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Far-right round up

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 31 December 2014, 12:04

EDL Tools

EDL Tools

The far-right will finish a year of demise, destruction and debauchery tonight when the English Defence League (EDL) hold a New Year's Eve protest in Luton.

The protest was originally going to be outside of the Islamic Centre, but the EDL were horrified to be told the Islamic Centre had no bar. One suspects this will end up like their infamous hunger strike in Rotherham...

The EDL is protesting that the centre will be holding an anti-extremism conference. Yes, but far be it for the EDL to get in a muddle. Tools they may be, but the EDL are not the most sharp anywhere.

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EDL: The battle that still rages

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 22 December 2014, 16:20

Eddowes: Hanging in there

Eddowes: Hanging in there

It's been just over a year since Stephen Lennon (Tommy Robinson) quit the English Defence League (EDL).

Things were not great when he left, they've been little better since. Lennon headed off to prison for mortgage fraud soon after, and the running of the organisation fell into the hands of one of Lennon's most trusted supporters, Tim Abblitt.

Abblitt had shared Lennon's earlier dream about being a politician eventually, one in the Gert Wilders mould. But being Lennon's man, he did not fair very well inside the organisation.

The one thing that united what was left of the gang of thugs, was that Abblitt as well as Lennon's former personal assistant, Hel Gower, would have to go too. Both were still part of a very small and select group known as the "Tommy Robinson support group" and they must be the people responsible for the £1800 that went from the EDL to Lennon while he was locked up.

In February of this year, Steve Eddowes took over from Abblitt. A former bodyguard of both Lennon and former British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin, Eddowes was rather combative in his attempts to remove the last vestiges of Lennon and his supporters and things turned very, very nasty. Eddowes has only appeared at two EDL demonstrations since taking over as leader.

The infighting inside the organisation continues and for the first time since it was formed, it appears that the real power now rests in London-not in the midlands or in the north as it has done previously.

There are now rising stars to contend with and each of them has a very nasty agenda of their own. From Herne Bay, in Kent, comes David Russell. A pirate radio 'DJ', Russell has set his sights on the top job in the EDL. He's popular with the EDL supporters because he does not mind making a complete idiot of himself on YouTube, shouting down the camera about his flaming haemorrhoids, Muslims, the price of fish, etc, etc. He's such a ranting fool, that Paul Weston even finds him boring.

Bryant and Russell: Knives in the back

Bryant and Russell: Knives in the back

In EDL parlance, being a little "unsettling" as is Russell, is obviously a good thing. Russell has made good ground in his ambitions by becoming good friends with the megalomaniac with the misspelt tattoos, David Bolton. Bolton has tried desperately to keep the EDL together in London, and often offers himself up as a punch-bag on demonstrations in his capacity as head steward.

Another new face with leadership dreams is Kevin Bryant from London, one of the organisers of the planned "all as one" march planned for Dudley next year. The idea of the march is to united thousands of football casuals for the day against the Mosque proposed for the city.

Despite claiming to be a Chelsea fan-and one that wants to unite football hooligans for the day, Bryant has no known links to the Chelsea Headhunter gang. Instead, according to one football hooligan based in Wales, Bryant is relying on his Polish girlfriend who lives with him in London, to organise Polish football hooligans to travel to Dudley! Yes, the EDL does attract dreamers.

Bolton: Wants to be Fuhrer

Bolton: Wants to be Fuhrer

Some of us recall when the EDL did actually have football hooligans in their ranks during the early years. The Bolton "division" ambushed Birmingham EDL at a service station and battered them into submission before relieving themselves on their victims-such is the class of the EDL.

Eddowes is obviously not oblivious to the three great pretenders after his job but seems quite happy with the fact that neither is particularly trusting of the other. Whilst Russell and Bolton are rude about Bryant having a foreign girlfriend (for some reason Russell calls her a "Chinky" behind Bryant's back), Russell recently went from swearing undying love for Bolton, to his face, and suggesting Bolton should run the EDL- to mouthing off that Bolton had "hippo teeth" to some EDL activists he was visiting last week.

Another two or three of the EDL's inner sanctum face imprisonment in the New Year. The sparks are already happening as people queue up for another leadership challenge.

