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Pete Molloy: Hypocrite

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 29 February 2012, 23:44

Molloy: He's a little average, to be honest.

Molloy: He's a little average, to be honest.

Pete Molloy, BNP activist from Spennymoor in the North East would probably like to be described as a political animal. I prefer to call him a hypocrite.

Molloy, self styled leader of the BNP front organisation The British Veterans Group is happily married with kids to fellow BNP activist Amanda Molloy nee Foster, however things haven’t always gone so well for him in the past.

Originally from Liverpool, ex soldier Molloy got into a bitter dispute with his first wife over access to his children from their earlier marriage.

The legal wrangling got so bad it was to lead to Molloy becoming an activist with the Fathers 4 Justice pressure group, a fathers’ rights organisation well known for its series of high-visibility stunts and protests often in costume.

Writing about his involvement with Fathers 4 Justice on the BNP website, Molloy reveals he is the “architect” of the British National Party’s White Paper on family policy entitled “Promoting the Traditional Family Unit”.

Molloy, a loyal supporter of BNP chairman Nick Griffin hasn’t always been too keen on the BNP.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo about F4J in 2004, Molloy said “The last thing we want is people infiltrating our group to be violent. We've been highlighted on a BNP website which is not the sort of publicity we want to attract and we have contacted the police about it, as that's not what we're about. We don't want to win this campaign by any means necessary; we don't need mavericks coming along.”

Molloy, who received a conviction for aggravated trespass in 2004 following a F4J protest on a Liverpool police station roof, is also close friends of disgraced teacher Mark Walker who was the subject of an enquiry by the NSPCC in 2008 that uncovered a large number of emails indicating a sexual relationship with a former pupil. Walker was suspended from his job following allegations that he and a colleague had accessed adult pornography during the school day using school equipment.

Maybe Pete Molloy needs to ask his friend Mark Walker about the “Traditional Family Unit” ?

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And then there was calm

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 25 February 2012, 21:00

Balti or Bhuna ?

Balti or Bhuna ?

We hope it holds, but so far so good. Despite the best efforts of the far-right, there is calm this evening in Greater Manchester. Griffin and Lennon, a double act of windy hate, tried their best to antagonise British Muslims but they have not been sucked into the the back pockets of the profiteers of hate.

For Nick Griffin and his BNP, today was a particularly bad day. Despite lifting his party's (now laughable and pointless) proscription of the EDL, it seems that EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon was far from impressed. No sooner had Griffin and his sheep departed Hyde, Lennon was ordering that BNP flags be removed from his own demonstration that followed. Lennon obviously knows which way his bread is buttered.

If I were a cynic, I would probably suggest that Griffin's attempts to grab grave headlines for his party's actions may in some way be connected to a completely different headline of sorts due out tomorrow.

Sadly, the story is embargoed until publication, but all I will say is Mr Griffin, that is no way to appreciate a curry.... If you really need to know more, you'll do well to grab a copy of tomorrow's Daily Star on Sunday, hold your nose and grab a sick bag.

For the Infidels, it would appear another job well done. Someone is most certainly getting full value from whatever it costs to get them constantly hemmed in and humiliated wherever they go. It was Glasgow's turn today to watch another first class failure for the "crack" squad.

So, let's hope that this peace tonight holds. Only fascists can profit from division and violence.

How Griffin will try and explain his way out of tomorrow's newspaper story is going to be interesting!

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Tubby Nutzi spotted in Heywood

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 25 February 2012, 16:49

Griffin: If you tolerate him, then your children will be next

Griffin: If you tolerate him, then your children will be next

Having had a depressing morning in Hyde, where the EDL's tin-pot Fuhrer Tommy Robinson as good as told him to piss off, the desperate Nick Griffin has turned up in Heywood, Rochdale the scene of tensions the other evening.

Griffin has described himself as the head of some kind of "liberating army!" on twitter. I kid you not. He could not insult the memory of Britain's dead more if he tried for a thousand years.

I will suggest this, that in his vile quest to start a race war, he is worryingly more like the Pied Piper if Hamlin.

His bankrupt party has surrounded itself with children too young to even vote. Perhaps he wants their pocket money?

Here he is, poisoning the minds of young people with racism.

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Griffin has a whopper and Adam is just shamless!

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 25 February 2012, 13:44

Adam Walker speaks and casually forgets about his forthcoming trial for trying to attack kids !

Adam Walker speaks and casually forgets about his forthcoming trial for trying to attack kids !

You have to laugh. The BNP claims on their website that there were 300 people at their Hyde demo. A whopping lie is the first trick you have to learn in the BNP. Lies about housing, lies about immigration, lies about finances...

Adam Walker said a few words about white kids being being up too. Adam currently faces criminal charges. You'll never guess what for and what colour they are?

A thousand glass houses just shattered..

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Griffin falls flat

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 25 February 2012, 12:32

Despite his big talk and blogging over the last couple of days, a rather tired looking Nick Grififn has just finished a very low key speech to fifty BNP supporters.

Griffin played down some of his more outrageous rhetoric of the last few days. Apparently he has been warned that if his speech over steps the mark today, he'll be arrested on the spot. There's not enough people around to protect him from that.

The BNP looked very deflated by their turn out.

About 150 EDL now in town.

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Glasgow today

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 25 February 2012, 11:25

Infidels: aka the "crack squad"

Infidels: aka the "crack squad"

The naughty nutty neo-Nutzis of the Infidels are on their way to Glasgow.

Pure class, this mob. Here is Shane Calvert and friends.

I hear the "crack squad" as everyone calls the Infidels will be given a (not) nice Celtic welcome when they finally arrive.

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Not looking good for the BNP...

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 25 February 2012, 11:17

BNP: Only the support act these days

BNP: Only the support act these days

The BNP have already forgotten about Daniel Stringer and are continuing with baiting the Muslim community with ridiculous allegations against the Muslim community. There is a very poor turn out apparently. Less than 50 BNP!

In desperation, Griffin has this morning lifted his proscription of the EDL. Will he turn up later to share a platform with Tommy? The EDL seem to be the headline act these days.

Instead of joining his dwindling troops, Griffn is out and about in the rest of Hyde trying to convince people to come to his rally.

BNP look really quite down beat.

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Breath test this protest

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 25 February 2012, 10:16

EDL: making plans for more drunken violence

EDL: making plans for more drunken violence

The EDL coach has not long left Newcastle bound for Hyde. Seems they have had to take the whole region on one coach and not in lots of separate coaches like in their "prime" when they could muster six whole coaches of piss heads, hooligans and drug dealers.

First thing onto the coch was of course, lots and lots of alcohol.

Here they are a little after 0900hrs this morning, some already with beers in their hands.

Their mothers must be so proud if them. Their probation officers surely aren't.

Hyde is very quiet, but there are lots of police about. A few local youths are hanging around but have of yet not joined the few BNP in the market area. There's about 40 BNP there, being marshalled by Clive "Rodney" Jefferson.

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Of lies damn lies, and paedophiles

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 24 February 2012, 21:21

Griffin: If you tolerate him, then your children will be next

Griffin: If you tolerate him, then your children will be next

Tomorrow, it is likely that more than a few hundred far right extremists will try to descend on Hyde, a borough of Tameside in Greater Manchester, to protest about what they claim is some kind of agenda by Britain's Muslim community to carry out some sort of "genocide" against "native Britons".

In the old currency, that is "Pakis", beating up whites. No one is actually denying that there are white victims of racially motivated assaults. Some may shy away from it, but we at Hope Not Hate never have. It would be detrimental to our aims and long term goal of defeating all forms of fascism and racism.

