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Griffin's feathers ruffled

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 30 December 2013, 12:10

As 2014 approaches, the far-right in this country is preparing for one last assault on the electorate.

The British National Party (BNP), still feel themselves to be the great white hope. They feel it so much, they've even come up with re-inventing the wheel in their dire plan to get people to vote for them.

Meanwhile, Britain First (BF), the civil-war predicting financial spin-off from the BNP were apparently none-too happy that we broke it here first that they are to stand against Nick Griffin in his North West constituency at the European elections.

Old Jim Dowson and his boy wonder, side-kick and envelope licker Paul Golding, would do well to actually register their party with the electoral commission first before inviting hacks to attend their campaign launch over a buffet lunch in some tatty Manchester hotel next month.

Paul Golding: From Golden boy to sandwich boy

Paul Golding: From Golden boy to sandwich boy

Dowson has by all accounts got Golding to go down to the Co-op to buy some crab paste and sandwich spread in preparation for providing a buffet at the launch. Rumour is however, that the BNP may well try and gate-crash the event to get back some magazines that Golding did not return and to also overdose on any Tizer being served at the event.

Yes, it's true; Nick Griffin was none too happy with the news and has demanded that the BNP on the ground in Manchester in particular, ruffle a few of Dowson's feathers.

One source tells us that Britain First and Dowson may actually be benefiting from some financies provided by businessmen in Northern Ireland to unseat Griffin.

The other BNP spin-off, the none too financially viable British Democratic Party (BDP), seem less than interested in the elections themselves. Their President, Andrew Brons, a sitting MEP formerly with the BNP, is intending to go to a Nazi shinding in Tennessee instead of hanging around to return his keys to the European Parliament.

Brons is speaking at the American Renaissance conference in April, purely another stunt to get up Griffin's nose and to also avoid having to listen to party Chairman Kevin Scott, drone on in a regional accent that Brons apparetly finds "detestable".

2014 could well see more than just Peter Molloy questioning Griffin's value to the cause...

Pete Molloy: Shares his thoughts with the rival BDP

Pete Molloy: Shares his thoughts with the rival BDP

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Did BNP woman commit perjury?

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 30 December 2013, 10:50

Over a week ago I wrote about the BNP's Karen Downes, the mother of missing schoolgirl Charlene Downes.

A week later, news broke that Karen and the estranged Aldwyn Bailey had been to court after a predicted altercation did take place.

Aldwyn appeared in court under his real name, Mark, and was portrayed as some kind of lunatic "besotted Kiwi" who, according to Downes, had by all accounts turned up unexpectedly on her doorstep.

“When he told me he was coming here I didn’t think he would follow it through, but he did and I was very surprised.

“He wanted me to forget about my family and control me but that was never going to happen because I have children” Downes told the Blackpool Gazette.

According to the Gazette, Gary McAnulty, defending Mr Bailey, said his client "considered himself to have been in a proper relationship with Mrs Downes and moved from New Zealand to allow it to flourish."

The lawyer added: “It was slightly bizarre because Mrs Downes is married and lives with her husband.

Bailey pleaded guilty to assaulting Mrs Downes and was fined £75 and told to pay £20 victims surcharge, which is right and proper if he assaulted her, regardless of the circumstances.

However, it now appears that Mrs Downes may not have been entirely honest in her depiction of Mr Bailey.

No sooner had news of the court case broken, then well known far-right activist Jenna Hines, a former confidant of Downes until she (Hines) allegedly stopped lending her money, broke ranks, admitting that Bailey was made promises that Mrs Downes could or would not keep. These broken promises are of course, no excuse for Mr Bailey's assault on Mrs Downes.

How Jenna Hines remembers the story

How Jenna Hines remembers the story

Since Hines broke ranks, we now have had an admission from Downes herself, that Bailey was perhaps a little bit more than just some love sick fool who turned up uninvited.

A fair cop? Downes acknowledges lying about Bailey

A fair cop? Downes acknowledges lying about Bailey

Surely this is just another police investigatioin that Mrs Downes should be helping with If she has commited perjury in building an unfair picture of Mr Bailey to the court?

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BNP Polly wants a cracker vote

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 27 December 2013, 22:28

Griffin: Polly wanna cracker?

Griffin: Polly wanna cracker?

