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Lennon leaves Denmark

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 31 March 2012, 19:02

Far more interested in getting his face on television than standing shoulder to shoulder with his colleagues in Aarhus, Stephen Yaxley Lennon aka Tommy Robinson travelled straight to the airport after he gave his speech today in Denmark.

It wouldn't be the first time he abandoned his supporters prefering the media, as Lennon will be appearing on the BBC's The Big Question tomorrow morning.

The rest of the Defence League supporters have stayed in Denmark and will be attending a party laid on for them at a farm on the outskirts of Aarhus this evening.

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Clashes continue

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 31 March 2012, 17:10

Local antifascists have about 30 fascists trapped outside of Aarhus library.

Earlier there was a clash outside of the library that saw the fascists throw bottles in retaliation.

According to one source 82 arrests have been made so far.

A bus has turned up at Mølleparken to escort the EDL supporters out of the park.

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Early Finish

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 31 March 2012, 16:13

As trouble mounts in Aarhus the EDL demo has been stopped 15 minutes early and they are now being forced onto their buses.

So far according to local Danish media there has been around 20 arrests, although that is unconfirmed.

A group of far right supporters have left Mølleparken on foot, without a police escort and are moving towards Magasin.

Antifascists begin throwing rocks at the EDL bus at Vesterbro Torv and the police move in making further arrests.

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A turn for the worse.

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 31 March 2012, 15:14

Things have taken a turn for the worst in Denmark.

A large group of antifascists have moved down towards the river area, with the EDL and their support trying to launch an attack, the police however are sandwiched in the middle.

The police had split the antifascists into two groups and are pleaded with the EDL to disperse for their own safety.

A group of antifascists entered Mølleparken and attacked the EDL demo. Police lost control of the situation with the EDL and their Danish counterparts attempt to dodge the police heading out through Christiansgade.

So far there have been a few arrests as flares and other objects are thrown.

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Lennon has arrived

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 31 March 2012, 13:47

Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon has arrived at the demo site and is being interviewed by a large number of journalists.

He is telling anyone who is listening that this is the start of an European movement.

The big guy with the goatee beard is Stuart Bates, one time BNP organiser from Birmingham and bodyguard to both Nick Griffin and now Lennon himself

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posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 31 March 2012, 13:08

It's not looking good for the EDL and their friends. Certainly a lot of glum faces in the tiny contingent of racists.

We are hearing the EDL are outnumbered 100 to one at the moment, certainly not what you would call a convincing pan-european movement..

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Danish Nazi spotted

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 31 March 2012, 12:47

The EDL and their chums are starting to gather in Mølleparken. So far there no more than 50 people in total.

They are heavily outnumbered by antifascists from across Europe who have travelled across Europe to confront the EDL.

The well known Danish Neo Nazi Esben Rohde from the Danish National Socialist Movement has been spotted taking photographs of the antifascist protest.

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On the buses !

posted by: SImon Cressy | on: Saturday, 31 March 2012, 11:46

It's a grim day in Aarhus.

It's cold and has been snowing and the EDL are on their way on a bus with some of their Danish colleagues.

Some nazi stickers have appeared overnight close to the demonstration site and some wag has been using Butryic acid in the Mølleparken area which smells like a million stinkbombs let off all at once.

The EDL are about 5 minutes away from the demonstration site so it should be an interesting next few hours

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More news from Aarhus

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 31 March 2012, 01:26

There is a huge police presence in Aarhus city centre, the local police are stopping and searching people in the Mølleparken area.

There are large groups of men roaming all over Aarhus this evening. Earlier a group from SIAN- Stop Islamisation of Norway including the Oslo based leader Kristen Krogvik arrived on the ferry from Lärvick to Hirtshals just after 9pm.

It looks like the assembly point before the demonstration will be in the city Skanderborg, 30 km from Aarhus. The plan is to drive all the demonstrators into Aarhus in buses.

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Latest from Denmark

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 30 March 2012, 16:50

The EDL's travelling circus inflicts it's poison on the good people of Denmark over the weekend, along with a collection of like minded racists from across the whole of Europe.

The EDL are attending the Counter-Jihad meeting and demonstration to take place in Denmarks second largest city Aarhus tomorrow.

Stephen Yaxley Lennon aka Tommy Robinson the leader of the EDL landed earlier this afternoon at Aarhus airport with about 15 of his followers.

A smaller group from the Norwegian Defence league have been hanging around the city, looking a little out of place.Also a group of Easter European skinheads have been seen loitering around the Mølleparken area of the city.

Earlier Mimosa DeDanann aka Mimosa Koiranen, listed speaker for the Finnish Defence League arrived at Kastrup Airport, to be met by Philip Traulsen of the Danish Defence League.

We'll be posting lots more, hopefully with some photos as and when we get it

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Candidates Announced

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 29 March 2012, 17:01

Carlos Cortiglia

Carlos Cortiglia

Details of the candidates who are to stand in the London Mayoral election and the Greater London Authority have been announced today.

Seven candidates in total will fight it out to become London Mayor, including the BNP's very own Carlos Cortiglia. More about Carlos can be read here.

A notable absentee from the list of candidates was Tess Culnane for the National Front, despite the fact that the NF announced they would be fighting the mayoral elections "Like never before" on their website back in February.

Also announced was the GLA list of London-wide candidates.

Heading the list for the BNP is the BNP's London organiser Steve Squire aka Steve Mendoza.

Next on the list for the BNP are: Dave Furness, Paul Sturdy, Carlos Cortiglia, John Clark, Robert Taylor, Giuseppe De Santis, Donna Treanor, Roberta Woods, Marie Nicholas and John Rowland Broks.

Standing for the National Front is Tess Culnane, Ian Edward and Andrew Cripps.

A couple of names on the English Democrats list raise an eyebrow, Benjamin Weald is a regular attendee for the EDL and March for England and Michael Barnbrook, the former BNP activist and self proclaimed "sleazebuster".

As of yet only 6 of the 14 constituencies in the London Assembly have announced candidates.

In Ealing & Hillingdon, David Furness will stand for the BNP, while NF chairman Ian Edward will stand for the National Front.

Enfield & Haringey see Marie Nicholas standing for the BNP

Greenwich & Lewisham has Roberta Woods representing the BNP and her one time BNP colleague Tess Culnane representing the NF.

Havering and Redbridge has the veteran anti Semite Richard Edmonds standing for the NF with Robert Taylor standing for the BNP.

Standing in the Goresbrook Ward, Taylor will also be the BNP's candidate in the forthcoming Barking & Dagenham By Election to be held on April 19th.