We have always condemned all forms of racism, violence and extremism as do all rightfully minded people, regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity; that is regardless too of the race, religion or ethnicity of the extremists. It is what decent people do.

What stirred tomorrow's protest was the absolutely abhorrent attack on local teenager Daniel Stringer. It was a wicked and cowardly attack. Within hours of the attack, racists and fascists from all across the country were up on their bar stools frothing at their mouths. None more so than the Cash-Hungry Hun that is the leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin.

Plans were made and drawn by Griffin and co to get their white steeds over to Hyde to "protect" those "decent white folk". Members of the Muslim community meanwhile, offered to help catch whoever was responsible for the attack on Stringer. They offered support to both the police and to the family, to help find the violent cowards. That is what decent people do.

Not only is Griffin planning to descend on Hyde tomorrow, so too is Britain's other tin-pot Dictator, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, apparently. "Tommy" as he prefers to be known, is the criminal leader of the racist gang that defiles both this country's national flag and this country's written and spoken word, the English Defene League (EDL).

Both the BNP and the EDL are running Facebook groups about Daniel Stringer's attack. They even went as far as to stop Daniel's Mother and brother posting on the pages to tell them to please stay away from Hyde. Tomorrow will not be about Daniel Stringer at all.

It will be about a "race war" or a "religious war" as both the BNP and the EDL like to describe their plans for this country. Both claim to be the protectors of the Christian faith. You will remember as much if you can cast your mind back to the BNP standing outside of a school gate intimidating teachers, children and parents last November. They are going to Hyde to enflame the situation.

Last night, Griffin's chubby little fingers were tweeting away excitedly about the events in Heywood, Rochdale. Apparently, he had warned that this would happen. He's been warning and threatening that there would be some kind of race war in this country since he was in shorts. It wasn't actually a race war at all. The events were very disturbing, unpleasant and very worrying, but there was not the sort of mass rioting that the BNP wished for. Griffin even tweeted that he had heard the same thing was happening in Oldham. It was not. Was it a wishful lie? Probably.

In Griffin's political career, it is fair to say that first he went for the Jews, then he went for the blacks, then he went for the Gays, then he went for the Asians, then the Poles and now he goes for the Muslims. He has not let up on any of the other groups in the meantime, however. His tiny, moronic party hates them all equally.

For the past few years it has been very profitable for right wing extremists and sections of the media to attack Muslims. It's populist and it is profitable. Griffin either cannot decide how this "civil war" (as he now calls it) will now happen, but he appears absolutely desperate to make it happen. The plight of poor Daniel Stringer, like that of Emma West and their problems and their fates are all expedient.

Both the BNP and the EDL accuse Muslims of being paedophiles. Yep, all of them. The BNP and EDL just cannot separate one bad Muslim from millions of ordinary Muslims. Paedophiles and terrorists, actually, All of them. The events in Heywood last night were in relation to an appalling, high profile paedophile case being heard in Liverpool at the moment. The shop owners that were attacked have no connection to the alleged paedophile ring, other than like the accused in Liverpool, the owners of the shops attacked are Muslims. Racism and rumour spread like disease. The disease in question in fascism!

When BNP members are involved in terrorism, the BNP merely claims that they were not responsible for that person's actions. How convenient! They've even had a senior member describe rape as "like force feeding a woman chocolate cake".

Like Daniel Stringer, the victims of paedophilia mean absolutely nothing to the BNP and the EDL if they cannot start a fight and try and start a pogrom in their name.

Paedophilia is a vile and disgusting crime against children. Why the BNP do not turn up at the cases of the hundreds of white paedophiles in courts yearly is a mystery. It is a further mystery that the BNP never turns up at the court cases or the indeed the homes of the numerous paedophiles that have been in their party. They do not even mention it!

And as for the EDL, the organisation was not even a year old when it was uncovered that one of its founder members was a paedophile.

So, here is a little list of paedophiles, rapists and other people you wouldn't want near your kids that we actually know about, who have associations with the BNP and EDL.

I condemn them all. As all decent people should.

Richard Price EDL


Nigel Hesmondhalgh BNP

Darren Francis BNP

Gavin Leist BNP

Robert Bennett BNP

A leading activist in Oldham BNP during the 2002 elections campaign, Bennett has served five years in prison for the gang rape of a woman. He has also served seven years for armed robbery and has over 30 convictions in total.

Roderick Rowley BNP
A former soldier and election candidate for the fascist British National
Party in the Midlands has been jailed for 15 months after sending
obscene images involving children to others.

Roderick Rowley (51), previously from Coventry, was also ordered to
register as a sex offender for ten years after admitting at Birmingham
Crown Court 14 charges of making indecent photos, four of distributing
them and one charge of possessing an image for distribution.

Mark Walker BNP

Ian Richard Hindle and Andrew Paul Wells BNP

Ellis Hammond BNP
Downloading Child Pornography, 3 year community sentence , name on sex offenders register for 5 years. Disqualified for life from working with under 18's Searchlight No 413 -P24 Wood Green Crown Court 2009 Oct-09

Jon Venables BNP Supporter

Kevin Strom (Friend of Nick Griffin)

Martyn Gilleard BNP

Brett Moses EDL

Michael Coates EDL


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Police must act on last night's trouble

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 24 February 2012, 11:11

News this morning that Greater Manchester Police are stepping up patrols around Asian takeaways in Rochdale is a disturbing sign of the times.

Two Asian business premises were attacked last night, cars damaged and a police officer hurt after groups of people took to the streets for some kind of vigilante action against what they believed to be paedophile gang currently at the centre of a trial being heard in Liverpool.

The premises that were attacked have absolutely nothing to do with the court case, as was widely reported, but it did not stop attacks targeted against innocent, hard working people.

Throughout yesterday evening, fascists all over this country gleefully tweeted about the events, exaggerating the events in most cases, but still with reckless joy about what was happening.

Most of what was tweeted will certainly be actionable, much of it most certainly should be seen as incitement.

The BNP obviously seem very happy with the events.

We await the same action against these people that people in London and elsewhere faced last year.

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Disturbing reports coming through

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Thursday, 23 February 2012, 22:29

Things are a little sketchy, but it does appear that there have been what the Greater Manchester Police are describing as "minor disturbances" in Rochdale tonight.

The trouble would appear to be centred around a take away shop that people are alleging (wrongly) has some sort of connection with a court case currently being heard.

Sadly, certain morons from the BNP and the "Infidels", are desperately trying to escalate the situation.

Let us hope that Greater Manchester Police are monitoring the vile idiots intent on stirring up this trouble.

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Weston in North America

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Thursday, 23 February 2012, 11:46

The former UKIP candidate Paul Weston who now leads the EDL’s political front the British Freedom Party (BFP), has been on his travels.

He’s been in North America, discussing the wait for it…“threat of Islam”. Weston follows a long line of leaders’ from miniscule British political parties to travel to the US. Normally however, it is the “threat of the Jews” us “Brits” like to warn the North Americans about. Times they are a changing, obviously.

Weston has been lauded since his arrival by the likes of the “International Free Press Society” which is not a particularly high brow initiative. The “Free Press” bit is some sort of evangelical code for “Muslim Free”, allegedly.

Weston is apparently “spreading the message” that “freedom is on the march” in Europe. The North Americans will surely love that, though surely in the case of the BFP’s footsoldiers of the English Defence League it would be a little more honest to actually say “alcoholic Nutzis are smashing up shopping centres”.

But let us not quibble. Weston, who lives in a very fancy house in central London is delivering his message and his fan club is very hopeful that he will in some way, be compared to his political mentor Geert Wilders, the nauseating leader of the Dutch Freedom party.