People often assume that the British National Party (BNP) are just an unhygienic bunch of thick racists. It’s probably true in Bob’s case, but there’s a lot more to running the party into the ground than just getting a bunch of mates, family and sycophants on the payroll.

The party is about to enter its fourth year of free-fall; down from some 14,000 members at the start of 2010 to a mere few hundred by the end of next year.

They’ve tried everything to connect with the wider electorate-and not just by sending their leader onto Question Time to act like a buffoon. They’ve tried a God-bothering homophobic fundraiser, black member(s) a Jewish councillor, a gay member (hounded out for being, well, gay funnily enough), teachers unfit to teach, a “granny porn” actress, all to no avail.

Today however, the BNP may have finally hit the nail of success on the head: White people; these are the ones who can assure “greater racial justice and equality throughout the UK.” I kid you not, the BNP has launched “Operation White Vote”.

Operation White Vote: More BNP mugs

Operation White Vote: More BNP mugs

And it’s all based on some quite serious research. According to the BNP, their research has shown that despite the party’s well known “huge support…. Our supporter base has given up on democracy”. Hmm, interesting. No mention of a certain UKIP factor or the fact that it was believing that the BNP had given up on pretending to be democratic that lost them lots of members and supporters in the first place.

No, according to the BNP’s research team, the party is on the brink of taking power in this country and it all it needs is to get a lot of white people to vote for them. And how will they do this? Simple. By sending the BNP some cash, you can as good as buy some stupid white bloke to vote for them.

For £250, the BNP even guarantees “100 BNP voters at the next election.” (That’s approximately 100 pints of cheap bitter too, by the way.)

Unsurprisingly, the BNP claims “you can imagine just how powerful this initiative would be..” Indeed, I can. Just like every other initiative they’ve come up with, including dying for the party, this initiative is all about other people’s money. By our reckoning, if the current [don’t believe their recent return to the electoral commission] 1780 BNP members cough up the minimum of £2.50 each, that buys the BNP er, 1780 pints of cheap lager/votes.

So as the BNP enters its thirty-second year of miserable existence, they cannot be that far from actually charging people to vote for them. They’ve tried everything else, even offering non-whites one-way tickets to foreign destinations.

The BNP really is the true and proper white man’s burden. They’re almost as amusing as they are financially and morally dubious. This serious research by the BNP’s dynamic and Aryan research team will probably be available to download on a beer mat soon

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Exclusive: Griffin's former 'Golden Boy' to launch rival Euro election bid

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 27 December 2013, 12:44

Some bad news for Nick Griffin, the BNP's leader and MEP for the North West region.

His former apprentice and favoured non-biological child Paul Golding, is set to announce his candidature for the European Elections, standing in direct competition to Griffin!

Golding was one of a number of young high flyers' who quit the British National Party (BNP) after it went into meltdown after the 2010 elections. He also quit (before he could be sacked) his seat on Sevenoaks district council in Kent and his job editing the BNP's monthly magazine, to join forces with Griffin's former confidant and Consigliere, Jim Dowson to form the "commercial rival", Britain First (BF)

Having tried to antagonise Griffin by forming (disastrous) alliances with both the English Defence League (EDL) and the English Democrats, for the last twelve months Golding and Dowson have concentrated on building Britain First up as a rival to the BNP.

Despite telling reporters just before Christmas that Britain First had no interest whatsoever in electoral politics, Dowson and Golding have now decided that they want to stand in the North West region next year, almost certainly dashing what little chance Griffin had of getting re-elected.

Britain First were meant to be announcing the news to their supporters on Monday, but we have now done it for them, thanks to one of our insiders.

This is apparently more than just a little bit more than just antagonism between Dowson and Griffin. Golding, who has "found" God recently, seriously believes that Britain First have a better chance of being elected than Griffin does of being re-elected.

Griffin will not be amused, so expect the Jewish community to get the blame for this, another potential disaster in the Nazi game of thrones.