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When a journalist turns rogue

posted by: Sam King | on: Thursday, 29 March 2012, 02:39

A name that pops up in our office from time to time is a local journalist by the name of Danny Lockwood.

Not only a journalist, Lockwood is owner and Managing Director of The Press Newspaper, based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

Lockwood first came to our attention in 2003 when his newly launched newspaper started giving a huge amount of positive coverage to the British National Party.

The coverage increased alarmingly when the BNP had three councillors elected in the Kirklees area between 2003 to 2006.

Writing mostly sympathetic articles regarding the BNP councillors, Lockwood even called two of them, Colin Auty and David Exley his personal friends.

With a letters page dominated by BNP members as well, you can understand why Kirklees BNP liked the newspaper as much as it did.

With the newspaper giving regular coverage to the BNP, Lockwood also pushed his own anti Islamic agenda in his “Ed Lines” column.

Eventually, Kirklees BNP imploded and the coverage of the councillors came to end, much to the disappointment of Danny Lockwood.

Lockwood continued to ramp up tensions in the Dewsbury area , In 2010 he wrote about the Cumbrian mass murderer Derrick Bird saying “If Derrick Bird had been carrying a Koran he would have been celebrated as a hero by tens of thousands, possibly more of so called “British” Muslims”.

This infuriated local Muslims who held a protest outside Dewsbury police station, demanding that action be taken against the journalist.

Lockwood realised that prejudice sells and in December 2011 released a book entitled “The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury”, rather unsurprisingly this book has become popular with the BNP and EDL and not just in the Dewsbury area.

And just this week Lockwood revealed a very interesting fact. He admitted that in January he attended a far right meeting that was held in Bradford.

This was the “Nationalist Unity “meeting that hosted members of The National Front, British Movement and the neo Nazi BPP, along with Yorkshire BNP MEP Andrew Brons who was guest of honour.

Why was Lockwood there? His book came out before the meeting so he can’t use the excuse of “research”. He certainly hasn’t written about the meeting before, so was it just a meeting of political minds for Lockwood?

A bigot sharing a dingy pub with other washed up bigots, sounds about right.

The EDL love Lockwoods book

The EDL love Lockwoods book

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EDL supporters jailed for vicious attack.

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 28 March 2012, 02:33

Dale Oakley

Dale Oakley

Four Yorkshire EDL supporters were jailed this week for a vicious attack on two Asian teenagers.

Leeds Crown Court heard how the four yobs, Dale Oakley, Jordan Williams and Melvin Watts all of Dewsbury, and Josh Foster of Tadcaster attacked the two teenagers in revenge as Foster and Williams, had been beaten up by an Asian group at an earlier date.

However, neither of the victims was involved in the initial attack on Foster and Williams.

Williams struck one of the teenagers with a stick while Watts, slashed one of them in the face with a knife he had brought from home.

Melvin Watts, 19, was sentenced to five years in a young offenders’ institute for wounding with intent and possessing an offensive weapon.

Josh Foster, 18, was sentenced to 15 months in a young offenders’ institute for wounding and racially aggravated assault.

Dale Oakley, 21, was sent to prison for 18 months for wounding and racially aggravated assault.

Jordan Williams, 18, was sent to a young offenders’ institute for 18 months for wounding, racially aggravated assault and possessing an offensive weapon.

One of the thugs, Dale Oakley has a very interesting background as both his parents are well known Nazis in the Dewsbury area.

In 2005 both his parents were jailed for stirring up racial hatred on a far right website.

Jeremy Oakley and wife Jacqueline were sent to prison for 18 months and 9 months respectively after admitting posting hate material on the White Nationalist Party website.

Jeremy Oakley was a member of the BNP, Combat 18 and the White Nationalist Party whilst his wife Jacqueline was the organiser of the women’s division of The White Nationalist Party.

Obviously the hatred in the Oakley family has been passed down through the family.

Jackie Oakley, speaking at a WNP meeting

Jackie Oakley, speaking at a WNP meeting

Jeremy Oakley

Jeremy Oakley

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The odd couple

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 26 March 2012, 21:09

Khaw and Jones about to enjoy a pint of race hate?

Khaw and Jones about to enjoy a pint of race hate?

Claire Khaw’s a strange one. She’s the Chinese woman who ended up in the BNP and for a while along with Nick Griffin, thought that Nick Griffin was the greatest thing since sliced bread. She used to like to live on the edge and hang around with such high brow BNP non-entities as Jeffrey Marshall

The two of them apparently share a hatred of sick children.

While Marshall learnt to be more careful about declaring his hatred, Khaw could not and following a serious threat of violence from some female party members, decided to quit the BNP last year after another one of her infamous outbursts about sick and disabled children.

Khaw describes herself as a “civic nationalist”, though I would prefer the term “collaborator” to describe somebody of her disposition. Undeterred by being run out of the BNP and allegedly losing herself the role of London’s Mayoral candidate for the BNP, Khaw settled down to life with a different group of Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis.

She was until last weekend a regular at the meetings of the New Right, or IONA as one half now likes to call itself. By all accounts, there was quite a large “elephant” in the corner once all the Nazis and race haters got together with her in the room.

And so at 06.30hrs last Saturday as Khaw was no doubt dreaming of another excellent day in the company of Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis later that day, she received a text message. The message told her that she was not welcome to attend the meeting. Who knows why? Khaw was looking forward to attending too. This was after all, the “big one”. She was crestfallen.

Pondering it later, Khaw wondered whether the decision could be “racially motivated”. I kid you not! Not only that, it got worse for her. As the Nazi meeting in question was being cancelled the organiser of the secret meet was apparently texting everybody that it was Khaw that had tipped us off about the meeting.

Now she’s really not happy. Never mind the possible racism, she’s actually been accused of doing something decent as well!

Khaw actually thinks that it was the presence of her and Dave Jones “two very important persons” and not the international guests at their great expense that led us to get the meeting cancelled. Obviously, she is a very important person, Jones is too. In fact, he’s the biggest swastika waving, bearded idiot in the entire village of Todmorden.

The two self-styled “VIP’s” spent a lovely day out in London just to prove how important they are and even took photos of each other. What a sight it must have been to see “Desperate Dave” in his swastika t-shirt walking along London’s streets together with a Chinese woman who is persona non grata at secrer Nazi meetings either because she’s red or most likely, in their eyes, because she's Chinese.

I feel a little sorry for Claire, personally. Not because for some strange reason she likes to spend time in the company of people who hate her, but because Dave Jones is an absolute bore according to his Nazi colleagues. Maybe that’s why they’re both banned from future meetings.