Treading in EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s perfectly formed but rather small footprints, Weston found himself on Michael Coren’s Sun Television comparing Bangladeshi Muslims to Nazis.

While Weston was extolling the virtues of the British far-right and of course bemoaning the “climate of fear and censorship” that is in his eyes, Islam, one does wonder who was looking after his alleged business interests in Asia.

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Is Andrew Brons all washed up ?

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 21 February 2012, 02:34

Andrew Brons

Andrew Brons

On a cold Saturday afternoon earlier this month, the dregs of various racist groups met up under the banner of “Nationalist Unity”

Hosted by the miniscule Democratic Nationalists group, the meeting took place in a seedy pub in a suburb of Bradford and brought together representatives from some of Britain’s worst racist organisations.

The main speaker was the increasingly isolated Andrew Brons, whose reputation within the BNP appears to be nose-diving on a daily basis and needs all the friends he can muster.

Sharing a platform with Brons was the very strange and slightly unstable Dave Jones of the Neo Nazi British Peoples Party. This is the same Dave Jones who likes to be photographed with swastikas and firearms on his near derelict farm on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border.

Another interesting guest was one of the few remaining BNP councillors, Brian Parker from Pendle. Parker’s attendance at the meeting will surely irk his party chairman Nick Griffin.

Speaking on the day was former BNP councillor Dr James Lewthwaite, who is now leader of the inconsequential Democratic Nationalists. Lewthwaite was exposed several years ago as the publisher of books glorifying Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Also attending the meeting were members of The National Front, British Movement, England First Party and Jeremy Bedford-Turner of the Iona London Forum. Bedford-Turner is a leading member of the New Right network and is also a leading figure in the Friends of Oswald Mosley group.

Two familiar faces who were due to attend but thought better of it at the last moment was veteran anti Semite Richard Edmonds now of the National Front and ex North East BNP organiser Ken Booth.

Once seen as a credible alternative to Nick Griffin as leader of the BNP, Brons is quickly becoming a laughing stock on Britain’s Far Right.

Dave Jones: Strange & Unstable

Dave Jones: Strange & Unstable

James Lewthwaite:Nazi book publisher

James Lewthwaite:Nazi book publisher

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Leave this family alone

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 18 February 2012, 11:06

First Request

First Request

The family of Hyde teenager Daniel Stringer have made a desperate plea to be left alone by racists.

The teenager was brutally attacked by eight Asian men earlier this month.

A facebook page was immediately set up by people linked to the EDL and the BNP and a series of threatening and racist comments made on that page directed at the Muslim community. This is despite Daniel's Mother thanking the local Muslim community for their support.

Next weekend, a rag tag collection of far-right racists are planning to descend on Hyde to stir up racist tensions using Daniel's name in their quest for a large scale racist confrontation.

Daniel's brother and his mother have both tried to leave messages on the facebook page asking that people desist from plans for confrontation. Unsurprisingly, these comments do not appear to have been allowed on the page.

The family are now complaining that they are feeling harrased and threatended. They have been asked by Greater Manchester Police to try to defuse the situation. The racists unsurprisingly, are just not listening.

If they had any sense of what is right in a situation like this, the racists and the fascists of the BNP and the EDL would respect the wishes of the family and leave them alone.

Still trying

Still trying

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Tommy's Irish problem

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 18 February 2012, 10:36

For their next trick; the Scottish, the Welsh and the Cornish?

For their next trick; the Scottish, the Welsh and the Cornish?

Would the EDL deport Tommy's mummy?

How many times have we heard that Stephen Yaxley Lennon the EDL leader who hides behind the name Tommy Robinson, is proud of his Irish heritage?

I think it is something like 745 times.

He and his cousin Kevin Carroll used to always bang on about being the children of migrants. "How can I be a racist?" big Kev would ask incredulously. "Me and Tommy are the children of Irish immigrants."

In another case of the EDL's growing "English" problem, The EDL has now decided that it would like to deport all of the Irish from Britain. No excuses, they're all going back! And this is not racism, either. No of course not.

Because the "RA" (that's how kids in the know shorten IRA) wants "Brits out of Ireland" the EDL says it now wants all of this Irish out of Britain. Apparently, not even the "good" ones like my parents or even Tommy's parents can stay here, either. They're outta here....!

Of course, some of this stupidity will boil over today in Liverpool where there is a memorial march by members and supporters of the Irish community in Britain.

It's like living in the 1980's just lately...

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EDL plan violent assault on Ajax fans

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 17 February 2012, 21:27

EDL: making plans for more violence

EDL: making plans for more violence

Few people will ever forget the scenes in Amsterdam back in October 2010. The mighty EDL were chased out of town and humiliated by Dutch antifascists and a gang drawn from supporters of the Ajax football club.

Tommy and his gang were in town to throw their weight around at an international rally where Robinson was billed to be the main speaker.

The decision by Tommy Robinson and co to hide behind a gang of thugs linked to Ajax's hated rivals Feyenoord was the catalyst for the Ajax fans to get involved.

Despite promises by some 200 English supporters of the EDL to attend, only sixty people from across Europe finally made it to the disastrous rally. A small group of about a dozen EDL got too drunk the night before to get out of bed the next morning. This left Tommy with only a minibus load of his nearest and dearest.

Now it seems the EDL are planning revenge. Ajax of Amsterdam are due in Manchester on the 23rd of this month for the return leg of their Europa Cup tie against Manchester United.

The EDL are now asking their supporters to go to Manchester and "extened the same courtesy" to Ajax fans.

No doubt this would mean the drunken idiots attacking as many young children as they can.

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Infidels threaten Liverpool Occupy

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 17 February 2012, 14:55

The North West Infidels are once again threatening to attack the Occupy protesters, this time in Liverpool.

The Infidels, a splinter group of the English Defence League intend to hold a counter protest tomorrow in the city to oppose an Irish Republican march that is due to take place.

On the NWI Liverpool and Wirral Facebook page, the Infidels threaten to " actively engage " with the Occupy protesters "once the IRA had been dealt with"

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Griffin & Brons in court.

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 16 February 2012, 16:11

Michelle Harrington (Sunglasses)

Michelle Harrington (Sunglasses)

Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP has been called to give evidence in the employment tribunal between his fellow MEP Andrew Brons and an employee Michelle Harrington.

Harrington has accused Brons of sexual and religious discrimination along with unfair dismissal whilst she worked as an assistant to Andrew Brons and was based at an office in Edinburgh.

Harrington also known as her alter ego, Mish Bondage is the lead vocalist in the US Punk band Sado-Nation.She is also the wife of Patrick Harrington, general secretary of the fake trade union Solidarity.

Harrington represented his wife in court, claiming she had been a victim of internet abuse by anonymous bloggers whilst a BNP employee.

He spoke of his wife's deteriorating health, claiming she suffered from “very severe stomach conditions, asthma and various other conditions affected by stress.”

Harrington said his wife had been the victim of “a public campaign of hatred when she was just doing her job and had been described in one blog post as “a foreign bondage freak with contradicting decency and brutish values”.

Another had described her as a “reprehensible woman of no worth and a degenerative”.

Patrick Harrington attempted in court to obtain a ruling so that his wife's identity would not be reported, however, Brons' legal representative opposed reporting restrictions, describing the Harringtons’ argument as “weak” and claiming: “Much of the allegations and evidence is in the public domain already.”

Michelle Harrington is also bringing the case against the BNP’s former national elections officer, Eddy Butler, claiming sexual and religious discrimination and unfair dismissal.