Golding: Holding aloft an image of his new God, Jim Dowson

Golding: Holding aloft an image of his new God, Jim Dowson

Griffin: May as well go and eat worms

Griffin: May as well go and eat worms

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EDL Man Jailed For Crossbow Attack

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 26 December 2013, 14:12

Rod Woolliss (left) Adrian Francis (centre) and Ashley Meadows (right) were sentenced at Hull Crown Court together with a 17-year-old boy

Rod Woolliss (left) Adrian Francis (centre) and Ashley Meadows (right) were sentenced at Hull Crown Court together with a 17-year-old boy

A supporter of both the EDL and the BNP from Grimsby has been jailed for his part in an horrific attack that saw a Lithuanian man shot in the face with a crossbow bolt whilst laying unconscious on the ground.

Adrian Francis was jailed for six years and two months after admitting violent disorder and attempted grievous bodily harm following the attack that haqppened on July 7th.

Francis appeared alongside Rod Woolliss also of Grimsby who pleaded guilty to attempted murder, violent disorder and attempted grievous bodily harm. He was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

Also from Grimsby, Ashley Meadows pleaded guilty to violent disorder and was sentenced to three years and six months in jail.

A 17-year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons was also sentenced to eight months detention after he pleaded guilty to violent disorder.

The victim, Rolandas Gedminas, had been repeatedly kicked to the head and stamped on by Woolliss and Francis. Woolliss then fired the crossbow bolt.

A neurosurgeon told the court that, if the tip of the bolt had been only a few millimetres deeper or higher, it would have been fatal.

The bolt was embedded in a salivary gland and it had to be surgically removed.He has since suffered nerve damage and later had problems eating and drinking.

As he left the park, Woolliss was apparently boasting about his crime, telling friends he had shot a 'dirty foreigner'.

The sentence on Francis included a consecutive two months for breaching a 16-week suspended prison sentence for a public offence and two of assault.

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Time for a police investigation, Karen?

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 18 December 2013, 16:34

Karen with Nick Griffin on a protest about her missing daughter

Karen with Nick Griffin on a protest about her missing daughter

Most people will be aware of Karen Downes, the Blackpool based mother of missing schoolgirl Charlene Downes. She has become somewhat of a cause célèbre for the British National Party since both parties threw their weights behind each other.

The police recently announced they were reopening the investigation into the disappearance of Charlene, 14, who went missing ten years ago. It is right and proper that they should do so, too. According to one newspaper report into the life of Charlene, she may have been abused by up to 100 men before her death. Her mother, Karen, insists that she was murdered and served up in kebabs by a Blackpool kebab house.

In 2007 two business partners were tried for murdering Charlene and disposing of her body using a mincing machine. Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Reveshi later received six-figure compensation sums for false imprisonment.

Karen is not cooperating with the new police investigation, but she and Charlene’s father are prepared to participate in an inquiry. Despite the BNP previously using the presumed death of Charlene as part of its anti-Muslim campaign in Nick Griffin’s European Parliamentary campaign, it emerged that police drew up a list of 100 ‘people of interest’, suspected of abusing Charlene, including a succession of older white men, which Charlene’s mother Karen told the Daily Mail were ‘exaggerated and widely untrue’.

What is true however, is that there has been an enormous number of claims and counter claims about the life of Charlene that give the impression, if true, that her short life was incredibly sad and disturbing.

Confidential police documents seen by The Times Newspaper allegedly show that as a 12-year-old she was seen by a visiting council worker scooping up pound coins in a revealing nightie as a man in his sixties buttoned up his fly.

Her police file also contains an admission by a 40-year-old friend of the parents that he had paid her to perform a sex act on him, a report that a man on bail for sexual offences was staying with the family at the time of her disappearance and a report claiming that during Charlene's short life at least 16 men with convictions for rape, assault and violence visited her home.

Since joining the BNP in their anti-Muslim hate campaign, Charlene’s mother, Karen, has been a regular fixture at Nick Griffin’s side during his fleeting visits to his constituency. During a lobbying stunt just before the police announcement, Griffin was supposed to lead an ambush in the street of a lead member of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), but arrived late and missed his opportunity to portray himself as some sort of Gladiator. It transpired that the police had already made their minds up to re-open the investigation.

Why the BNP was lobbying the CPS and not the police is a bit of a mystery, as is to us, why Mrs Downes is apparently refusing to cooperate with an investigation by the police.

But Karen’s star appears to be falling from grace within the party. A number of women activists have raised concerns about her social and private life and it is believed Downes was also involved in a bust up with another member of the party at their recent conference in Blackpool, over money.