Jones: Fashionable fascist?

Jones: Fashionable fascist?

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Nazis defeated, curry completed.

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Sunday, 25 March 2012, 10:54

The New Right: Out in the gutter where they belong

The New Right: Out in the gutter where they belong

“We come here every week, this is outrageous” and out into the sunshine went another Nazi brandishing his collection of Nazi books. He was shuffling in desperation, waiting for someone or something to come to his aid. Thankfully, he didn’t compare his predicament to that of some kind of deemed “anti-social” element living in Nazi Germany in the bygone days he ideologically longed for. The pub had called the police to help throw them out.

Out on to the pavement in Praed Street in Paddington London, they gloomily filed. For nearly two hours their secret phone number had been blocked by antifascists and their secret meeting plans ruined. From across Britain and Europe a whole host of Nazi sympathisers had travelled for the secret meeting. While they moaned and complained, the Hope Not Hate team sat inside the pub with their European colleagues, blogged and kept an eye on them.

The staff at the Fountains Abbey pub were apologising and protesting their innocence. They were apologising to the dozens of angry antifascists and locals who were dialling the pub’s telephone and also to the “New Right”, the collection of Nazis fanatics and Holocaust deniers whose secret meeting we had ruined. The Nazis protested and even begged, but despite having been regulars, this meeting, billed as their biggest and best ever, was off. We’d even sat in the pub where their meeting was supposed to be and watched their great plans come crashing down.

We’d followed them from across the country and then across London for two days. We had a fair idea where the meeting was going to be, we knew they’d been there before but we had in fact overestimated them. They were as predictable as the stiff right armed salutes that greeted some of them as they arrived at the airport on Friday and at Paddington train station on Saturday. Strange men, as they always are; heads constantly burrowed into books dwelling on and supposedly debunking genocides, or reading books suggesting and encouraging further genocide.

The “New Right” are not the Boys from Brazil and nor are they some kind of secret ‘Odessa’ organisation either. They’re mainly ageing Jew Haters, Holocaust deniers and Hitler admirers who either never quite made the big time in the British far-right, or if they did, they were thrown out once it became impossible for them to stop their stiff right arms shooting up into the air when it was least opportune. But at least they’re honest. They may not have had an original political idea between them since they first began worshipping that dreadful Austrian artist, but under the stewardship of ‘young’ Jeremy “Jez” Bedford Turner who likes to hang around at Pall Mall’s Army Club, they have begun to recruit vulnerable young men under the wings, filling their heads up with hatred at meetings becoming too regular for comfort.

For the “New Right”, open anti-Semitism, Hitler worship and Holocaust denial is somehow classier than the Mosque burning, flag waving and rampant racism of the EDL and the BNP. And that’s the way it was always supposed to be in the good old days. No wonder employees of Iran’s Press TV have been made so welcome at previous meetings.

Elsewhere, the “crack” goons who make up the EDL splinter group the “Infidels” were threatening to hold another one of their almost phantom demonstrations, this time in Bolton. We doubted they were. On the case was our team in the North West who were in contact with our friends in Scotland who were monitoring the movements of a contingent of fascists while a good crowd of antifascists were gathering in Bolton. And then, not long after the pubs opened in Hyde, Tameside, the usual fascist faces appeared there. They were also showing up in and around Heywood while a few of the bizarre ‘Combined ex-Forces’ (cxf) were being arrested on their way into Bolton.

We rung the local antifascist group in Bolton who were planning to have a march, to tell them that it looked like the Infidels were dispersing across the North West. Not by plan, but simply by their usual poor organisation. No-one who actually spends anytime following the Infidels around was surprised by this. A good dozen EDL/BNP members arrived drunk not long after midday in Hyde not even sure where they were supposed to be! Infidel leader John “Snowy” Shaw was for some daft reason elsewhere when he read that we had posted his daft plans on our blog. Thinking that we are as thick as he is, he then issued a public statement on his group’s Facebook page an hour later saying that he was actually planning to go Bolton after all. But he was actually in Heywood and a tiny number of his followers were in Hyde and another number were in Bolton having a rough old time of it on their own. Another inexplicable schoolboy error for Shaw. Poor “Snowy”, one does wonder what induces him to get it so wrong all the time. Needless to say, by the time his dwindling, drunk and confused supporters were being arrested in Bolton, Hyde and Heywood a lot of other people were asking the same question.

Down in London, as a crestfallen Jonathan Bowden (formerly of BNP fame) stood miserably in the street and a collection of European fascists mingled with angry English skinheads, “Jez” Turner was desperately trying to save face in front of his European guests and find another venue. Given that there is a split in his organisation, it was the sort of day he could have done without. Had the “other side” tipped us off? And what with him promising that there would be a second hand book stall at his meeting, was he going to be lumbered with a few dozen soiled copies of Mein kampf. He was shaking with rage.

Having blogged from inside the pub for most of the afternoon and it having been made clear that their meeting was now ruined, it was time for us to leave. It was still a lovely afternoon and what with drunken fascists being locked up and humiliated (as usual) up north and forty odd (very odd) Hitler worshippers standing around looking very upset in London, the occasion dictated a hot curry and a warm pint of English beer. The angry Nazis, finally realised that we had been there the whole time and wanted to get frisky with our photographers. No luck there either, gentlemen.

It rounded off a good couple of days work by everyone on our excellent team. Curry tastes even better when you know some racist is having a terrible day. We recommend eating a lamb madras at a table and not on your lap in a car park in Kent.

Later, someone asked why we did not allow these Nazis to have their meeting. After all, it is a free country and a democracy, isn’t it? And why did we not go and debate with these nasty Nazis instead of harassing them. Why did we not try and convince them of our way of thinking? Had we never heard of Voltaire, that witty French philosopher who spoke of dying to allow others to say things he didn’t like.

Yes, we have. But he would never have said it if he'd seen the gates at Auschwitz.

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Update from the North West

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 24 March 2012, 15:42

Apparently there are 40 Infidels in Heywood near Rochdale along with approximately 15 EDL/BNP in Hyde.

So far there has been 5 arrests, although I'm not certain if this includes the two arrests from earlier.

Members of the CxF are annoyed with Infidel leader John "Snowy" Shaw, accusing him of setting them up 

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More from Infidels

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 24 March 2012, 14:28

Liam Pinkham

Liam Pinkham

Just a correction, we said that two infidels were arrested in Hyde, it was actually Bolton we are now hearing.

One of those arrested was well known Neo Nazi Liam Pinkham from Liverpool.