The case continues

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Griffin receives Euro Payout

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 15 February 2012, 16:37

It appears the BNP, and Nick Griffin in particular, is due a nice little windfall all at the expense of the taxpayer via The European Parliament.

The Alliance of European Nationalist Movements, of which the BNP are founder members, have been recognised by the European Parliament and will receive funding of 289,266 euros for 2012, with the possibility of more funding in future years.

The Alliance of European National Movements (AENM) was formed in Budapest on 24 October 2009 by a number of far right parties from countries in Europe.

The funds available via the European Parliament are shared out between different political blocs and their subsidiary foundations.

Some mainstream MEP's have expressed their anger at the payments but it has been approved today.

It seems that the money will be divided amongst 3 MEPs: Nick Griffin from the BNP, Bruno Gollnisch from the French Front National and Bele Kovacs from the Hungarian Jobbik party.

Andrew Brons, BNP MEP and rival to Nick Griffin, will not get a penny.

Nick Griffin will no doubt be rubbing his sweaty hands with glee.

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Update from Durham Crown Court

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 15 February 2012, 12:30

The court case involving Adam Walker has been adjourned until July 2nd

The reason for this adjournment appears to be time, as the trial may extend beyond the two days allocated to it and there may not be enough court time should they start today.

More info as and when we get it.

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Adam Walker is up in Durham Crown Court

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 15 February 2012, 10:32

The BNP's office manager Adam Walker is up in Durham Crown Court this morning. Walker faces charges of affray and dangerous driving related to a St George's Day disaster last year.

We'll keep you up to date on the goings on as they happen.

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Ivan's Nuclear Solution

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 14 February 2012, 17:39

Protest outside The Argentine Embassy

Protest outside The Argentine Embassy

I'm a bit of a news addict and have been keeping a firm eye on the TV regarding the increased tensions between the UK and Argentina over the Falkland Islands.

We are fast approaching the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War that took place between the two countries back in 1982.

With just under 1,000 men and women killed in the conflict, that lasted just a few short months, it's scary to think that the rhetoric over the islands has been ramped up between the two sides in recent times.

However, it is with some unease that I read of the EDL and their assorted cronies in other tinpot organisations are starting to show more than a passing interest in the diplomatic breakdown with Argentina.

Just last weekend a dozen bigots protested outside The Argentine Embassy in Westminster under the "March for England" banner, with Dave Smeeton, the MFE leader from Fareham being arrested for attempting to burn an Argentine flag.

There is one EDL supporter who would like to escalate the matter just a little bit further.

Ivan Humble, Organiser from the Lowestoft area and regular face at all the EDL demonstrations believes that we should be using nuclear weapons against the South American country.

Nothing like keeping a sense of proportion Ivan ?

Ivan's Nuclear Solution

Ivan's Nuclear Solution

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EDL Fight over Tunbridge Wells

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 14 February 2012, 13:38

Paul Pitt aka Paul Prodromou

Paul Pitt aka Paul Prodromou

It seems war has been declared over the Kent town of Royal Tunbridge Wells.

On one side is the rather dictatorial Paul Pitt aka Paul Prodromou, the EDL's regional organiser for the area.

In the other corner is Warren Light, one of the original admins on the Tunbridge Wells EDL Facebook page.

Pitt has a habit of winding up his activists, particularly those outside of his native Essex, And isn't too happy about EDL members organising activities without his "approval".

He appears to have a particular battle on his hands regarding EDL groups in Kent , who have little time for him after his regular clashes with the equally obnoxious Hel Gower, Kent based PA to EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon.

This battle could run and run, Enjoy !

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No return to the bad old days

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Tuesday, 14 February 2012, 13:27

The Prime Minister David Cameron is to have a summit regarding racism in football. Let’s hope it is not seen as an opportunity for him to have his pic taken with the likes of David Beckham, but a serious meeting to stamp out what one antiracist campaigner describes as the very real danger of complacency sneaking into football.

What does it matter some may ask? There are worse issues of racism in society than that within football, where a bunch of extraordinarily well-paid men kick a bag of wind around for an hour and a half. There is racism in schools that needs to be addressed, on public transport (of late), in certain workplaces and of course in society in general.

Over these points of course, those detractors would possibly be right. But whether people like it or not, football seems to be some sort of gauge of the state of the nation. We prop it up and put its finer performers onto a pedestal, lavish them with praise, hang on their every word and are tempted to buy whichever knickers, eau de cologne or razor blade they recommend we use. They fill us up with false hope just before every major football tournament, sell us replica shirts with their names on the back and more often than not, fail after extra-time to score a penalty from a few metres out.

I have convinced myself that if I could only afford some of those Beckham undergarments that scores of people queued up to purchase on the day they were ”released” last week, I could confidently enter the veterans five aside team at my local pub and perform Beckhamesque miracles over two seven minute halves.

As a child, I was forced to watch Crystal Palace play. It was a ritual torment watching the team of the “80s” slide into oblivion, worse still, I missed the actual brilliant team of 1979 and instead watched Palace’s inglorious slide into mediocrity throughout most of the 80s from the vast and empty expanses of the Holmesdale Road terrace, normally in the pouring rain.

Things seem to get even worse when we hired Alan Mullery as our manager as the slide continued. As manager of our most hated rivals Brighton a few years before, he had thrown his pocket full of change on the floor and said he wouldn’t even pay that for our beloved club. He seemed to ensure our slide into mediocrity and at times one did wonder if he had not actually got our financial worth spot on.

But Palace did have one thing of great worth. I dread to think what he would be worth these days and how we would keep Tottenham’s grubby mits away from him. His name was Vincent Mark Hilaire. Jimmy Greaves always brings him up as the finest winger he has ever seen. Vince even got a mention along with Willy Wonka in the Beloved's song “Hello”. Vince had apparently even turned down West Ham to play for us, and play for us he did. Then one day he went off to Portsmouth and was never seen or heard of again. It was not until Mark Bright and Ian Wright turned out for Palace that we ever had talent again of that stature. Hilaire of course, like Wright and Bright, was black. As was our Andy Gray (Tottenham stole him too). John Salako (“Johnny Salad”) and numerous others that made my brother and I think we were going to be “team of the 90s”.

For a young lad on the brink of the National Front and the BNP, it was almost impossible to stomach watching my beloved Palace sometimes field as many as five black players in a game. As our star rose again, it was one of the reasons I did not go to the 1990 FA Cup Final against Manchester United. I went to an NF march in the Midlands instead and heard only on the way home how Wright, recovering from a broken leg, had came off the bench to score twice and almost win us the FA Cup. If I was 18 again now, I would have Wright’s name on the back of my replica shirt. Palace fans are famous for our replica shirts; Millwall call us “Stripy Nigels” because of our penchant for our replica shirts.

Racism and violence at football in England seemed to have been as good as stamped out by the time I felt confident enough to go back to football. It’s a ridiculously expensive “hobby” and of course, Palace still manage to torture and torment me. We’ve been in and out of administration and almost relegated into the third tier too many times for comfort and even with brief flings with the Premier League thrown in between, our ground remains positively ancient and difficult to find for some.

But not only have I changed, so has football. There are black and Asian football fans too at the games now, not thousands, but an increasing number. Like me they probably wonder why Palace seem to have eight in defence and seemingly only employ strikers on the field part-time. They’re “Stripy Nigels” too. Some have the name of our white footballers on the back of their shirts, some have the name of Sean Scannell,a young black Irish international who is potentially superb, but could do with a shave as he has not mastered the art of growing facial hair quite properly yet, bless him.

Next year, almost everyone will have the name of one Wilfred Zaha on the back of our stripy shirts. He’s a winger from Côte d'Ivoire who will one day surely be an England international. He’s just signed a five year contract so we hope that will keep Tottenham away from him, though I suppose I would not mind him moving to Man United for millions and millions of pounds, either.