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Idiots on the idiot box

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 22 December 2014, 10:15

Roy Price: Parental advisory content

Roy Price: Parental advisory content

A documentary is due out in the New Year about one of the most spectacularly useless far-right groups in the history of the British far-right.

The South East Alliance (SEA), is led by Paul Prodromou, an angry racist who had to anglicise his name to fit in with his fellow racists. Even when Prodromou stands outside of the Greek embassy in solidarity with the Greek Nazis of Golden Dawn he still insists his name is "Pitt".

A camera crew has followed Prodromou for the best part of twelve months, a period of intense grief tourism for Prodromou and his dwindling followers. They've laid flowers and pieces of rock at the scene of just about every tragedy remembered in memorial, whilst their own demonstrations have ended in abject failure, normally with Prodromou having tongue-tied temper tantrums leading to the police expressing concerns about his all-round health.

This year, Prodromou held a number of disastrous demonstrations in north London, the final one being the humiliation of he and eight of his number not being allowed to battle their way through locals in Cricklewood and Prodromou being sent to sit in the back of a police van after being told to "calm down" and Prodromou begging instead to be arrested, to save his face among his troops.

The decline of the SEA has been as spectacular as their other failures; who could forget Prodromou's promise last year to bring ten thousand people out onto the streets in Woolwich for a two mile march, which finally ended with just a handful of people marching along the pavements to the local train station to get a train into town to get arrested?

Prodromou: Temper tantrum for hire

Prodromou: Temper tantrum for hire

Prodromou and his dwindling band of idiots were out in Southend over the weekend, where they were attempting to spoil a football match between two non-league teams. Prodromou's normally gobby off-sider Al Francis set the tone for the day when he decided he could not make his way to Southend because his Sat Nav had broken. Yes, the sixty year old Essex builder could not find his way to Essex's premier seaside resort.

At half time during the match, Prodromou and other serial idiot Roy Price Jones decided to begin a "demonstration" of their idiocy and racism, but were met with such strong resistance from football fans, that Prodromou ended up in the local A&E receiving treatment.

The documentary is due to be shown in mid-January. This could almost make Paul Golding look competent.

Al Francis: Sat Nav surrendered..

Al Francis: Sat Nav surrendered..

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BNP porn baron lays into Juvenile Jack

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Sunday, 21 December 2014, 22:25

Squire: BNP porn baron has small helmet

Squire: BNP porn baron has small helmet

Nothing gives you an idea about the quality of the British National Party's (BNP) membership than an interview with their London regional organiser Steve Squire, the man who sells date rape drugs and porn videos from a seedy shop in Soho.

Squire is doing the interview to prove the BNP is an "ordinary and open party" and then says it would welcome back one former senior BNP member who it is well known has been the victim of a "revenge-porn" attack by BNP members in London that has left her very depressed.

Squire turned against Nick Griffin and was a key mover in getting rid of the former leader after an alleged incident involving his ex-partner Claudia Dalgleish. Maybe Herr Griffin had been watching one of Squire's films when he allegedly decided to spice up his Halal curry. Who knows? Squire certainly waited a long time to have his revenge.

Earlier this month Squire asserted his knew found confidence by giving an interview to a Nazi website. Squire has been full of himself since becoming an even more senior member of the party-what with more than half of the party having quit or being expelled. He's been travelling the country laying down the law as to how much the BNP is these days "an ordinary party" even if he does think it right that people set light to the town of Rotherham.

During the illuminating interview, as well as claiming that the BNP is a "normal party" these days, Squire also describes the party as "commandoes" that sometimes engage in guerrilla activity!

The big man recently flexed his muscle by banning someone from turning up to his regional meetings, because they brought their own peanuts with them. Such are the many high brow things that now occupy the minds of BNP officials.

Squire also lauded the BNP's councillor in Pendle, Lancashire, which Squire declared is "up there in Cumbria".

Speaking about the loss of a number of the BNP’s young activists, Squire complained they were not disciplined enough to be in the BNP.

He reserved his venom for Manchester’s Jack Renshaw for “attacking me of all people.” A massive crime if you like you frisky DVD’s for free.

Squire took exception to being called a “date-rape drug dealer” by Renshaw in an earlier interview. Instead of denying he sold date-rape drugs, Squire instead attacked Renshaw because “there’s gossip flying around about Renshaw’s sexuality”, something which was mentioned a number of times at the BNP’s recent conference in Blackpool and which Squire claims he has “heard stories about it from three or four different people.”