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Meeting is off!

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 24 March 2012, 14:14

Fountain Abbey: Now Nazi free (pics later!!)

Fountain Abbey: Now Nazi free (pics later!!)

And they're not happy! They've been turfed into the street in all their moronic Nazi glory

Couple of thugs tried to attack our photographers, but they're (our guys) now on their way for a well earned pint.

Thank you to everyone who made it clear to the pub and to the Nazis, that we want Hope in our pubs, not Hate!!

Me and Bernie are gonna sneak off for a lunch time curry.

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Nazi boy arrives

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 24 March 2012, 13:47

Jones: Just arrived at London meeting

Jones: Just arrived at London meeting

Dave Jones, who likes to stroll around his farm looking like he does in this picture, has just arrived at the "New Right" meeting at the Fountains Abbey pub in Paddington.

The pub's South African owners claim that the meeting has been cancelled, but there is no sign of that yet.

D'you think Dave is someone who believes in freedom of speech?

There are people standing outside with Hitler t-shirts on and one rather odd man reading and quoting from a book on the SS.

I wonder what the doctors, staff and nurses from the St Mary's Hospital opposite who drink in there normally will think about this?

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Infidels arrested.

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 24 March 2012, 13:42

Hearing that two Infidels/Cxf were arrested by police as soon as they arrived in their minibus in Hyde.

Infidels aren't very happy to say the least.

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Not so clever, Snowy

posted by: Sam King | on: Saturday, 24 March 2012, 12:58

Infidels: They forget we're not as thick as them...

Infidels: They forget we're not as thick as them...

We rumbled their plans over an hour ago when our intel team spotted certain drunks hanging around in Hyde and not in Bolton where they said they would be.

Snowy thinks he has pulled the wool over antifascist eyes, but he must know by now we're one step ahead of them!!

Two coaches from Scotland have been pulled over by the police and the Nazis thugs are standing by the side of the road.

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Pub panic sets in.. your calls are working

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 24 March 2012, 12:42

Nice Pub: They need to get these Nazis out.

Nice Pub: They need to get these Nazis out.

The staff at the Fountains Abbey had no idea they were hosting neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers.

They have now called the police to the venue as the panicked Nazis have nowhere else to hold their grotty meeting. My colleague Bernadette and I are enjoying a nice glass of red and taking in the nice sunshine coming through the window here.

Is that Troy Southgate who just arrived? There's a good dirty dozen of them in here now!

Keep up the polite pressure.

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Exclusive! Secret Nazi Meeting Exposed

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 24 March 2012, 11:57

Nice Pub: Rotten customers

Nice Pub: Rotten customers

The hard line neo-Nazi "New Right" are having a secret meeting this afternoon in the Fountains Abbey pub, Praed St, Paddington, London.

Speakers from Sweden including Oma Filmersson are there as well as Baron Jonas de Geer of Livonia "The Anti-Modernist Movement" wil be delivering speeches.

There will also be plenty of Holocaust denial books available and plenty of British Nazis too.

They ask their followers who do not know where the venue is to call 07982569254 for details of the venue.

The pub is totally unaware of who has booked their venue. Ring them politely to protest who is using their venue on 0207 723 2364

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Change of plans for Infidels...

posted by: Sam King | on: Saturday, 24 March 2012, 11:23

Some members of the North West Infidels appear to be in Hyde and not in Bolton as advertised today. Our spotters tell us that a number of them are milling around a pub there.

Snowy may think he is being clever by sending antifascists on a wild goose chase, but as he can only get 30 people to his national demos it seems this may have been his cowardly planning all along.

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North East Infidels embarrassed

posted by: SImon Cressy | on: Friday, 23 March 2012, 13:37

Paul Duffy

Paul Duffy

The North East Infidels have been left red faced at their latest attempt to hold a meeting.

A meeting had been announced weeks ago by the EDL splinter with the intention of "supporting" their fellow Infidels currently being held in prison.

NEI organiser and former Heroin dealer Paul Duffy was said to be mortified by such a poor attendance, especially as there are more Infidels in prison than attended the meeting.

The meeting,held last Saturday at the Washington Football Club was a complete disaster, with only seven people turning up out of the 120+ invited.

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The BNP's anti Semitism continues.

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 22 March 2012, 16:37

Jeffrey Marshall

Jeffrey Marshall

I wrote just last week about how anti Semitism is never too far away from the British National Party.

Just a week later and I have yet another vile example of how the BNP is still the same hate filled party of old.

This time it is the East London organiser and activist Jeffrey Marshall, a name probably familiar to some Hope not Hate readers.

In 2009, Marshall was embroiled in a scandal over his call for children with disabilities to be killed.

When David Cameron’s son Ivan passed away in February 2009, Marshall went onto an internet forum writing: “We live in a country today which is unhealthily dominated by an excess of sentimentality towards the weak and unproductive. No good will come of it.” Cameron’s son had cerebral palsy and was described by the Camerons as their “beautiful boy”. David Cameron said that Ivan had brought “joy and love to those around him”.

Not content with attacking Mr and Mrs Cameron and others mourning Ivan’s death, Marshall stated that although it would be “a kindness” to kill children with disabilities, this was not the same as advocating such a measure as compulsory state policy. “But so what if it is?” he asked. “At least we would all know where we stand. There is actually not a great deal of point in keeping these sort of people alive, after all.”

Sick stuff I'm sure all right minded people would agree, yet Marshall has never had a problem when it comes to offending people.

Marshall's victim this time is Anne Frank, one of the most renowned and most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust, her diary has become one of the world's most widely read books.

In 1945, Anne Frank perished at the hands of the Nazis in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, aged just 15 years old.

Marshall, posted a sick joke to his Facebook profile, mocking Anne Frank, writing "Funny at first".

I've included a grab of the posting below.

Marshall attempted to wriggle out of his sick comments in 2009, I'm sure he will try to do the same again in 2012

Sick Joke

Sick Joke

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Butler in hot water ?

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 22 March 2012, 10:03

Eddy Butler

Eddy Butler

We are hearing rumours that Eddy Butler, the ex BNP elections guru spent most of yesterday in a police station in London following an alleged attack on the BNP's London organiser Steve Squire.

According to sources, Butler was charged with actual bodily harm following the incident and has been placed on conditional bail.

He is allegedly not allowed to contact Squire in any way or enter the London Borough of Enfield.

Butler, who unsuccessfully challenged Nick Griffin for the BNP leadership back in 2010 and who was subsequently expelled from the BNP has recently joined the English Democrats.