My point in all this, other than talking about Palace? Black footballers drove one racist away from the game the same way for a long time, racists drove black and Asian people away from the game. Football was the simplest way to drive racism out of society, because for too long we allowed racism to manifest itself in and around our national game. It isn’t science, sure, and there are some gaping holes in so many of the arguments you could use about football challenging racism, but in 2002 the BNP actively encouraged people not to support the England World Cup team as it contained too many black players.

The BNP backed Denmark instead of England right from the very off. Then in the second round of the 2002 World Cup, England drew Denmark and one Rio Gavin Ferdinand leapt like a young salmon to head the first of England’s three goals that night. The BNP were made to shut up about supposed “racially homogenous” teams being better than our English team. When Sepp Blatter said that the shaking of hands was all it took to get past or get over an incident of racism, it seemed that only us Brits were truly horrified and dumfounded by his comments. We even slapped ourselves on the back at what a great job we had done in driving racism out of our game, if not our society. Heavens, the notoriously fickle England fans even sung the name of Emile Heskey during the final years of his rather hit and miss international career. We were not ever going to allow our footballers to be racially abused playing for their country, even if it still does happen. Indeed, notable incidents against teams like Croatia and even Spain, hardened the resolve of the traditionally pernicious English football fan.

Driving racism and violence from our football experience when all around us everybody else seemed to be failing and suffering from the disease, was our success. Well actually, it was the success of black footballers and their families who persisted in the face of venomous hatred both on and off the pitch when the nation’s grounds were half empty and the idea of a beautiful game seemed all but lost on civil society. Success came on the back of years and years of abuse and violence and some truly horrific images of how truly low football had sunk for a while.

So no, just to shake someone’s hand was never going to work with us. But neither does us slapping each other on the back. As Show Racism the Red Card (SRTC), Kick It Out and Hope Not Hate will attest, racism does still exist in football as in society. And this year has been a particularly bad year for it. Whether it is on the terraces, pitch or train, it is not yet quite beaten, but yes we are getting there. Ged Grebby of SRTRC says that the main problem is that there is a danger of “complacency” and that of course, in the wider sense these incidents could be called isolated.

I looked up Vince Hilaire on the internet the other day. Low and behold there was a video on YouTube of Vince being interviewed in the 1980s, primarily about being a “coloured” footballer. It was a sign of the times I guess, not much mention of his silky skills and occasionally dubious temper once he had crossed that hallowed white line onto the pitch at Selhurst Park. And then there was Alan Mullery, who Palace fans still chant about today and an improbable failed attempt he made to sign the Pope. “He’s got a lovely tan” Mullery said when asked about Vince’s talent.

So, we’ve come a long way. In many ways football may have even dragged society along with it. But we are not going to allow our game to be dragged back either.

A year so far:

  • August 2011, Celtic fan escapes jail after writing letters of apology for racist and sectarian comments posted on facebook
  • September 2011, England fans accused of chanting anti-Roma songs in Bulgaria. England playes also abused by Bulgarian fans
  • October 2011, Chelsea fans reported as chanting racist songs in Champions League cup tie in Ghenk, Belgium on twitter
  • November 2011, Norwich City report alleged racial abuse directed at player James Vaughan
  • November 2011, Sunderland striker Frazier Campbell reports racist abuse directed at him on twitter
  • November 2011, Non-league striker Richard Offiong caims he was the subject of a racist slur by an opponent while playing for Blyth Spartans against Colwyn Bay
  • November 2011, England captain John Terry allegedly racially abuses QPR footballer Anton Ferdinand
  • November 2011, Chelsea launch investigation after claims their striker Daniel Sturridge was racially abused by the club’s own fans
  • November 2011, two 17 year olds charged by Northumbria police for racially abusing Newcastle's Sammy Ameobi on Twitter. Given final warning in Feb 2012
  • December 2011, Barnsley supporter cautioned over homophobic chants
  • Southampton supporter receives three year banning order for Homophobic chanting
  • January 2012, Liverpool fan arrested for racially abusing Oldham player Tom Adeyemi, who broke down in tears during a 1-5 defeat.
  • January 2012, Manchester supporter arrested at Old Trafford for a racially aggrivated public order offence. Charged on 3rd Feb
  • January 2012, Palace defender Nathaniel Clyne racially abused on Twitter by Millwall fan
  • January 2012, 9 Charlton supporters arrested for racist chants made after an FA tie at Fulham. They had chanted the name of Stephen Lawrence killer Gary Dobson
  • January 2012, Police investigate Chelsea supporters for racist chanting after game at Norwich. One man arrested
  • Chelsea supporter arrested for racially abusing a woman at Liverpool Street station in London
  • Liverpool supporter arrested for “racist gesture” during FA Cup tie versus Manchester United
  • January 2012, man charged for racially abusing football pundit Stan Collymore on Twitter
  • Racist chants at Nottingham Forest v Leicester City FA Cup game
  • Scottish Premier League player Gregory Tade racially abused on Twitter
  • January 2012, Louis Saha (then at Everton) reveals he too racially abused on Twitter
  • Man arrested for send racist messages on Twitter to two Glasgow Rangers footballers
  • Three youth team players at Nuneaton Town charged by the FA after alleged racist abuse of opponents in FA Youth Cup game
  • Feb 2012, England defender Micah Richards quits Twitter after three months of "sustained racist abuse".
  • Feb 2012, Man from Northampton charged with racial abusing Shrewbury striker Jermaine Grandison during a game on Jan 2nd
  • Feb 2012, Police investigate claims that a Southend United footballer was racially abused by Plymouth Argyle supporters

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Sex, texts and threats

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 10 February 2012, 19:51

Claudia Dalgleish with Nick Griffin

Claudia Dalgleish with Nick Griffin

When Nazis and fascists used to fall out, somebody's windows would get smashed, a grotty pub would be wrecked and some Nazi somewhere, would be found in a gutter requiring extensive dental care. Oh yes, and I do seem to recall my old boss in the NF having his car blown up! (Not that it bothered him too much; he used it as an excuse to empty the last Pfennig from the party's accounts to buy himself a new one.)

How times have changed. It's almost as if the BNP have joined the modern world. Their boots (mainly) get used for walking these days and telephones make almost as many (dubious) business calls as they make death threats

Of course, the party is in the modern world, but the members remain as dubious, dangerous and vindictive as ever. Next time you pour scorn on the unlikely shenanigans on Albert Square or the hallowed cobbles of Weatherfield, cast your eye over what is happening currently in the BNP.

Just to keep you up to date in BNP world; Nobody seems to like the leader and everybody hates everybody else. Plus, they owe a heap of money which they do not seem ever likely to pay. Not only do they keep taking each other to court it is also alleged that some Irish paramilitaries’ may have been down to B&Q to purchase power drills having got bored of the whole lot of them. Oh yes, and the BNP says it is still just an "ordinary political party" the "silent voice of the majority" and a lot of other naff stuff.

London has always been particularly testing for the party. The crafty cockneys have never taken to Grffin's posh ways and he positively hates London anyway. And so there was some relief for Griffin two years ago when he found himself a man he could trust and the man had a former glamour model girlfriend. They were Nick Griffin's kind of people.

Steve Squire was a bit of a rough diamond, but his partner Claudia Dalgleish was so posh and apparently wealthy, that Griffin immediately took to her. Sadly for him, it seems that she never quite took to him. She was however, for a time, one of Griffin's internet "attack dogs". Better than smashing windows and beating people up was in these modern times, setting up a group of people to attack others on the internet, anonymously of course.