In October of this year, Karen Downes was in court after an altercation with her daughter, Rebecca, who pleaded guilty to assaulting Karen after believing that Karen Downes was cheating on her father.

BNP insiders allege that Downes has received cash and computers from the BNP leadership in exchange for helping with their campaign. HNH assume that if true, this would be only to cover expenses incurred in her campaigning with them.

What has come to light in the last few weeks is that Downes has flown a “lover” to Blackpool from New Zealand, whom she met on line and promised him a relationship, despite still living with her husband. This has since turned sour.

Stalker? Aldwyn lets it all out

Stalker? Aldwyn lets it all out

Aldwyn Bailey, 27, claims he flew to the UK to be with Downes and to escape a life on loneliness in New Zealand after becoming involved on line with Downes through his support for the BNP.

Bailey is now complaining that he has carried out acts of vandalism for her and faces prosecution from the police for his actions and has been limited to just two hours of her company.

Guilty: of breaking windows, not hearts is seems.

Guilty: of breaking windows, not hearts is seems.

Downes does not deny that this is true, or that she instructed Bailey to carry out the vandalism.

Crime: Downes acknowledges she put him up to it

Crime: Downes acknowledges she put him up to it

Bailey is desperately trying to save the relationship. Downes however, has asked her followers not just to report Bailey for working illegally in an Indian restaurant, but has also hinted that she would like Bailey beaten up for harassing and threatening her.

We do hope this is one police investigation that Karen will help the police with.

Grassing: Karen wants him out of the UK, out of a job

Grassing: Karen wants him out of the UK, out of a job

Aldwyn Bailey: Hanging around Blackpool library

Aldwyn Bailey: Hanging around Blackpool library

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Boneheads fight over a comb

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Tuesday, 17 December 2013, 22:12

The NF: Enjoying Xmas in South Wales

The NF: Enjoying Xmas in South Wales

Back in July we welcomed the return to Nazi politics of Eddy Morrison, a long time figure of fun for antifascists, who has split more political parties than he has had days sober.

If there has been say, one hundred post war fascist parties and hate groups in the country, Morrison has been a member of at least seventy of them, split and quit about fifty of them and led about ten of them.

Like an England batting collapse, you can always rely on Morrison. With Morrison comes a whole heap of baggage and a whole heap of promises never to do whatever it was he did in his last group, again.

He also brings with him his friends, a sort of low grade collection of drunken intellectual dwarves and bed-wetters, who like Morrison, promise to stop doing whatever it was that got them kicked out of their last party.

It didn’t take long after Morrsion’s arrival in the National Front (NF), back in July for things to turn sour. For those of you old enough to remember it, the NF used to be a very serious, very political organisation that had very serious intentions to install a Nazi regime in this country during the 1970’s. So dangerous was the NF seen by many, that it inspired thousands of men and women in this country to take an often confrontational stand against it.

Even during the 1980’s when Nick Griffin was running the NF into the ground, it was still a serious (if not strange) group. It is after all, one of the longest surviving far-right parties in the world.

The National Front’s most recent leader, Ian Edward, did not want Morrison in the NF. He knew that it would mean trouble for him and comedy gold for people like us. By all accounts, Morrison and his friends were voted back into the party while Edward was in the toilet at one leadership meeting!

So, as we predicted, no sooner had Eddie and his friends arrived back in the NF (it’s approximately his eighth time in the party) things started to go wrong. It’s alleged that Morrison even held a drunken one-man orgy at one recent regional meeting, while others took offence to him recording and then selling copies of branch meetings for apparent personal gain.

So bad did things become that a sort of (but not exclusive) north v south divide developed in the party. Edward, a former low level BNP official wanted Morrison and his chums gone, while those based in the north, (who must be terribly forgiving considering Morrison’s history up there,) wanted Morrison to remain because he is at least entertaining when singing Irish rebel songs whilst his pants are around his ankles.

Things came to head a couple of months ago when Edward decided to force everybody’s hand and resign from the party. He was joined by quite a few other members, but not long time Nazi Richard Edmonds who has been one of the most ardent of the anti-Morrsion brigade.