“I’m not gonna come on your radio show and call him a faggot” continues Squire (having as good as done that) “he’s just a kid with a chip on his shoulder, with a big mouth and he’s got no action.”

It all seems very sad to us. Squire the Nazi sells hard core porn (multi-racial porn, too) and admits he has sold date-rape drugs. He also has no idea where one of only two BNP councillors is seated.

Renshaw hates Jews and acts like a Nazi and writes vile attacks on people and abandons a friendly animal.

And the only thing Squire has against him is that he might be, according to a gang of Nazis, gay. That would surely be Jack's one redeeming feature?

No, not in a very “ordinary party” like the Nazi BNP

Renshaw: no beard

Renshaw: no beard

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Big trouble for Little Jack

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 17 December 2014, 17:42

Renshaw: Thunderbird double and Nazi

Renshaw: Thunderbird double and Nazi

I can't recall how many times I've blogged about the juvenile nuisance that is Jack Renshaw. He is the self-proclaimed expert on everything (except women, apparently). Jack's mission is to save the white race and to protect it from homosexuals, feminism, Muslim taxi drivers, non-whites and over-friendly animals. Why, he even threatened to disown his potentially gay dog he's so straight.

Jack is a big admirer of the fallen Fuhrer Nick Griffin and has joined him in the "nationalist hub" Griffin has created to copy the work of Britain First.

Like a lot of people who came through the British National Party (BNP) in the past few years, Jack has been schooled in the fine art of Nazism. It was people like Jack that Griffin hoped would save him and the party.

One of the most important factors for the survival of the white race is knowing how to hate Jews. You must really, really, really hate them. Jack has finally caught on, and to earn brownie points with his fellow brownshirts (who occasionally query his mettle) he was written something rather unpleasant that is likely to land him in hot water.

Jack's dangerous Jew-hating rant

Jack's dangerous Jew-hating rant

I don't normally repeat the vile nonsesnse of the far-right, but this one is particularly disturbing and people may wish to see it to actually beleieve it. It reads like something out of a copy of Mein Fuhrer written for and by children.

Now Jack is in all of a quandary. He's been warned by rather wise counsel that he could face a spell in prison for his antisemitic ranting’s, but he is scared to take it down off a website in case people think he is some sort of coward.

And who should be advising Jack not to remove his vile rant? None other than Garron Helm, the idiot who has only just got out of prison for his own stupidity.

It's not for me to break a confidence and reveal exactly how Garron spent the time when he was inside.

But either way, Jack, I think you may be in for a bit of bird and not the sort of "bird" like the one in the North East you've been stalking of late.

One idiot advises another

One idiot advises another

Jack: Starting a war from behind the door

Jack: Starting a war from behind the door

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Never let the Sun go down on a good story..

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 8 December 2014, 11:41

There's another big splash in the newspapers today about Britain First. A former member, "whistle-blower" Matt Lester has told the newspaper his shocking story of the nine months he spent in the organisation over two sensational pages.

It's pretty poor, even for the Sun, so before people get too excited about it, let's correct a few mistakes that are not the fault of Matthew Lester. Lester, who makes a living selling used Ipads and other tablets, did his interview with the Sun's Matt Quinton who may have filled in a few gaps for him:

1: According to the soaraway Sun, Britain First is a "6000-strong Kent based group." Really, their march in Rochester, in Kent last month, drew less than 50 people. They also only managed 56 votes in the Rochester (Kent) by-election last month (0.1% of the vote) and were beaten by The Monster Raving Loony Party (among others) who got a much healthier 151 votes.

The claim that Britain First has 6,000 members was made by their leader Paul Golding during a ridiculous television interview with the BBC last month. The interviewer decided not to query Golding's claim despite it quite obviously being nonsense. Yes, they are probably the biggest group on the far-right about now. They have about 1000 people registered as members by their founder Jim Dowson. You may have noticed that it is always the same five faces on their demonstrations however. Hardly the work of a party that has "thousands" of members. Yes, it is active, but it is still very small.

2: The Sun claims Britain First wear "berets emblazoned with BF insignia". Er, they are cloth caps. Like what Del Boy Trotter wears-not like the army wears. Or, like in the accompanying pictures with the story in the paper-nothing on their heads at all!