And do just that is what Claudia did until very recently. Then she and Squire fell out and it seemed like the rest of the sky and earth was falling with it too.

Most of the fall-out we cannot bring you for legal reasons and of course, good taste. The last thing we would want is our mothers reading about the sort of filth that we have to wade through when fighting the fascists, but it would be remiss not to finish a good week without letting you have the gist of it.

Claudia has broken ranks. She writes of her two years in the BNP working with Squire and Griffin: "Instead of being encouraged to organise positive activities I was very quickly tasked to act as an attack dog on the internet.

"I am ashamed to say that I went along with it. My only excuse is that I was keen to do whatever was asked of me to further what I thought was the good of the cause."

The targets for the abuse were of course, the anti-Griffin camp in the BNP. That was until last November, approximately half of the BNP's membership. "On one occasion a number of senior British National Party officers gathered in Mr Squire's house to teach me what they regarded as the mysterious arts of being an attack dog. In fact their tactics were inept as was amply illustrated by the ridiculously long list of targets that Nick Griffin itemised in... text."

I know what you're thinking; this is all very well and good, but where is the money shot? Well, Claudia alleges "As they were aware of my previous career in the glamour industry, Nick Griffin and unbelievably my supposed partner Stephen Squire effectively tried to pimp me out to Moffat to seduce him in order to break his allegiance to Andrew Brons." Yes, "pimping". Moffat is Andrew Moffat, the close political assistant of Griffin's rival MEP, Andrew Brons.

You can imagine that particular meeting of the BNP's brains trust. "Forget the bricks lads, let's send over the lady to knock him out." In NOTW parlance, Claudia says she politely refused and then made her excuses and left the party, but she does not end her assault there.

"The other major problem was that Nick Griffin was subjecting me to increasingly unwelcome attention." Oh dear. Not the man who likened his own Grandchild to Jesus, the "defender of the faith" Nick Griffin, surely?

Ms Dalgleish then alleges that a number of text messages from Griffin to her became sexual and explicit. We are in no position to validate the authenticity of said messages, so it's pointless repeating the content of them here but says Dalgleish, "his texts soon moved onto sexual innuendo and then blatant requests for sex. What is worse my partner was aware of this yet he encouraged me to spend more and more time with Nick Griffin in order to advance his own career."

She goes on and on and this will of course rumble on and on too. In the middle of all of these "shocking" revelations and allegations, Dalgleish even takes time out to apologise to those BNP members that were on the receiving end of her and her fellow "Attack dogs". Just to be safe, she also adds her "long term interest in the plight of the Boers in South Africa."

The rest of Griffin's alleged attack dogs have already acted. In fact, they probably pre-empted Dalgleish. There is a quite "fruity" website currently dedicated to her past career awash with a smothering of half-truths and outrageous assassinations on her character that has all of the hallmarks of jealous little men with active imaginations and poor Photoshop skills.

Some of the BNP are just better at banging each others heads in. Perhaps it's more like Emmerdale, after all?

nb: For our younger readers, the Pfennig was German currency before the Euro. One Deutsche Mark was divided into 100 pfennigs.

Steve Squire aka Steve Mendoza

Steve Squire aka Steve Mendoza

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Last Place for the BNP in Northants

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 10 February 2012, 17:06

The BNP managed to finish in last place yet again, this time in a Northamptonshire County Council By-Election.

Mark Plowman stood for the BNP in the Towcester ward on Northants council.

The result was:

Chris Lofts (Lib Dem) 1274 (60.6%)

Ian McCord (Con) 638 (30.4%)

Barry Mahoney (UKIP) 124 (5.9%)

Mark Plowman (BNP) 66 (3.1%)

The turnout was 29.3%

This is just the latest result in a chain of embarrassingly bad results for Nick Griffin's BNP.

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Back in court today

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 10 February 2012, 13:23

No hiding! Mish Harrington

No hiding! Mish Harrington

Just waiting to get the gory details of the Mish Harrington employment tribunal against Andrew Brons. They thought they’d kept this on quiet but there is no hiding from us!

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Hugging Nazis won’t make the debts go away.

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 8 February 2012, 08:40

The BNP are in debt, massive debt. Everybody knows it, although the BNP prefer to claim talk of it is merely part of a “smear” campaign.

So only a gullible few, (twenty eight of them), surely would have been surprised when Griffin was finally forced to announce the debt was real and not part of some mass conspiracy against his party.

Coventry seemed to be the most appropriate place for BNP leader Nick Griffin to admit the truth. He’s disgraced himself in the city more than once in his dark, political past. On one occasion he handed out leaflets there that gave the impression he was actually defending the Nazis for bombing the city during the Second World War. Except, it was not actually an impression. He was.

The smaller the BNP becomes, the more challenged the cameraman who follows them around gets. He was under strict instructions not to pan around the room. The BNP ‘Officials’ Conference’ was small, but there was no reason to show it. They even waited around for a while before starting the conference. Perhaps it was traffic that was keeping people away they ventured aloud. Of course, there was plenty of room for the great white elephant representing those many hundreds of BNP members and officials who have walked away from the party in disgust and those who did not walk, but were purged. All that was needed was Simon Darby to hang a large “do not feed” sign around said elephant’s neck.

In times of great tragedy, it is said that “the band plays on” and so the BNP did. Plans were made, dreams were created and outright lies were told. And then there was the “hiccup”. It seems the Electoral Commission are about to report that the BNP’s debts stand at £850,000. For one gormless BNP official that was seen as a sign of the great success of the BNP. A debt that big must mean the BNP is doing something right, right?

And then there was room for a little dig. Some of the remaining officials have complained about the BNP’s relatively new logo. While dropping the £850,000 “hiccup” into his Leader’s address, Griffin mounted a defence of the logo.

But debts do have a habit of biting one on the behind. Even the big, bad BNP has to face the bogey man occasionally. And so it appears that Griffin will have to appear as a witness in a blackmail trial after he alleged that ‘loyalists’ threatened him if he didn’t pay a £50,000 debt he owed.

Belfast businessman David Sloan has been charged with blackmail and is due to appear at Carlisle Crown Court on March 12. Last year the Griffin family were paid a visit by a group of men from Belfast demanding debts owed.

The men also allegedly visited the parents of Nick Griffin as well as his daughter Jenny Matthys during an extended ‘tour’ of Britain. The incident was one of a number of excuses the BNP gave for the non-appearance of the Griffin family at a recent Belfast employment tribunal. So perhaps it is no surprise to see Griffin desperately trying to make as many new friends as possible.

The EDL for instance, have gone from being part of a “Zionist plot” to in Griffin’s eyes thoroughly nice chaps.

And not just the EDL, Griffin seems to want to embrace the whole collection, EDL, Infidels and the rather bizarre CxF, in fact he seems to like them an awful lot more than some sections of his own party.

Just this week, Griffin and a small BNP contingent set off to Liverpool Crown Court to protest outside the trial of a number of alleged paedophiles from the North West.

Nick Griffin is now fully aware that the dwindling fortunes of the BNP mean he can no longer turn out hundreds of members out on the streets for a protest; in fact they are lucky if they get just a small handful.

Griffin’s new trick is to turn up at protests planned by other organisations, such as the EDL, have his photo taken by the local newspaper and hijack the protest. His face and name are far more recognisable to the public and he knows it.

Seeing himself as a kind of fascist “Godfather” character, Griffin moves around the crowd, glad-handling and having his photo taken with assorted racists and neo Nazis.