Edward was soon replace by Kev Bryan, a balding, thuggish, semi-literate nobody who once stood for the British National Party and is also a mate of Morrison’s, upsetting Edward even more.

Edward then decided that although he had resigned, he would not hand the party over to Bryan, and began citing all kinds of long words from the party’s constitution to cause the other faction confusion.

As a result of this, the current state of play is that the NF has two Chairmen and none, two websites, four branches on one side and three expelled branches on the other, two telephone numbers for the head office(s), a series of facebook pages attacking each other and recently held an Emergency General Meeting where allegations of wife swapping, wife beating, phone tampering and computer hacking were aired by one side about the other. Nothing was resolved.

Edwards’ faction does hold one key, he will not tell the Electoral Commission that he is no longer Chairman. He also happens to be the signatory with the Commission, allowing people to use the name National Front when standing for election.

What no-one has done in this dispute however, as happened in the previous twelve serious splits in the National Front, is accuse the other side of being a Nazi. The days when the NF tried to hide their Nazi intentions are long gone.

The South Wales NF did try however, after the Christmas social last weekend. Their blogsite showed a very serious and sombre evening of patriotic types having a sensible evening.

Blog: What South Wales NF wanted you to see

Blog: What South Wales NF wanted you to see

Above: How South Wales NF wanted you to see their Christmas Party

Below: What it was really like:

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Hairdresser on fire

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Tuesday, 17 December 2013, 13:59

She now owns Scotland: NBU announces another shirt sold

She now owns Scotland: NBU announces another shirt sold

The New British Union (NBU) is the oddest and sickest of groups on Britain's far-right. It's a group that actively encourages its members to dress up like a bunch of clowns and parade about like the high street is their bedroom mirror, as opposed to other groups that prefer their members to do that sort of thing in the privacy and seclusion of their own home.

Membership of the NBU seems to be limited to those of even more limited intelligence than other groups on the far-right, so you get a (un)pretty picture of the sort of group it is.

In Scotland the group is led by Jodie Muncie, a hairdresser from the picturesque town of Sanquhar in Dunfriesshire. She also uses the name Patricia Crosbie to spare her parents any further embarrasment. Because, even though Jodie advocates genocide for non-whites and Jews, she still has the decency to spare her mother and father any blushes.

Jodie made the local newspaper recently and was accused of all things, of being a rotten racist.

Well, judging by her reaction, the media do sometimes get it right...

Rant: Muncie rants against the media for calling her a racist

Rant: Muncie rants against the media for calling her a racist

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Drug dealer and Llama harmer form unholy alliance

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Tuesday, 17 December 2013, 09:38

Faulkner: Convicted drug dealer joins up with crack addict

Faulkner: Convicted drug dealer joins up with crack addict

A neo-Nazi drug dealer from Sunderland has teamed up with a notorious Nazi and animal abuser from Yorkshire in a bid to recruit what is left of the EDL and turn it into an even more militant street force.

Warren Faulkner, a lead member of the English Defence League (EDL) splinter group 'North East Infidels' was convicted earlier this year of possession of cocaine with intent to supply after being arrested at a far-right demonstration in Millfield, Sunderland.

The 42 year old contacted well known animal abuser John "Snowy" Shaw over the weekend after the street movement in the North East suffered more splits over growing disinterest in the ranks. A large group of Durham EDL supporters quit the EDL last week but found nowhere to go after the NEI told them they did not want them.

Shaw had been travelling the country making a nuisance of himself telling EDL divisions that he was behind the new EDL leadership, but at the same time recruiting for another new gang that Shaw wants to apparently model on the Nazi terror group Combat 18 (C18).

The two are working together to try and stop Stephen Yaxley Lennon getting a march on them and forming a new group, or even returning to the EDL.

In recent weeks Shaw has been filming himself and posting up videos of his own activities under the name "North West Infidels" the group he founded but which is currently moribund after seven of them were jailed in September for a violent attack on a father and his two children in Liverpool.

Shaw is keen to emulate more of that violence and presumably land more of his colleagues in jail. This being the case, he will most defintely have created a mirror image of Combat 18, another group that was led by somebody with an interest in having people arrested for stupidity.

Already the boss: Whose boss?

Already the boss: Whose boss?

