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Terrorist jailed for 32 years

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 23 December 2011, 03:14

Kevin Harpham

Kevin Harpham

A US terrorist who admitted to planting a bomb alongside a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade route was sentenced to 32 years in prison on Tuesday.

Kevin Harpham, a white supremacist who had numerous links to far right organisations planted the radio-controlled pipe bomb in close proximity to the march in Spokane, Washington in January at the beginning of this year.

According to the FBI, the device was viable and was packed full of shrapnel. It also contained rat poison to prevent bleeding wounds from coagulating to cause maximum casualties.

Fortunately, the bomb was discovered and safely diffused; Harpham was arrested two months later by the FBI.

It soon emerged that Harpham was a card carrying member of the National Alliance a white separatist political organization founded by university lecturer Dr. William Luther Pierce in 1974.

Pierce using the pen name Andrew MacDonald was the author of the notorious fictional book “The Turner Diaries” which depicts revolution in the United States leading on ultimately to a race war which brings about the extermination of all Jews and non-whites.

The book went on to inspire another US Nazi terrorist Timothy McVeigh who detonated a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City in 1995 killing 168 people and injuring over 800.

Photocopies taken from The Turner Diaries were found alongside Timothy McVeigh when he was arrested for the bombing.

Following his conviction McVeigh received the death penalty in 2001.

William Pierce and the National Alliance are also closely linked to the BNP.

David Copeland a BNP member and later a member of the National Socialist Movement who killed three people in a bombing campaign in 1999, quoted from The Turner Diaries while being interviewed by police.

Pierce was the guest of honour at the BNP’s annual rally held in London in 1995. Pierce also spoke at an American Friends of the British National Party meeting in Arlington, Virginia in 1999.

When William Pierce died in 2002 the BNP website carried an official obituary, describing him as “Inspirational” and “Unique” claiming they retained their admiration for his “razor-sharp mind, his dedication, his capacity for hard work and his honesty”.

A year after Pierce’s death in 2003 Shaun Walker of the National Alliance attended the BNP’s “Red White and Blue” rally as one of the BNP’s overseas guests.

He would become chairman of the National Alliance in 2005 but his leadership was short lived after he was jailed in 2007 following attacks on a Mexican-American man in 2002 and a Native American man in 2003.

In 2005 BNP chairman Nick Griffin spoke alongside Kevin Alfred Strom, one time editor of the National Alliance’s magazine “National Vanguard” at an event in America hosted by former KKK man David Duke. Strom was later jailed for possession of child pornography in 2008.

William Pierce

William Pierce

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Infidels and their sick intentions.

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 21 December 2011, 02:23

John "Snowy" Shaw

John "Snowy" Shaw

One of our regular contributors has just forwarded us this screen grab of comments made on the NWI Fightback Facebook page.

NWI Fightback is one of the official Facebook pages belonging to the EDL splinter “The Infidels” led by John “Snowy” Shaw of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.

Shaw, Llama farmer, ex crack cocaine addict and petty thief broke away from the EDL following a number of disputes regarding the EDL’s direction along with accusations from both sides of financial wrongdoings.

Shaw has dragged “The Infidels” further and further to the extreme right, linking up with established right wing organisations such as the National Front and embracing anti Semitism and anti Catholic sentiment along the way.

One known associate of John Shaw is the one time London UDA chief Frank Portinari who was jailed for 5 years in 1994 for smuggling guns to the UDA/UFF.

The NWI Fightback page is controlled by Shaw’s ever faithful clown and lieutenant Shane Calvert of Blackburn.

Calvert, who likes to be the centre of attention, regularly posts offensive comments, often posting links to far right websites.

One such thread was posted yesterday and shows the chilling intentions of Shaw, Calvert and “The Infidels”.

We will be passing these grabs over to the relevant authorities.

