was ordained by the Christian Council of Britain. If you haven't heard of it, West is the head of that too. West believes that God wants people of different colour and religions to live separately and he's quite often wheeled out by the BNP in his dog's collar as some kind of spokesperson for the argument that Jesus is most definitely white and approves of racial hatred. Although he wore a dog collar when the BNP leader Nick Griffin re-dedicated his love to Mrs Griffin at a posh hotel he has not, unsurprisingly, married or baptised any of the Griffin spawn.

Nick Griffin

Proof if anything, that Beelzebub is real. Nick Griffin used to take Christianity quite seriously. He's an admirer of at least one cross-burner. Back in 2009 when Griffin and his party were meant to be on their way to better things, Griffin scared some 250,000 school children who stumbled across him reading the Nativity story on Youtube. It was a particularly poignant time in his household he told people, and went on to compare the birth of his grandchild to the birth of Jesus! Griffin must nowadays blame God for his slump in the political charts as he now instead, issues a "Christmas message" which is even less sexy and relevant than that of Elizabeth II.

Dowson: Wishing he had a womb

Dowson: Wishing he had a womb

Jim Dowson

Leader of Britain First, Dowson was recently described as a con-man by of all people, Nick Griffin. Dowson was actually trained as a Calvinist Minister but hatched upon a better idea before finishing his studies. Dowson just bought a great big bloody church instead in Cumbernauld and began a campaign of hating gays and young woman in the family way from the pulpit. He's none too fond of Catholics and Muslims either, but at least he has presided over one wedding. Records in Fife show that Dowson has performed one marriage-during his time as a licenpiate. He's also turns up uninvited at several civil ceremonies and gay marriages where he shouts abuse at happy couples.

Paul Golding

Nick Griffin described Golding as a "pikie" at last weekend's BNP meeting. Golding is the patriotic Christian who leads Britain First's street activities, where "Christians" try and force cans of Belgian lager down the throats of non-believers. Had a rather excellent clash with LBC's Iain Dale recently when Dale drew Golding's fire and brimstone by demanding to know where Golding goes to church.

Paul Golding: Stella's favourite choir boy

Paul Golding: Stella's favourite choir boy


Dorothy Firth

Dorothy is the loving and loyal wife of English Defence League (EDL) thug and criminal, Roger Firth. Roger often describes his wife as a pillar of the community and a regular church goer. Indeed she is. Dorothy is a regular attendee at a spiritualist church near their home in South London, where she and others apparently try and raise the dead. This will no doubt come in useful when it comes to resurrecting the EDL.

Roger & Dorothy Firth: Who knows what they'll dig up

Roger & Dorothy Firth: Who knows what they'll dig up

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Griffin in new hardcore fascist junket

posted by: Rees Morgan | on: Monday, 3 March 2014, 10:48

European election no-hoper and British National Party boss Nick Griffin landed in Rome for another junket at the weekend.

Again, his host was his long-time “Political Soldier’ pal, the convicted Italian terrorist Roberto Fiore who now runs his personal political party Forza Nuova (FN), a “Third Positionist” fascist outfit. Fiore is also a fundamentalist Catholic but we don’t know if the bankrupt Griffin has taken the plunge. However, if there’s money in it, who knows?

On the pizzas with the BNP’s increasingly inept leader was a selection of European fascism and nazism’s roughest trade: representatives of the grotesquely misnamed Spanish National Democracy (DN), the Greek Golden Dawn (GD) aka National Dawn and the German National Democrats (NPD).

A theme of the meeting, held in a function room at Rome’s four-star Pineta Palace Hotel, was the resurrection of the continent with Fiore calling for “a Europe of the family, small business and agriculture, and not the slave of a European Union policy of austerity, banks, bureaucrats and budgetary constraints.” If the ageing terrorist aims to hurl largesse around, it can be guaranteed the portly party leader from Welshpool will be right at the front of the queue for a handout.

Of course, only Christians, Romans and Greeks – God knows where that would leave Griffin – would be in line for the lucre. Jews, Roma, and other “racial inferiors” need not apply.

Certainly those present with Fiore and Griffin – Manuel Canduela from the nazi DN in Spain, Jens Pühse (NPD) and the litigious GD MP Antonios Gregos, one of the few Greek nazi leaders not in jail currently – have big ideas. They also have old ideas, harking back to European fascism’s Glory Days. Canduela waxed nostalgic about Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, and angry with the “Zionist New World Order”. That was probably a reference to the Jews. If it was, it certainly got a few cheers. Spain, he ranted, should copy Greece.

Next up was the Welshpool windbag, flying the flag for the UK by patriotically blabbering (as only he can) about how low birth rates and abortion “are slowly bringing our nation to suicide” before banging on about his pet theme of “globalisation, declaring that the European nations are not dying. No, they are going to be killed, it appears, as a result, according to the British deputato, of “a cold and calculated” attack on Europe by the capitalists and the Zionists (read “Jews” and cue more cheap applause.)

To rescue the situation, added the BNP führer solemnly, the nationalists of Europe – meaning him and the shrinking mob that follows him these days – will have to “kill the banks to save the people.” These fascists sure do relish the notion of “killing”. Griffin’s efforts to appear more a gravitas-laden deputato than the bizarre political desperado he really is – and being a tepid warm-up man for the next speaker – still didn’t get him the top plaudits on the clap-o-meter.

That was reserved for Gregos, another deputato and a half if ever there was one, who spun a sorry tale about how democracy in Greece had been destroyed without mentioning that destroying democracy is the precise aim of the band of nazi thugs and killers that masquerades as his political party. So what’s he complaining about? One of his outlandish remedies seems to be to tell (white) Europeans to have a lot more unprotected sex and exponentially increase the population to overtake the immigrant birth-rate.

His act was followed by failed German nazi music impresario Jens Pühse who concentrated on grousing about the fact that his party might soon be extinguished by one of those pesky democracies. With hopeless and utterly groundless optimism, he added that “from 25 May, we, the British, Italians, Greeks and Spaniards…will be a single opposition bloc in the European Parliament.” He wishes…

Top of the bill, of course, was Fiore. He had to be. It was his meeting. He did not disappoint, raving and raging against the banks, against the Americans, against the Zionists before switching his attention to a familiar rant against abortion and homosexuality which, he said, would cause Europe to die.

Griffin lapped all this up, probably hoping fervently that he can line up a sure-fire source of income for when he probably loses his fat MEP’s salary. How else can he remain a bloatato?

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