We will report more as we hear it.

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A Crapper Life

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Sunday, 18 March 2012, 21:36

George Crapper: stud for hire with a bouncy castle thrown in

George Crapper: stud for hire with a bouncy castle thrown in

The latest begging email from the BNP tells me that their London activists are “hard at work” and I could do them a favour by digging deep to ensure they get the £5000 required to ensure their candidate is standing for election to be London Mayor and not attending sex parties, for which he is is most notorious for.

Obviously flogging sex movies and rusty old boats on the internet is not enough to keep London BNP afloat so perhaps they could ask George Crapper to get behind their campaign.

“Gorgeous George” as he prefers to describe himself has been making a nice few bob recently hiring out bouncy castles to unsuspecting families from his home in Sheffield as well as expanding his bourgeoning security and Satanist interests.

Crapper, who unsurprisingly prefers to call himself “George Edwards” was exposed in one of today’s red top newspapers as a failed applicant for Olympic security duties. Despite bragging endlessly to anyone who would listen that he was going to be a security guard at the forthcoming games as recently as last week, Crapper was actually turned down weeks ago when the security firm that was hiring guards ran a check on his activities. Crapper still has a death threat posted to Nick Clegg on his website.

Not only has he worked as a self-appointed security guard for BNP chief Nick Griffin, Crapper has formed his own “Nationalist Security” team and offered his services to the cranky CxF, the self declared neo-Nazi paramilitaries with a penchant for not just threatening to murder the Prime Minister, but also apparently, lifting funds from charities that care for real soldiers (more on that later...!)

Crapper was recently at Nick Griffin’s side during his trips to both Hyde and Heywood wearing a stab vest and a silly grin as he walked behind and beside Griffin.

When he is not at Griffin’s side however, Crapper prefers to trawl the net desperately trying to meet people like him desperate for sex. If they’re really desperate, they can also hire him as a male masseuse or indeed, “escort”. Though be warned, he’s not at all interested in a trip to the movies and a nice meal afterwards.

In one posting we will not show, an aroused Crapper posts a picture of his genitalia on line with the message “ready for action” underneath.

He also moans about women who like to go “Dutch” at dinner or those who may be wanting to chat to him!

His colleagues in the BNP have not responded well to Crapper’s exposure in today’s paper. Paul Telford from BNP security has threatened to “chin him” for embarrassing the “boss” (Griffin). Most are wondering what the response will be from Martin Reynolds, the other sex-swinger and degenerate who is supposed to be Griffin’s personal security guard.

Whatever the response is, they had better get in quick. Judging by the disgusting pic Crapper posts of his genitalia, he won’t be “ready for action” for long.

George Crapper: Male Escort

George Crapper: Male Escort

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Infidel member jailed for threatening hospital staff

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 17 March 2012, 19:37

Shane Martin

Shane Martin

A member of the North East Infidels has been convicted and jailed after he threatened hospital staff at South Tyneside maternity unit.

Shane Martin from Jarrow threatened staff and visitors to the unit after being asked to leave by security.

Armed with a martial arts weapon, Martin attempted to gain access to confront an individual he had had an earlier row with.

Martin, who was drunk at the time of the incident, continued to attempt to gain access, while women who were giving birth could hear his violent antics.

Whilst security staff waited for the police to arrive, Shane Martin made threats to kill them all.

Police attended the maternity unit and recovered a set of nunchucks that Martin had thrown into a bush.

Judge John Milford jailed Martin after hearing he was on bail for offences of criminal damage at the time of the incident.

Martin, of Summerhill, Jarrow, was imprisoned for eight months after he pleaded guilty to having an offensive weapon and threatening behaviour.

The North East Infidels are an EDL splinter formed by John "Snowy" Shaw after a violent fallout with the EDL leadership.

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Paul Weston and Andrew Brons hold secret meeting.

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 17 March 2012, 01:19

Andrew Brons & Paul Weston

Andrew Brons & Paul Weston

It seems Paul Weston, leader of The British Freedom Party has attended a secret meeting with isolated BNP MEP Andrew Brons and former BNP Economic spokesman Andrew Moffat held in a spirit of "Nationalist Unity".

Brons has also recently published a long and rambling article by Weston on his BNP Ideas website.

The MEP has held meetings with a whole host of individuals from a variety of far right organisations including The National Front, The England First Party and the openly Nazi British Peoples Party.

British Freedom under the leadership of Weston formed an alliance with the English Defence League in November last year, with the possibility of EDL activists standing as candidates under the BFP ticket this summer.

It is not clear if EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon is aware of the meeting of minds between Weston and Brons, but it is unlikely to be something Lennon would advocate, following his recent demand that EDL supporters stop carrying BNP placards at the EDL's demo in Hyde just last month.

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Anti-Semitism and Brighton BNP

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 13 March 2012, 01:46

Anti Semites together: Jonathan Hall with Nick Griffin

Anti Semites together: Jonathan Hall with Nick Griffin

Let’s face it, anti Semitism is never too far from the British National Party

Nick Griffin himself received a conviction in 1998 for distributing material likely to incite racial hatred following statements made denying the Holocaust in The Rune, an anti Semitic quarterly of which Griffin was the editor.

During his trial Griffin made the notorious statement: "I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the Earth was flat … I have reached the conclusion that the 'extermination' tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria."

In recent years Griffin has attempted to tone down his hatred of the Jews, with the BNP even having a Jewish councillor, Pat Richardson in Epping Forest to add some weight to the claims that the BNP are no longer anti Semitic.

However, scratch the surface and the hatred will always return.

Jonathan Hall, who until recently was the BNP’s Brighton organiser as well as the West Sussex regional organiser.

Hall quickly became unhappy with how the BNP operate, accusing South East regional organiser Nick Prince of interfering in the running of his Brighton branch.

Hall’s temper quickly boiled over and used Facebook as a way of venting his spleen.

Hall posted “Nick Prince will not have a SE region to manage within two weeks”

He continued “c**ts like Prince and his dirty Jewish greasy fucking hair sneak up on us all”

Finally he added “If Nick Prince doesn’t resign soon I’ll make it my mission to fuck that Jewish greasy prick…..Hitler had a purpose with the Jews, he lost out when hit came you Yid c***ts like Prince. Only shame he didn’t gas his folks and put us out of our troubles”

Soon after Hall resigned as Brighton organiser.

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Anger & Disgust

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 12 March 2012, 12:05

Paul James

Paul James

I don’t get upset very often and at the same time there isn’t much that shocks me anymore.

In the past 24 hours I have experienced both of these emotions and now I am left with two more, anger and disgust.