Shane Calvert

Shane Calvert

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"New Right": Same old nasties

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 12 December 2011, 16:44

Renouf: Liked Gaddafi

Renouf: Liked Gaddafi

For those who can no longer fit themselves or their egos into groups like the BNP and feel themselves far too up market for the rest of the basement dwellers on the British “scene”, there is always the "New Right".

There's not a lot actually new about this group, but they do like to sit themselves on the sidelines full of pomp and self importance and behave in a manner not too dissimilar to a role exemplified by (for those that can remember that far back), the likes of Statler and Waldorf.

These are the people who have an answer for everything, particularly for the sort of quandaries that Nick Griffin never wants to talk about anymore.

Yesterday they came together for their "36th meeting". That's not "annual" either, it's just when the time suits and a pub can be booked for a secretive soiree. Most of those present were ex-friends and colleagues of Griffin, one of them even a former BNP treasurer!

Dr James Thring opened the proceedings with a rather warm and glowing remembrance of Colonel Gaddafi, that charming old chap who apparently "wanted everyone to be heard in Parliament". Plus the first in the long list of denials through the afternoon was on the case of WPC Yvonne Fletcher. Although it appears the new Libyan government are considering helping bring her killer to justice, "The Libyan Embassy was not tall enough for someone shooting from any window there" to shoot her he told the room. Perhaps he should tell the Libyans that, not a room of Holocaust deniers?

Lady Michelle Renouf, an Australian felt to be rather aloof, also made an appearance. When she's not fronting up for "Press TV" of Iran, she's working with Holocaust deniers and of course, she had some connections with the late Colonel Gaddafi. ""We need more witty, brilliant, authentic men like Gaddafi" Michelle told the meeting, also going onto describe Gaddafi as a "fantastic role model". For what, we're not sure

There was some rather brilliant "revisionist" Christmas cards on sale too. You know the sort, the sort that makes denying the Holocaust fun. What a laugh they had over those...

Most observers will be happy to see Jonathan Bowden up and about again. Bowden was hounded out of the BNP a few years by some rather unflattering allegations. The self-styled artist, playwright and former "Revolutionary Conservative" complained that the Japanese had been "feminised" by defeat in the Second World War and that since then had been "mentally and morally invaded by the US".

It was a cracking day for everyone that was there. Jews were baited and Jews hated, Gaddafi mourned and admired, and the Holocaust was scoffed at.

This "New Right" is pretty much like the old one.

Christmas: A good time to deny the Holocaust

Christmas: A good time to deny the Holocaust

Bowden:"The samurai were an elite," apparently

Bowden:"The samurai were an elite," apparently

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Booze Hound addresses Italian Fascists

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Sunday, 11 December 2011, 13:52

Walker: Maybe he can manage this sort of party?

Walker: Maybe he can manage this sort of party?

Nick Griffin's European gravy train took him from his Nazi shindig in Stockholm yesterday afternoon on to Rome last night, where he addressed a meeting of the fascist Italian group Forza Nuova (New Force). Griffin would've been most relieved to leave Stockholm as it appears that thousands of people turned out to protest against it.

"New Force" are actually anything but new. It's the party of Griffin's old friend Roberto Fiore, a convicted terrorist and long time inspiration to the extreme far-right fringe in this country.

Fiore helped destroy the old National Front here as his young disciples Nick Griffin and Patrick Harrington went and ended up on begging missions to Colonel Gaddafi in Tripoli and trying to play ideological footsie with Irish Republicans instead of paying enough attention to their much maligned and shrinking British membership.

One of the chief architects of Griffin's old "Poltical Soldiers" Derek Holland, who wrote the seminal work that led to the NF's destruction 'The Political Soldier' was also on the invite list, so it would have been a real old get together for the people who did so much fantastic damage to British fascism in the 1980's.

Fiore's party supports the ideas of Julius Evola, an Italian born in 1898 who was heavily into mysticism, deviancy and of course, Jew hating. Evola died in 1974, no doubt happy that he got to see a lot of his favourite things unleash themselves across Europe during his life.