Shaw has been spreading the rumour that English Defence League founder Stephen Lennon is to return to the group in January once all the "extremists" have been removed. Shaw has been urging anyone that wants to avoid being swept up to jump into a new venture with him.

By all accounts, Lennon did have a sit-down discussion with some of the new leadership of the EDL recently and the leadership agreed to remove the so-called "scum" from the group that Lennon felt he had been unable to control himself.

Whether it is true that Lennon will return to the EDL is unclear, however. The EDL leadership has just announded three national demonstrations in Slough, Kidderminster and Sheffield for the new year, but it is unlikely they will end up being national demonstrations.

Shaw and Faulkner are currently building an alliance that would instead of taking protests to the streets, car parks and pubs of our cities and towns, presumably take their hatreds and violence- their "war", to the doorsteps and homes of individuals that the group does not like.

Shaw: The grass is always snowy at Christmas

Shaw: The grass is always snowy at Christmas

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The BNP: A family business?

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 16 December 2013, 21:29

Last Thursday several newspapers carried a story regarding £389,000 left by a British man named Joseph Robson-who had been living in Spain, to the British National Party (BNP) in his will.

For quite a while now the BNP has cared more about dead supporters than it has its living members and supporters. Hardly a week goes by without an email or begging letter from the party reminding their members and supporters not to drop dead without leaving the party a few quid first. Just lately it has been also carrying a warning that if we do not leave the BNP our worldly goods, the government may get their grubby hands on them instead.

I tend to read those sort of warnings from the BNP as code for "Jews" getting hold of my money. Despite being a "family" party, there is no instruction from the BNP to leave one's wordly possessions of two 1990 FA Cup final replay tickets and a signed Billy Bragg poster to my family; I guess the BNP would probably flog those on Ebay too.

So, the story of Mr Robson's bequest being challenged by his two sons is one of interest. The legal facts and arguments can be read here.

Of greater interest is that having left the money to the BNP, it appears it has instead now been diverted (if that is the term) to a trust set up by three senior BNP members and one non-member, the non-entity that is the party's current estranged legal begal.

Nick Griffin and his daughter Jennfier, Party Treasurer Clive Jefferson and the aforementioned Patrick Harrington, are the directors of a charitable trust that executed a deed of variation to the will which would see the money paid into a specially set up charitable trust, rather then to the party directly.

News of this story when it broke in the party was met with the usual grunts and sighs. Some queried if the £389,000 had been or would ever be declared to the membership or the electoral commission. Others wondered why Adam Walker, the increasingly disloyal henchman, was left out of this charitable trust.

Harrington appeared before the court hearing into the bequest claiming that it would be "utterly unjust" if the party did not get the money.

This hearing comes at a crucial time for the BNP. Up to six of their full time staff face losing their jobs should Nick Griffin lose his seat in the European Parliament next year and with former BNP MEP Andrew Brons retiring. Guaranteed to keep their jobs come what may, are of course Griffin's daughter Jennifer and her husband Angus Matthys. Many of the office staff are prepared or preparing to return to their former jobs. That is of course, except for Adam Walker, who has rightly been banned from teaching.

One does wonder how the charitable trust would get around funding either the BNP or pay the salaries of its staff. Insiders in the party tells us that the party is already being "divided up".

A little digging today turned up that Mr Jefferson is not just part of this "charitable trust" with the intent of minding this money for the party, but since July of this year he has also owned 51% of a company called Heritage Content Management (HCM).

HCM, by all accounts, actually own the BNP website. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the other 49% of shares in HCM are owned by Griffin's son in law Angus Matthys.

Griffin & Jefferson

Griffin & Jefferson

Adam Walker: Unemployable and unlovable?

Adam Walker: Unemployable and unlovable?

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A little bit of BNP theft

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 16 December 2013, 09:35

Edwards: Thief and flag waver

Edwards: Thief and flag waver

Regular readers may be aware that the BNP has been ferrying their members to the European parliaments at the tax paying public's expense for the main purpose of visiting Christmas markets while they are there.

One of those who went on the recent trip to Strasbourg was George Edwards, aka George Crapper, from Sheffield, who doubles up as Nick Griffin's bodyguard.

Crapper can also be found on the internet exposing himself, wearing silly uniforms and well as offering his services as a debt collector, minder and sexual play thing.

He can now add "thief" to his many talents, having proudly stolen a flag.