Outside the court Griffin was quite happy to have his photo taken cuddling Chester football hooligan and North West Infidel Josh Jones. Once very close to EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon, Jones dumped the EDL and joined the breakaway North West Infidels.

What made the photo all the more interesting was that Jones was holding a Neo Nazi flag at the time, something Griffin would have recognised only too well.

But then Griffin needs all the friends he can muster at the moment.

Josh Jones:Dedicated follower of Nazi ?

Josh Jones:Dedicated follower of Nazi ?

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A winter's tale becomes a winter's lie

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 7 February 2012, 17:06

Alan Payne: Not your average racist pensioner

Alan Payne: Not your average racist pensioner

The BNP could never be described as top notch filmmakers; the videos available on BNP TV are unlikely to win any awards.

Those loyal to the core BNP members who can still be bothered tuning into the BNP’s nonsense are unlikely to question the content of any of those videos either. To have remained so long inside the BNP, they’ve already blindly accepted that every word Nick Griffin utters as the absolute gospel.

We’re not so gullible, however, and we’re always looking out for the opportunity for what one may call “continuity” errors.

Take for instance the offering from Salford BNP entitled “At least asylum seekers will be warm this winter”. Given the cold weather at the moment, the BNP is really pushing this video.

It's a film by Salford BNP organiser Gary Tumulty and it's got a familiar theme. It’s churned out by the BNP every year about old age pensioners unable to afford to heat their homes due to rising costs, whilst “asylum seekers” have their bills paid for by the state.

Right about now, there are thousands upon thousands of pensioners in this country struggling to pay their winter fuel bills. That is inexcusable. The ever resourceful Tumulty, who until recently guarded the pick and mix at a SPA supermarket in central Manchester, managed to find five of them. All white, thank goodness.

Some are filmed complete with winter coats and sleeping bags for added effect. The problem is however, that all of these pensioners are known BNP activists. One in particular is a very familiar face indeed.

Husband and wife Alan and Madge are brought shivering before the camera. Alan is Alan Payne, ex BNP organiser for the Manchester and Salford branch. The old- school fascist was even a founder member of the local National Front branch back in 1968.

A veteran anti Semite, Payne used to organise in the area at a time when Jewish cemeteries in north Manchester were being targeted for vandalism and desecration. In 1987 he admitted to an undercover newspaper reporter that he was involved in a plot to kidnap Viraj Mendis, a Sri Lankan anti-racist, who was fighting a Home Office deportation order. Mendis had taken refuge in a local church.

In 1990 Payne was exposed by a newspaper claiming he had distributed 10,000 copies of Holocaust News, a BNP hate-sheet totally dedicated to denying the Holocaust.

While working as a guard based at Manchester Victoria railway station, Payne travelled to Spain in 2000 to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the former fascist dictator General Franco.

So of course, the five poor pensioners will be blaming asylum seekers. They probably blame asylum seekers if they don’t win the lottery on a Saturday night. Or is it the Jews who are to blame for that?

Never mind. There is an old saying that goes “Hate will keep you warm on a cold winter’s night”.

Keep warm Alan.

Fooled?: Not us, it's another BNP con

Fooled?: Not us, it's another BNP con

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Lost for words

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 6 February 2012, 11:37

Griffin on Twitter

Griffin on Twitter

Very rarely am I lost for words, however today is one of those rare exceptions.

It should come as no surprise really, as whenever Nick Griffin opens his mouth, hateful rubbish pours from it.

Here we have Nick Griffin using Twitter, comparing the Syrians who are currently attempting to rise up to rid themselves of their murderous President Bashar al-Assad to the Ku Klux Klan.


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Scottish declare Independence..

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Sunday, 5 February 2012, 22:12

"Snowy": He and his Thunderbirds outfit not welcome in Glasgow.

"Snowy": He and his Thunderbirds outfit not welcome in Glasgow.

Well, the Scottish Defence League (SDL) has anyway. Having played seemingly no part in yesterday's debacles in both Rochdale and Leicester, the SDL's big cheese Steven Jacobs has told the Infidels to "**** off".

For some months now the SDL and the Infidels have been playing together like naughty schoolboys. The SDL even had a joint punch up with the Infidels, the NF and the English Defence League last year, where one of their number was waving a hatchet around in full view of terrified shoppers in Newcastle.

Tonight however, one of the SDL has issued a statement where he tries to distance himself and his group from the Infidels. " WE HAVE ENOUGH TO CONCENTRATE ON AND PUT IN MOTION WITHOUT IGNORANT IDIOTS HINDERING US AND PUTTING OUT THE WRONG MESSAGE" (yes, he did write it in large capitals.)

Later he wrote in a message to the Infidels "the SDL don't want fuck all to do with your racist group" and even claimed that the SDL were seeking some kind of dialogue with "left wing prats" (sic). He also accuses John "Snowy" Shaw of being in the pay of this organisation!

Part of the SDL's problem seems to be the Nazism of the Infidels and also not to mention, the slight problem of not being very well regarded/very big in Scotland. Last week's attack on some people selling the Morning Star newspaper in Glasgow appears to have been the final straw. Being in more than a slight minority in Glasgow, the SDL has had I understand, a quite difficult week up there explaining their actions to some people attached to one of the football firms in the City.

According to Jacobs, John "Snowy" Shaw who leads the Infidels begged him not to break up their love-in. By all accounts, "Snowy" even offered to wear his marching uniform to the SDL's forthcoming demonstration in Glasgow.

That is of course, not a good idea. John "Snowy" Shaw's habit of running around dressed as an extra from a Thunderbirds convention whilst verbally threatening to attack Catholics is what has finally caused the separation.

"Snowy, your (sic) a complete joke and as I've said before your (sic) a total failure and always has (sic) been."

So, the perfect end to the weekend from hell for "Snowy".

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Snow Surrender!

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 4 February 2012, 20:49

Snowy: ex-crack addict, ex-Llama farmer, ex-Nazi wannabe

Snowy: ex-crack addict, ex-Llama farmer, ex-Nazi wannabe

In a classic case of boom and bust, the proverbial chicken has come home to roost for one Nutzi tonight.

John "Snowy" Shaw led the "Infidels" out of the English Defence League (EDL) over a year ago, claiming that he and his gang were sick of standing in car parks shivering while the police pushed them and the rest of the EDL around.

John "Snowy" Shaw was nobody's "boy". His gang were going to dictate to everyone. What a tease he is. He wound up EDL leader Tin Pot Tommy Robinson by reading books about how to hate Jews and Catholics and then repeated what he had read in often bizarre, illiterate postings on the internet. He spent hours and hours on the internet bragging about how hard his gang was, how they hated Jews, and how much he hated Tin Pot Tommy Robinson. In Snowy's borrowed parlance, Tommy Robinson was a "Taig".

Tommy allegedly bit more than once and apparently "Snowy" has been put on his backside by Tommy's EDL in his own home more than once. When EDL leader Tommy Robinson was attacked mysteriously on a motorway late last year, Snowy was all over the internet intimating that he had made it happen. He even hinted mysteriously that "certain organisations" were going to "take care" of Robinson. At the time, "Snowy" was making visits to Northern Ireland (at whose behest we can only guess), so we presume "Snowy" was bragging that somehow Tommy had been the victim of some kind of crack addicted Loyalist hit squad. Or perhaps MI3.

He even threatened to hold his demonstration today outside of Tommy's home in the plush bit of Bedfordshire. So I found myself torn for a while today; should I head to "Snowy's" demonstration in Rochdale, or should I catch up with the EDL?