He would probably have enjoyed how debauched his British followers became in his name too had he lived long enough to see it.

While Griffin was in Rome, he helped himself to plenty of that hospitality for which he has become notorious since taking over the BNP. As his party's membership fees increase, so it appears does Griffin's bourgeois lifestyle and tastes.

Griffin had a little too much to drink while in Rome and reports this morning that he is suffering "the worst hangover of my life". What didn't help was his luggage not joining him there. I'm pleased to report that Griffin's luggage went to Ethiopia instead.

While Old Nick was downing large amounts of "beer, grappa & absynthe" in Rome, he at least had the decency to ring his members at the party's awful beanfeast in Jarrow, where the few members who bothered to turn up to listen to his drunken rambling were bemused to find Adam Walker the BNP's "party manager", walking around in a karate outfit.

Griffin's new best friend forever Simon Darby did not get an invite to Rome. Last time he was in Italy he was Nazi saluted by Italian admirers which was just another of the nails that went into the BNP's electoral coffin at the time.

While the BNP's very own "Rome" burns, isn't it great to see their leader has gone to the real Rome to get himself pissed and incoherent while mixing with the very sort of policies and people that helped him destroy the old NF.

Griffin: More drunken fun for the Fuhrer

Griffin: More drunken fun for the Fuhrer

Salute: How Forza Nuova greets BNP members normally

Salute: How Forza Nuova greets BNP members normally

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Snowy halts play

posted by: Sam King | on: Saturday, 10 December 2011, 13:31

Shaw: So much for

Shaw: So much for "No Surrender"

Last night's revelation that the 'Infidels' were going to invade the tiny village of Wilstead in Bedfordshire, got the Nutzi hooligans all hot under the collar.

In football hooligan parlance, this was really "calling it on", so on to the bat phones they went to stir it up and issue threats.

And apparently, Yaxley-Lennon was no fan of having racist football hooligans marauding down his leafy street. He's worked very hard to live there in peace and tranquillity (although his neighbours would disagree somewhat).

So close to a taste of his own medicine was he, that Yaxley-Lennon flexed his groaning army's muscles and the upshot was that at some time during the night it became apparent that John "Snowy" Shaw's 'Infidels' may be nasty, but there just are not enough of them to really front up the EDL.

And the ramifications of an all-out brawl were not lost on many. If it was to really "kick off" between the two gangs, it would mean violence all over the north of England between the two groups and would mean at least one prison having to move either the Infidel or the EDL faction out with some urgency.

So, "Snowy" Shaw had to climb down. He climbed slowly, but down he went, but not without veiled threats. You see, the EDL have already been to Shaw's farm and allegedly terrified his wife and kids once. This is one of the reasons he no longer lives there.

As "Snowy" made an embarrassing climb down, his ranting, raving and sheer bravado went up a further notch.

"There should be no need for us to compete" he wrote. But despite him calling Yaxley-Lennon a "grass" more than once, he made it perfectly clear that he himself had the addresses of certain EDL members because the "ob" (the police), "gave them to me". Then came the veiled threats "certain groups will retaliate if anything happens to me" he wrote.

No doubt this is in reference to the breakaway Loyalist Paramilitaries that Shaw, who has no job, manages to laud and pay homage to quite regularly in Derry, Northern Ireland. But all in all, "Snowy" does not want a war with the EDL any more.

"There was no mention in the demo post of a direct address" he continued in reference to the plans he laid last night to visit Wilstead. Of course not, "Snowy", it was just a coincidence, eh? Half of the antifascist movement didn’t know he lived there for a start..

So, the racists' race-war is off for now. "Snowy" and his gang will go back to targeting little old ladies selling the Morning Star and leave alone whatever it is that the EDL is selling, for now.

But it's coming. There's only room for one Cartel in this game after all.