3: According to Lester/The Sun, Britain First are getting between "£10,000 to £20,000" in donations per week. Well, that would be interesting. How did he manage to have a look at either Jim Dowson or Paul Golding's personal bank accounts? Did the Sun do it? If this were true, Dowson would never have left. He'd probably have tried to marry Golding! Still, Britain First does have to pay a lot for their Facebook followers... They get a few hundred pounds per week from the sales of their shoddy merchandise. That bank account is probably empty by now having been spent on diet pills and Vodka.

4: According to the Sun/Lester there has even been an influx to Britain First of people from "banned neo-Nazi outfit Combat 18." Well, there is two lies: No there has not and also, Combat 18 is not a banned organisation, either.

The rest of it is sensationally brilliant. Sadly, the story about a certain former member having an "arsenal of loyalist guns" hidden at their property did not materialise.

Britain First are nasty, they are dangerous and they are pretty sick. But let's not build their army further for them.


Not "berets" but binbags and cloth caps

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Molloy marches off

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Tuesday, 2 December 2014, 08:37

Molloy: May have to find some new clothes now

Molloy: May have to find some new clothes now

Adam Walker's British National Party (BNP) suffered another blow last night when Walker's close friend Pete Molloy, angrily quit the party.

Molloy and Walker had long been a double act in and around Spennymoor in County Durham. Molloy also heads up (or did until last night) the BNP Veterans Group, a small group of former servicemen who still like to dress up in their uniforms for BNP functions.

All sniping and digging aside at Molloy, who has often been the butt of jokes at HOPE not hate, his departure is a huge blow for Walker. Molloy had been a shoulder for Walker to cry on when he was feeling unloved by Nick Griffin, Walker's predecessor.

It was Molloy who Walker turned to to help persuade Nick Griffin to step down. Given what we know about Molloy, it wouldn't be a surprise if he wore a regimental tie and beret for the task and even asked Griffin to hand back the Union flag beach towel that BNP leaders are given upon taking up their role.

Molloy has long been the victim of internal whispers and sniping and since Walker fell in so closely with Patrick Harrington and Clive Jefferson as the three who took over the party, Molloy has been feeling out of the loop with his old friend. We wrote in July how some members who wanted Griffin gone, had voiced an opinion that Molloy would be a better leader than Walker after we also revealed that Molloy had his eye on the top job back in May. I suppose given our excellent coverage of the internal schisms in the party, that may have been the kiss of death for poor Pete.

A rift recently opended up between Molloy and party treasurer Jefferson which Jefferson translated as Molloy not being loyal to Walker-well, that's certainly how Jefferson presented it to Walker.

Walker: Probably being kept captive by Clive

Walker: Probably being kept captive by Clive

Molloy says he will resign his position at the end of the year, stating he has been "losing faith and trust in Party Central for some time". Trust being a key workd in the statement he issued, Molly also laid into Jefferson, writing "the last straw was when the party’s National Treasurer, Clive Jefferson, accused me of not supporting the leadership. A statement he wouldn’t or couldn’t back up and our Acting Chairman, Adam Walker, not stepping in to back me up."

Molloy would have been one of Walker's most important allies in the forthcoming conflcit he is due to have with Jefferson. And if Walker is unaware that it is coming, he is even a greater fool than even we thought he was.

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EDL Man Jailed For Sword Attack

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 1 December 2014, 20:26

An EDL supporter has been jailed for five years today after being found guilty of attacking a man with a samurai sword.

Gareth Devlin from Port Clarence, Teeside attacked a group of Polish nationals who were watching the World Cup in July. During the attack, Devlin threatened to kill all Polish people.

The horrific attack was caught on camera by an amateur photographer who handed the evidence to police.

The Teeside racist can be seen waving the sword at the group of Poles which sadly included a group of children.

He then attacked one of the men causing a wound to the man's back that required five stiches.

Devlin,28 admitted wounding with intent, affray and possession of an offensive weapon.

Gareth Devlin

Gareth Devlin

Another man, Joseph Smithson also admitted affray. He was given a two-year community order with 120 hours’ unpaid work and a year’s supervision.

Gareth Devlin is no stranger to crime, having 40 previous offences on his lenghty criminal record, including four for violence.He was sent to a young offenders’ institution in 2007 for having a home-made machete in a public place.

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