I chose Leicester and the EDL. Most members of the Infidels wished they had too. "Snowy's" Infidels in Rochdale stood in the pouring snow and did nothing. "Snowy's" tough internet talk appeared to be just that. The hated police he would never bow too, were even politely addressed as "sir" by him. Despite their promises, no "Pakis" were driven into the sea, either. They probably only discovered Rochdale doesn't have a beach when they arrived there.

They numbered less than eighty. "Snowy" scratched his chin then apologised to his dwindling support. They froze. Many walked away.

"Snowy" complained that his group were "treated like animals". That's rather unfair. Britain is an animal loving country, we treat animals far better than we treat fascists.

"Snowy" then politely informed the police that they were no longer going to cooperate with the police. And he then informed them that he would be back on a Friday or a Saturday, but he didn't know when. But when he did decide, he was not going to tell them.

The gang are currently ensconsed at the Copthorne Hotel in Salford. Apparently there is plenty of "snow" being shared between them, too.

Poor old "Snowy", his organisational skills are even more impotent than Tin Pot Tommy's. The former crack addict can add "Nazi leader" to the list of his other former achievements, including Llama farmer.

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Two damp squibs.

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 4 February 2012, 15:11

Infidels not happy

Infidels not happy

Both demonstrations appear to have come to a close, the Infidel one in Rochdale kind of just fizzled out, much to the annoyance of Infidel leader John Snowy Shaw.

As always they are threatening non cooperation with the police for future demonstrations and are promising a return when the police are least expecting them.

Haven't heard of any arrests at either demo as of yet, however the night is still young.

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Flags and Salutes

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 4 February 2012, 14:45

Flag Burning.

Flag Burning.

Hearing that part of the EDL mob are burning the Argentine Flag whilst chanting "England".

Tommy Robinson has just had to warn one over enthusiastic nazi to stop "Sieg Heiling" him in public whilst giving his usual non sensical speech to the crowd.

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6 Music

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 4 February 2012, 14:18

We just got a shout on #6 Music from Liz Kershaw!

Any chance of some Paul Heaton?

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Very few Infidels in Rochdale

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 4 February 2012, 13:44

Leicester: Police vans separate the two groups

Leicester: Police vans separate the two groups

My colleague in Rochdale says about fifty Infidels made it to the Infidel demonstration. A wash out for that town's drug trade.. Snowy, the Infidels dubious leader, has apologised for the location. A cynic might say that's his job done..

Police vans and fifty metres separate the EDL from a small group of about sixty protestors in Leicester.

The police seems to think there are five to seven hundred EDL in Leicester. I don't know who does their counting for them, but they are the only ones who seem to think that.

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Firecrackers go off

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 4 February 2012, 13:27

Not a belated Chinese New Year celebration, just the EDL throwing fireworks under police horses.

One of the EDL's supposed criticisms of Islam is that that (in their opinion) Muslims engage in animal cruelty...

All shops are closed, Leicester is completely empty.

If you were already unaware of this, unless you're selling cheap alcohol, the EDL re bad for business.

EDL: Kind to animals, allegedly

EDL: Kind to animals, allegedly

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Praying for them...

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 4 February 2012, 13:13

A local priest has come out to prayer for the EDL's souls. He is praying that good sense and common decency will prevail.

This should test the EDL somewhat. Despite them thinking they defend "Christian" values, most of them only go to church to nick the lead off the roof.

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posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 4 February 2012, 13:01

EDL: In search of their "In-ger-land"

EDL: In search of their "In-ger-land"

Drinking beer and strolling through an English city chanting the name of a country they know little about, the EDL make one proud to be English..

Except of course, they tell those they do not like "you're not Inglish any more." Where is this "Ingerland" these people come from?

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Marching off

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 4 February 2012, 12:45

EDL: And they're off..

EDL: And they're off..

Numbers for the EDL are closer now to 250. They're about to march off. Still very quiet. I haven't seen Tommy yet. He normally likes to shout sweet nothings at me..

Some EDL are checking our tweets and facebook updates. Well, either that or weather updates. Or could it be panicked text messages to their missing brethren?

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Cold weather a problem?

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 4 February 2012, 12:31

EDL: Worried about a white Leicester

EDL: Worried about a white Leicester

Not many EDL here in Leicester. They seem a little quiet and subdued for the time being. Let's hope they stay that way. There's only about one hundred EDL here so far and about half that number still gathering at one of the two counter demonstrations.

Picture: copyright Hope Not Hate

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Bad start to the day for the Infidels

posted by: Sam King | on: Saturday, 4 February 2012, 10:49

Poor Connor: He's really missed the bus...

Poor Connor: He's really missed the bus...

Serial clown Connor McCoy has apparently missed the bus to Rochdale. A friend of ours tells us that Connor, who also supports Everton, is often the victim of sectarian "gags" by his fellow Infidels. Apparently some of them are none too impressed.

We've just been told by one of our number travelling with them, that Connor was also planning to go and see Everton v Wigan after the Rochdale demo and some among their number are already a "few cans" into their journey and being rather uncharitable and are suggesting that poor Connor is showing more loyalty to his religion and football club then he is to his racial comrades.

Poor lad, at least he won't be around the alcohol today.

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Brace yourself, Rochdale!

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 3 February 2012, 20:37

David Jones: British "Patriot"

David Jones: British "Patriot"

While the EDL are stomping around Leicester tomorrow, their illegitimate offspring the "Infidels" will be in Rochdale to in the eloquent words of their most literate (and deranged) member, "drive dem Pakis in2 d sea" (sic, sic, sic and yes, sick!)

We are of course being reminded constantly that snow is forecast for across the country tomorrow. Here at the HNH weather centre we reckon most of the "snow" in Leicester and Rochdale will most likely be consumed off mirrors and toilet seats by the competing gangs of drug dealers, crack-heads racists, weirdos, speed-freaks, narks and police informers that make up both of these rival gangs.

Of course, there is a competition between the two gangs as to not just who is the most lumpen, but as to who can get the most people at their demonstration.

Tin-Pot Tommy's EDL were just about shading it with their proposed march through Leicester until a Nazi big gun stepped up to the plate for the Infidels.

Not many of you will be aware of who David Jones is. He is a member of a tiny political sect called the British People's Party (BPP) whose main activity other than excessive consumption of Bostick, has been churning out paedophile Nazis who want to blow stuff up.

Jones has a reputation as a bit of a "village idiot" in the village of Todmorden, West Yorkshire from where he hardly ever ventures. As well as constantly putting out leaflets in the village warning that the local phone box could be turned into a Mosque, he also likes to trawl from pub to pub in long black rain coats trying to look like his hero George Lincoln Rockwell.

Well, it's off to Rochdale for Dave tomorrow. He's also bringing all of his friends with him. He's off the fence on this one almost as much as he is off the planet most of the time.

So, hats off to Dave and the BPP. Their tiny size could of course be the reason why Dave is actually and more truthfully always trying to save that village phone box. It's a bold move.

Keep your eyes peeled fashion watchers. Here's a few pics of Dave in action...

Jones: A serious Nazi

Jones: A serious Nazi

Dave: Choosing a hat might be a problem

Dave: Choosing a hat might be a problem

Dave: Meeting in the phone box..

Dave: Meeting in the phone box..

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Tommy's Danish double runs into trouble

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Thursday, 2 February 2012, 16:41

What with their big beanfeast of European Islamophobes, fascists, race haters and "Cultural Conservatives" approaching at the end of March, the Danish Defence League have been preparing for their big day.

So much preparation indeed, that the leader of the DDL has just been sentenced to 28 days for a night club assault.

Kasper Mortensen, who is down to speak at the 31st March rally in Aarhus is obviously another one of those "Christian patriots" defending his culture from Islam while beating the brains outa nightclub doorman.

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