Snowy surrenders

Snowy surrenders

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Griffin's Chianti Christmas message

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 10 December 2011, 12:53

Griffin's Xmas address: Will still be boring, even from Italy.

Griffin's Xmas address: Will still be boring, even from Italy.

Not only does Old Nick think he's the GrandFuhrer of the Baby Jesus he has really taken the idea of issuing Christmas messages to a new level.

As the BNP membership continues to slide it appears that there is nothing Old Nick won't do to personally ensure everyone gets a little bit of that Griffin Christmas magic (unless of course you're his beleaguered son-in-law).

Tonight, Old Nick will be in Italy (which as far as we're aware is not part of his European constituency), as the Griffin gravy train continues its magnificent European sojourn from meeting one extremist to another.

Today he's at a demonstration in Stockholm. What a life, eh?

This has of course caused some logistical problems for the Fuhrer. Having been embarrassed by the blog on here in November about the BNP having no North East beanfeast this year, the comrades up there have thrown together a little shindig and a few tatty old time pieces to stick in a raffle in the hope they can enthuse their dwindling membership that all is well.

Many congratulations to them, too. Christmas in the North East would be nothing without the BNP having a drunken brawl and a few public domestic disputes.

Unfortunately, the leader cannot make it. Instead, he'll be phoning in to the party to deliver a personal Christmas message, one that will uplift the members while he's no doubt enjoying a fine Chianti elsewhere.

Not only can you not stop Christmas (though they have tried), you cannot stop Nick Griffin having a good time.

Buon Natale as they say...

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EDL & 'Infidels' line up a lightweight bout for the New Year.

posted by: Sam King | on: Friday, 9 December 2011, 20:37

"Snowy": Loves the craic in Derry..

"Snowy": Loves the craic in Derry..

The EDL and their even more naughty, nutty neo-Nazi splinter group the 'Infidels' continue their battle of wills for the hearts and minds of the Neanderthals who live for their 'patriotic', violent paranoia, and terrorism.

Whipped up by recent tabloid headlines and their own self importance the rival leaders of each group are both planning rival and racist demonstrations for the New Year. But with only 365 days in a year available to them, the two groups are apparently struggling to find days that do not "clash". Well actually, that's not true.

The EDL seem determined to make sure they hold their demo on the same days as the 'Infidels' hold theirs, calling heavily on the loyalty of their numerical advantage. Desperate to avoid a clash of dates, the Infidels called for their demonstration to be in the North West of England next January.

The EDL, fresh from having supporters' jailed for trying to blow up a mosque in Stoke, decided that they would hold their rally in Leicester.

Having spent the best part of a year exchanging occasional blows but more often than not, internet bile with each other, the EDL decided to pull rank as the largest of the two "syndicates" and hold their demonstration on the same day as that of the Infidels' demonstration.

Of course, we do not use the words "syndicates" lightly. Most people view the two factions as being involved in more of a kind of cocaine turf war than any great ideological disagreement.

For their part, the Infidels have continued their extreme anti-Irish diatribes against EDL leader Yaxley-Lennon, and now they persist with accusing him of being in the employment of the "state".

Interestingly, it has been pointed out by more than one person both in England and in Northern Ireland that it is actually 'Infidel' leader John "Snowy" Shaw-the former crack addict who manages to avoid any known paid work, but still manages to afford regular trips to Northern Ireland in an attempt to ingratiate himself with what is left of breakaway factions from the "mainstream" Loyalist paramilitaries.

We never comment on such things of course, but the constant sniping at Stephen Yaxley Lennon's supposed lax Irish Catholicism has obviously and finally got up his nose (he probably sees it as an insult).

Having moved his demonstration to the 4th of February on someone's "advice", John "Snowy" Shaw was furious to discover that the EDL have decided to move their demonstration to that day too.

Infidel leader "Snowy" is understandably furious. He's going to go ahead with his demonstration anyway, but no longer in the North West of the country.