Having watched on television the horrific scenes from Afghanistan where a U.S. soldier turned “rogue” and slaughtered 16 innocent Afghan civilians, some of which were children deeply upset me, as I am sure it did most of our readers and supporters.

I have young children, and the thought of those murdered, similar in age to my kids made me realise just how lucky I am.

Surely everybody would condemn the killings? These were innocent men, women and children, some of which were under the age of six.

And that’s when the anger and disgust kicked in, members of the EDL and the cranky CXF find the whole disgusting story something to crow about.

Paul James of Liverpool CXF posted just a few hours ago on Facebook “Got to love an American soldier. He had the right idea. An eye for a eye. Time to get a lads home and nuke Afghanistan!”

James, in recent weeks has become very close to the North West Infidels and recently took part in a rooftop protest in Bury with NWI leader John “Snowy” Shaw.

James comments on Facebook were quickly endorsed by Leicester EDL activist Lee Tams.


Tams, who works for Leicester City Council as a road sweeper later wrote


Words fail me, but it is days like this that reaffirm why I strongly believe in Hope not Hate, the words say it all.

Lee Tams

Lee Tams

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The world of trolls, attack dogs and blogs

posted by: Matthew Collins & John P | on: Saturday, 10 March 2012, 20:20

Dalgleish & Griffin: "Fancy a curry later?"

Dalgleish & Griffin: "Fancy a curry later?"

It's been a funny last 24 hours in the world of blogs...

Last night, one particular blog allegedly run by two of London's "finer" BNP members Steve Squire and Bob Taylor, decided to publish a couple of naked pictures of Claudia Dalgleish (she of Nick Griffin "curry shame") and threatened to expose more of her past this evening.

Today, former BNP leadership challenger and now officer of the rival English Democrats Eddy Butler, appeared to have posted a "goodbye I surrender" message on his notorious anti-Griffin blog, before taking all of the content down again.

What's the big deal you may ask? Well, it is alleged that Dalgleish and Butler are involved in a relationship. Butler has certainly led the way in airing not just Dalgleish's allegations against Griffin, but indeed has published no fewer than three other sexual "smears" against leading BNP figures. He's never been sued and has never had to apologise for publishing them, either. He certainly knows where the proverbial bodies in the BNP are buried.

Steve Squire, who is the person allegedly behind the publication of naughty pictures of Ms Dalgleish is of course, the former partner of Ms Dalgleish (she who was also one of the notorious BNP "attackdogs".)

Before becoming such close friends, Butler was quite often the victim of the infamous BNP "attack dogs" who Dalgleish claims acted under the direction of Nick Griffin personally, to launch savage internet attacks on the repuatations of dissenting past and present BNP members.

Squire is not only the London organiser of the BNP, but is also expected to be number one on the GLA list for the BNP in the forthcoming London elections, where he stands a minor chance of being elected.

Butler's supporters are claiming that it is Squire that has broken the law and hacked into Butler's blog to post a message that briefly appeared today in Butler's name. Butler's people believe it is part of a revenge by Squire and on behalf of Nick Griffin himself, given what damage has been done to their reputations (and not to mention their broken hearts) by Dalgleish and Butler.

Later tonight more details will emerge that could put the nail in other coffin for a high profile BNP candidate.

Say what you want about the BNP, but they certainly do not appear to be short on sex, drugs, blogsites, rude pictures, different names, stalkers, law breakers etc, etc.

The BNP "attack dogs" seem to have rabies. I believe the police are investigating.

John P blogs here:http://www.anti-fascists-online.com/2012/03/world-of-trolls-attack-dogs-and-blogs.html

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The fascists are feeling our heat

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 10 March 2012, 12:15

Jones: Definitely not a stereotypical  Nutzi

Jones: Definitely not a stereotypical Nutzi

It’s been a busy few weeks for assorted British Nazis, some of whom look like they’re going to be assaulted British Nazis before long.

In February we had the wife of Patrick Harrington, “Mish Bondage” up in court against MEP Andrew Brons citing of all things, religious discrimination in an employment case which one suspects, has more than a little to do with the BNP’s internal feuding.

This was followed by news that Nick Griffin’s former consiglieri Jim Dowson, normally found outside of family planning clinics handing out vile leaflets to pregnant women, was going to join the fray and back a Belfast businessman charged with blackmail after alleged “Loyalists” threatened Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP over £50,000 he allegedly owes. The two former best buddies could even face-off in a Carlisle court as early as next Monday!

In financial desperation, Griffin dropped the BNP’s laughable proscription of the EDL the morning that both groups found themselves in Hyde on the same day in late February. Unmoved by Griffin’s cry for help, the EDL leader “Tommy Robinson” responded by removing all BNP flags and placards from his march. He was not amused.

If Griffin looked a little down in Hyde, he tried to liven things up by declaring himself as the “head of a liberating army” as he went to Heywood just up the road, to surround himself with young children. He availed himself and the people of Heywood to the dubious charms of Adam Walker while he was at it.

If Griffin looked a little more morose than usual it probably had a little to do with him refusing to talk to various newspapers who rang him during the day looking for a comment about the way Griffin likes to polish off a lamb Madras. We all found out the next day exactly how he does that, and half the country spat out its collective breakfast.

As Griffin stoically refused to comment on the story, his loyal lap dog Simon Darby went into overdrive to deflect the embarrassment by blogging relentlessly instead about how many cheap meals he manages to make for himself, curry was strangely off the menu.

Not to be outdone “Tin pot” Tommy Robinson (that’s not his real name by the way Channel Four) got himself filmed whilst drunk on television threatening to kill people while extolling his admiration for the Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. Griffin finally tweeted to say he would never get drunk on TV, even if he does abuse a friendly curry in a car park in Kent.

We’ve long known that the BNP & EDL were violent lunatics just waiting for a race war to ignite, but so too are the fringes of the far right. The tiny BPP got the hump with us when one of their number had his doors kicked in by armed police after we showed a photograph of him, their candidate in the forthcoming elections, standing under a swastika flag holding a rifle.

We then proudly published a report into the real danger of far right violence From Voting to Violence? Far right extremism in Britain. Written by Dr Matthew Goodwin and Professor Jocelyn Evans. This research really goes a long way to help us understand the motivations and views of far right supporters.

In what was a busy week for us, this came only a few days after the launch of our new magazine, full of investigations and analysis and an excellent exposé of the BNP’s secretive Trafalgar Club.