That's the party of law and order, folks!

George: Could there be a crapper thief than this?

George: Could there be a crapper thief than this?

BNP: Milking it

BNP: Milking it

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Sons of man who left fortune to BNP in court battle to claim money

posted by: . | on: Thursday, 12 December 2013, 16:40

BNP Treasurer Clive Jefferson is battling against Mr Robson's sons' call for a ruling that the gift was illegal Photo: Champion News

BNP Treasurer Clive Jefferson is battling against Mr Robson's sons' call for a ruling that the gift was illegal Photo: Champion News

The sons of an English expat who left his £389,000 fortune to the British National Party in his will are battling in the High Court to claim the money.

When Northumbria-born Joseph Robson died in Alicante at the age of 81 in March 2010, he bequeathed his entire estate outside Spain - worth £389,000- to the British National Party, leaving his two sons, Jeremy and Simon, with £135 between them.

After their father's death, Mr Robson's sons launched a legal challenge to his will, insisting that their father was barred from giving his money to a British political party, because he had not been a registered UK voter in the five years before his death.

Now the BNP, represented by party Treasurer, Clive Jefferson, is battling against the sons' call for a ruling that the gift was illegal, and that their nationalist father had become a "foreigner" in the eyes of the law by the time he died.

Judge Richard Sheldon QC heard that Mr Robson, who was born in Ashington, Northumberland in 1928, and lived in Willow Tree Crescent, Lutterworth Leicestershire, after divorcing from his sons' mother in the 1970s, moved to Alicante on his retirement in 1992.

He made a will in 1996, leaving the whole of his worldly goods to the BNP, apart from a Spanish bank account containing just £135, which he bequeathed to Jeremy.

But the BNP ran into trouble when it tried to lay hands on the gift, the judge heard, after Mr Robson's sons claimed he was not legally permitted to make the political donation.

Barrister, Alex Troup, representing the executor of the will, told the judge that the sons claim Mr Robson failed to register on the UK electoral roll at any time during the five years prior to his death.

That meant that, under rules introduced by Tony Blair's Labour government in 2000 to curb "foreign donations" to British political parties, the expat was not entitled to make the gift, whether dead or alive.

Mr Troup explained that the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000 restricted "permissible donors" to UK political parties to those whose names had appeared on a UK electoral register "in the period of five years ending with the date of his death."

Phillip Capon, for the sons, told the judge that the rules mean that Mr Robson effectively died intestate and that, despite his wishes, his whole fortune ought to be handed to Jeremy and Simon.

Robert Grierson, representing Mr Jefferson, argued that the party had successfully overcome the problem in September 2011 by executing a deed of variation to the will which would see the money paid into a specially set up charitable trust, rather then to the party directly.

The trustees of the charity are Mr Jefferson, Nick Griffin's daughter Jennifer Matthys, and former leading National Front member, Patrick Harrington, who is now a key adviser to party leader, Nick Griffin.

But Mr Capon insisted that moving the cash into the trust would make no difference and could not legitimise an "illegal" political donation.

"The obligation under the Act is to pay the money back. The BNP is not entitled to the gift under this will. It does not have the lawful capacity under the Act to accept this gift. The gift fails and there is an intestacy," he told the court.

Mr Capon told the judge that Mr Jefferson, in his representative capacity as BNP Treasurer, could in theory face prosecution under the 2000 Act if the party was found to have accepted the payment illegally.

Mr Harrington, addressing the judge in person, argued that it would be "utterly unjust" for the party to be stripped of Mr Robson's bequest.

"One son was given nothing and the other was give less than £150. It seems pretty clear that the father didn't want the bulk of his estate to go to his two sons - he wanted it to go to a political party," he said.

"Mr Robson had every right to be on the electoral register but, for whatever reason, he was unaware of the provision that he had to be. The pathway can never lead to the sons, that can never happen," he added.

Denying that the BNP are fighting the case because they are badly in need of funds, he told the judge: "The BNP has received sizeable legacies as its support base tends to be amongst older people. It is not desperate for money."

Mr Harrington asserted that the money ought to be released to the trustees by the executor of the will because, "at this stage no one knows whether or not he was a permitted donor".