Just to continue our rather excellent few weeks, we side stepped the jingoism surrounding the BNP’s proposed London Mayor candidate Carlos Cortiglia’s alleged views on the future of the Falkland Islands, and instead exposed him as another naughty boy, indulging in adult activities. How very unBritish..... And believe me, we kept it as tasteful as we could.

In between that, we have to apologise for not mentioning that the NF managed only 3 votes (three!) in an election for Leigh-on-Sea Town Council or how despite running around with a swastika and rifle, “Desperate” Dave Jones of the BPP responded to having his house raided by the police by putting out a leaflet in Todmorden where he beautifully captured the fall-out from his activities by declaring “You see I am not playing up to the stereotype of right wing nationalists”. I suppose that is true, the last time a BPP member had his doors kicked in it was in a search of child pornography.

The BNP has fought back a little. Simon Darby has made light of our report into far right thuggery and says he will “Get that chef and choke the life out of him” in you guessed it, a blog about his stomach. This was something of a light moment in the lives of the under attack BNP, publishing pornographic pictures of a certain woman who “shared” a curry with Nick Griffin, their other trick, could be one BNP missile that comes back twice as hard and damaging.

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BNP Mayoral Candidate in Sex Scandal

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 9 March 2012, 12:57

Carlos Cortiglia

Carlos Cortiglia

Now is not a good time for secrets if you’re in the BNP. If you are in the BNP still, consider yourself as at the bottom of the barrel. And that proverbial barrel is being well and truly scraped.

For a good few years now the BNP has been able to keep Carlos Cortiglia at arm’s length. He’s bubbled along quite nicely in the background. A bilingual broadcaster who used to work for the Uruguayan government, Carlos has bided his time in the party while others seemingly less qualified or talented were groomed before him for front-of-camera cameos and electoral humiliations.

Now it is Carlos’s turn for the big time. It seems he is the BNP’s preferred sort of ‘Johnny Foreigner’ and once Nick Griffin has anointed you one of his chosen people the sun will shine upon you for a good fifteen minutes. Carlos has been prepped for the best part of a year to be the BNP’s candidate in the forthcoming Mayoral elections. It’s a tricky dilemma one might think; in days gone by, Carlos Cortiglia would’ve been on some kind of BNP sponsored “cruise” ship out of the country if they could have had their way. But these days the BNP have to take what they can get, and Cortiglia does not seem too bothered about being in a party full of race haters. He joins a select few of what one BNP official once described as their “favourite wogs”.

The BNP even hoped that their selection of Cortiglia would win them some much needed publicity, but we’re guessing it’s not the sort of publicity they are about to actually get.

Cortiglia is noted for his previously expressed opinions about the Falklands conflict. Indeed, it’s even alleged that Cortiglia offered to fight for Argentina against Britain during the Falkland’s War in 1982. What with it being the thirtieth anniversary of the conflict this year, it was always going to throw up controversy and adverse publicity of some kind even if Cortiglia claims that this story is the result of some poor translation of his old comments. Griffin it seems was none too bothered about Cortiglia’s alleged ‘treachery’ and Carlos Cortiglia has been getting on with his preparations unmolested by jingoism and flag burning.

Until now! Something has gone wrong and Carlos is now feeling the heat. In BNP land the leadership has found themselves in a bit of a flap and Carlos has been feeling the heat. Journalists have been sniffing around and it is not about Cortiglia’s alleged promise to face off with 3 Para at Goose Green.

Cortiglia posted a large volume of messages to “Adult” groups on what was known originally as Usenet and what was eventually taken over by Google Groups. Among the groups frequented by Cortiglia were several involving Swinging. A few postings were made in his own name; most were made using some of his old email addresses. If you cross match the various postings it becomes clear that they are all made by the same person.

As ever, it’s sex. Carlos who uses the nickname “Kiska” was not just an alleged gun for hire, he was a stud for hire - advertising his wares and his body on the internet for anyone interested.

It appears that some in the BNP have got wind of all this and apparently in Nick Griffin’s BNP, that’s just not British.

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Redbird has wings!!

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 7 March 2012, 23:25



Few people on the HNH team manage to blag their way into as many gigs, football matches, book launches, kebab shops and wine tastings as my colleague Matthew Collins!

Today a parcel arrived at the office for him while he's been in Italy working on a story. Naturally we opened the parcel in his absence and a very pleasant surprise for us it was too.

Those of us lucky enough to catch the Billy Bragg gig in Manchester last year for Hope Not Hate were mesmerised by a rare appearance over this side of the Irish Sea by Briana Corrigan-the former singer with The Beautiful South (she sung on their number one song 'A Little Time'.)

Briana has the sort of voice that when you hear her sing, you just naturally freeze in awe. Is it pop-opera, is it country-folk, or a bit of all of the above and a little more?

It’s all of the above, actually. To see a copy of her new album meant that we just had to give it a play and of course text Matthew to say we're going to give it away on our Facebook page, because there are plenty people more deserving of a chance to own this album than him!

Briana's new album "Redbird" is crisp and emotional, melodic and haunting in places. Briana is political, too; A genuine antidote to manufactured and commercial personality.

"Redbird" has an intelligent, adult passion. Briana lit up the Manchester Academy all too briefly for us last year, lending her voice to our campaign while she was working away on "Redbird". Having heard some brief excerpts in Manchester, we knew it would be worth the wait.

So thanks once again to Briana for supporting our campaign, and thank you for your beautiful songs. "13 Wonderful Love Songs" which opens "Redbird" will probably end up being the soundtrack to one of our videos during this year's campaign against the fascists.

You can have a wee listen to it and a free download here

Let’s hope we get to see more of Briana on tour over here too as soon as possible.

Briana at the HNH gig in Manchester last year

Briana at the HNH gig in Manchester last year

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Evening All !!

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 6 March 2012, 09:36

Evening All !!

This copper has been a bit of a naughty lad.

To find out what he has been up to get a copy of the new HOPE not hate magazine



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Marriage of convenience and hatred.

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 6 March 2012, 02:37

Watmough (Glasses) in Heywood at the weekend

Watmough (Glasses) in Heywood at the weekend

When John “Snowy” Shaw, leader of the North West Infidels recently revealed he and his tin pot organisation would be prepared to work with any group of “patriots” he set the bar really low.

This weekend saw The Infidels return to Heywood, Rochdale to support a demonstration against alleged paedophiles called by their new found friends The National Front.

But the NF weren’t the only chums that met up with Snowy at the weekend.

Snowy has found a new ally in Kevin Watmough, veteran Neo Nazi and operator of the Redwatch website.