He promised that, were the cash released, "a large pool of voluntary BNP labour" would be "sitting in the British Library going through every electoral roll in the country" to find out if Mr Robson was registered to vote in any UK constituency in the five years before he died.

"His solicitor should have told him that he needed to be on the register," Mr Harrington said.

Expressing his preliminary views on the dispute, Judge Sheldon commented: "The deed of variation itself would suggest that the BNP were not satisfied that Mr Robson was a permissible donor.

"If the BNP had investigated whether or not Mr Robson was a permitted donor there would be no need for this hearing."

The judge reserved his decision on the dispute until a later date.

The Telegraph


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Hate preacher Anjem Choudary to attend Brick Lane anti-alcohol march

posted by: Adam Barnett | on: Thursday, 12 December 2013, 14:10

Anjem Choudary will attend the rally in Brick Lane. Picture: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

Anjem Choudary will attend the rally in Brick Lane. Picture: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

Islamist firebrand Anjem Choudary will attend a march against the drinking and sale of alcohol in Brick Lane tomorrow, the Advertiser can reveal.

The infamous leader of the group al-Muhajiroun said he hopes the rally will help convince Muslims and non-Muslims to “cut out alcohol from society altogether”.

The march on Friday by The Sharia Project, a group based in Waltham Forest with members in Whitechapel, will protest the drinking and sale of alcohol by Muslims in east London, which it says is sinful under Islamic law.

Mr Choudary today confirmed his links to the group after its spokesman Abu Ramaysah described him as one of its “mentors”.

He said: “I teach a lot of them and they have studied Sharia with me.”

Mr Choudary also criticised mosques in east London for tolerating the sale of alcohol, accusing them of doing so for money.

He said: “A Muslim knows it’s completely prohibited to sell alcohol.

“Some Muslims have gotten quite wealthy in the area of Brick Lane, and some of the so-called mosques in the area are benefiting from the sale of alcohol, so they keep their mouth closed.

He added: “The Whitechapel mosque and others take money from businesses in the area in donations at Friday prayers.

“This is not good enough. For non-Muslims it’s one thing. Muslims should know better.”

An East London Mosque official has said the rally is a publicity stunt that would “antagonise local people and business owners”.

On Monday, Mr Choudary defended three men sentenced to jail for threatening people drinking alcohol in east London in so-called “Muslim Patrols”.

He said the men, who were members of his group, were “fantastic individuals” who deserved to be “patted on the back”.

Docklands & East London Advertiser

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Dead Parrots?

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 11 December 2013, 17:31

I'm a huge fan of Monty Python, and one of my favourite sketches is the famous Dead Parrot sketch.

There can be few people who are unaware of the sketch and many Python aficionados like myself will be able to quote the lines from the script word for word.

If you haven't seen it the sketch involves an irate John Cleese returning a dead "Norwegian Blue" parrot to the pet shop where he bought it, with the shopkeeper, Michael Palin trying to convince Cleese that the parrot is in fact not actually dead but sleeping, after a long squawk.

So I put it to you dear readers that The English Democrats are a dead political party.

The English Democrats are no more! They have ceased to be! They've expired and gone to meet their maker!

Maybe I am being a bit premature with my condolences but take a close look at last weeks by election results and you will see the point I'm making.

In 2009 the English Democrat fortunes were running high, having just had its biggest victory of its short life, with Peter Davies winning the Doncaster mayoral election.

Things seemed to be on the up but then they made a fateful mistake, allowing their party to be taken over by a group of rejects from the BNP once Griffin's far right gang had began to implode.

The takeover upset a number of English Democrats including Mayor Peter Davies who quit the party in 2013 claiming the BNP invasion was unacceptable.

The English Democrats have been in a nose dive mode ever since, clearly illustrated in two council by elections held last week.

In Liverpool, one of those BNP rejects we mentioned, Steven McEllenborough received just 9 votes in the Riverside Ward By Election last Thursday.

If that wasn't bad enough English Democrat candidate Stephen Paxton finished in last place with just 6 votes in the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough by election for Arbury ward.

Where has the English Democrat vote gone? Probably mostly to their sworn enemies in UKIP and with this series of failures the English Democrats look like they will take a hell of a beating in next years European Elections.

Maybe the English Democrats are just pining for the fjords? They are certainly bereft of life.

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