Redwatch publishes photographs of, and personal information about, alleged far left and anti-fascist activists. It typically targets activists in political parties, trade unions and the media. Some people appearing on the site have been victims of violence and intimidation.

Watmough has been an active Nazi since the age of 14 and has been a member of just about every far right outfit to have existed in the UK.

He now runs the miniscule British Peoples Party along with the rather odd Todmorden hillbilly Dave Jones.

Watmough was close to the convicted Nazi terrorist and paedophile Martyn Gilleard who was jailed in 2008 after nail bombs were found under his bed in Goole, East Yorkshire. Gilleard was sentenced to 11 years for terrorism offences and five years following the discovery of 39,000 indecent images of children at his flat. Gilleard was the Goole organiser for Watmough’s BPP.

Quite what Snowy hopes to gain from Watmough isn’t clear as he has very little to offer, but Watmough will see the Infidels as potential recruits into the ranks of his dying political party.

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Dj Vu in Staffordshire

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Sunday, 4 March 2012, 16:05

Shaun Grimsley

Shaun Grimsley

I’ve never been to Cannock in the West Midlands, but it’s a place I feel I know well.

I have written about the local BNP group previously and now déjà vu appears to have returned to the Staffordshire town.

Alwyn Deacon, the West Midlands BNP organiser has announced that the organiser for the area, Bill Vaughan has had to stand down due to ill health.

Deacon then went onto drop the proverbial bombshell; the new Cannock organiser is a rather familiar face to Hope not Hate, Shaun Grimsley.

Grimsley is an unabashed Neo Nazi, a fact that Alwyn Deacon knows only too well, yet perhaps in desperation, he still appointed Grimsley the organiser for the town.

When Deacon was the landlord of a rather grotty pub in Nuneaton called Eliots Bistro back in 2009, I wrote about how Eliots Bistro hosted a social event by the violent and self-styled British Freedom Fighters (BFF).

The leader of the BFF, Mike Heaton, who attended the Nuneaton shindig, was later jailed in 2010 for calling for Jews to be killed on a Nazi internet forum.

Embarrassingly for Deacon, photographs were taken of the drunken BFF event which showed members of the BFF giving Nazi salutes outside his licensed premises. The incident caused some anger among BNP organisers in the West Midlands and at least one, Chris Turner of Coventry, resigned his position because of it.

Shaun Grimsley, who attended the social was the West Midlands commander of the British Freedom Fighters along with being a member of the National Front and associated with Blood and Honour, the Nazi skinhead organisation.

Having previously stood as a BNP candidate, Grimsley also has links to the English Defence League and post such delights on his Facebook page as “Hail the British Freedom Fighters, I am a Nazi HAHAHAHAHAHA 88 red scum”. The number 88 is in reference to the numerical position in the alphabet of "HH" – Heil Hitler.

Commenting about Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s failed deputy, Grimsley has written that Hess is “The man I most admire ever”.

When one of his friends made a lengthy posting about the London nail bomber David Copeland, who killed three innocent people including a pregnant woman and injured 129 others, Grimsley left the chilling note “Hero 88”.

With the BNP haemorrhaging members at a rate of knots there seems little doubt that the leadership of Nick Griffin are having to scrape the barrel when it comes to appointing new local organisers.

BFF Nazi salute outside Deacon's pub

BFF Nazi salute outside Deacon's pub

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Return of the Nazi postman

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 3 March 2012, 20:30

Pont: delivering Nazism and tea bags to a door near you in Sheffield

Pont: delivering Nazism and tea bags to a door near you in Sheffield

Few people can forget the gormless former Sheffield postman Jordan Pont, who was sacked from his job last year after ringing BBC radio from work to moan about immigration etc, etc. You know, usual Nazi stuff.

Then came a breakdown in his budding bromance with Adam Walker, the BNP's "party manager" and Pont did not hang around any longer. Jordan went off the rails, joined the National Front and the British Movement (where for some reason the 23-year old is leader of their Youth Wing, "Young Wolf") and recently secured himself a job driving for the supermarket chain ASDA.

Pont was one of the people behind today's NF protest in Heywood, Rochdale where three people were arrested including one for a suspected racially aggravated offence.

Pont is a strange one; his late night Facebook chats with women reveal a rather brutal, disturbing and childish attitude to sex. Most of this is probably driven by his Nazism which since joining the NF, he no longer has to hide. Pont is currently having a massive tattoo of Rudolph Hess inked on his back according to one boast he recently made on one forum, but most people think it is probably a lie, like his boasts about his sexual prowess. Most of what Pont likes to boast about cannot reprinted here.

He's now planning to stand for council in Ecclesfield, Sheffield

We'll be passing a file of Pont's activities to his new employers. We hardly think ASDA will want a hard line neo-Nazi delivering their shopping to its customers.

Chums: Pont's new chums like lager and Hitler

Chums: Pont's new chums like lager and Hitler

NF in Heywood: Not a brain cell between them

NF in Heywood: Not a brain cell between them

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What's the secret, Chris?

posted by: Sam King | on: Friday, 2 March 2012, 00:24

Barnett:Full of bright ideas.

Barnett:Full of bright ideas.

The BNP's IT "specialist" Chris Barnett is a nervous type. Barnett has taken to warning his racial colleagues in the BNP to be careful "if you have to threaten HNH"!

Chris has been on the Facebook page of Pete "not looking for work" Molloy to warn him as much. "You don't want them knowing your IP address or even your IP range" he warns.

Surely he was not suggesting that the mountains of racist bile posted on our blog comments could be being posted by careless BNP members anonymously, is he?

Chris has been a secretive sort ever since he started doing business in Stockport. He's gone to all kinds of lengths to protect his anonymity, something that we have never been too bothered about.

Despite wanting to appear flash, suave and aloof, rumour has it that Chris has not paid the council tax on his "mansion" in Highmoor in Wigton, Cumbria.

Hardly the sort of person one would take any advice from. That's If that really is the case, eh Chris?

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BNP lose another councillor

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 1 March 2012, 23:24

Lewis Allsebrook

Lewis Allsebrook

The British National Party have lost one of the few councillors they have remaining.

Lewis Allsebrook who represented the BNP on Amber Valley council announced his resignation on his blog claiming he was "No longer hampered by the crazy ideological sensitivities of the British National Party, who refuse to take inspiration from anywhere but their own shallow pool of members."

He continues " I along with a sizable group of local patriots have decided to leave the shambolic local British National Party and search for a new political home."

Allsebrook was also the BNP's Councillor Representative, taking the position following Nick Griffin's failed attempt to promote his son in law, Angus Matthys to the position.

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