They're now going to hold their demonstration just outside Luton, in the village of Wilstead! Hardly the hotbed of supposed radical Islam or indeed Irish Republicanism, Wilstead's only "famous" occupant is one Stephen Yaxley Lennon.....

Let's get ready to rumble...

Let's get ready to rumble...

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Who to believe?

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 9 December 2011, 14:57

Griffin: Would rather live in Russia?

Griffin: Would rather live in Russia?

You may be aware that Old Nick Griffin has been on the Euro gravy train again this week.

Old Nick's been in Russia lauding post-Soviet democracy in a capacity that his party, the BNP, would describe as 'experienced Independent observer'.

To be fair, Griffin has observed more election defeats than most political leaders in this country, but he's about as independent an observer as Kenny Dalglish would be at an England qualifier!

The BNP's views on our democratic system are well known. It would presumably work a lot better (for them) if 99.6% of the current voting public were denied their legal right to vote, therefore ensuring that the BNP get the sort of electoral recognition they think that years of bomb making, violence and racist murder richly deserve!

One of Old Nick's bug bears is postal voting. The BNP used to try everything possible to make it work for them. I even recall one year when one BNP organiser managed to lose about 800 of the slippery buggers on his way to work and also at the same time, lose the BNP a council seat.

So Nick's had a change of mind. "In Britain, people register to vote by post and are allowed to vote by post or without providing any proof of who they are in the polling station.

Sadly, the corruption of the British system goes way beyond the postal vote scandal,” says Mr. Griffin. “I will be publishing a full report contrasting the British and Russian systems in due course....a few of the ways in which Putin’s Russia is more democratic than Cameron’s UK Banana Republic".

So it's out with the postal votes and in with Russian style democracy for Nick. Of course, concedes Nick, not every observer is totally happy with the Russian election results. However, Old Nick knows all about that:

"None of them had a good word to say about Prime Minister Putin or his United Russia Party, but none of them could give me any evidence of electoral fraud either. That’s more than can be said of affair in Britain".

Not quite sure what he meant by the last bit, but then Old Nick did bizarrely tweet me last night that he wanted a cabbage for his tea. I'll have to assume that is another change of his underworked mind. Perhaps too he should tell people in a more forthright manner when he's had a change of mind.

We get to hear a lot in our office about who is in and who is out of favour in the Griffin camp. We even knew Stephen Palmer was "quitting" his job at the BNP website before he did, apparently. And we also hear there are big plans for Michael Stewart who is very friendly with the Walker brothers but no-one is allowed to tell Chris Barnett who currently does their IT work as he is described as "highly strung".

But all that aside, surely someone should tell poor old Angus Mathys. Known as "Trigger" to his colleagues, nobody told the poor husband of Griffin's daughter Jenny about the postal vote turn around.

There's a lot of rumours at the moment about the former post room boy's inability to deliver a number of things to the Griffins, but try as he might, Angus just cannot catch a trick.

While his Fuhrer-in-law was swanning around Russia like a parasitical Romanov statesman, young Angus was stumped up with his missus in front of the computer writing us an exciting update as to how he remains on the party payroll now that there are no more buckets of Belfast excrement to wade through. Jenny was sitting next to him as they take turns putting up great amounts of text about the Leader's latest bright sparks in something not disimiliar to what might happen on the only computer in Pyongyang. And what does Angus write?

"At the latest joint Allerdale and Copeland meeting in Cumbria this week, four of our local councillors set about collecting postal vote application forms. There was fierce but friendly competition between the Allerdale secretary and the Copeland organiser – super activists and cllrs Dawn Charlton and Malcolm Southward – to see who could collect the most applications".

Yes, poor little Angus. So far out of the loop and so considerably further down the pecking order now that Griffin is apparently the GrandFuhrer of the new baby Jesus he has found himelf doing the Devil's work. Again.

Angus: It never rains but it pours

Angus: It never rains but it pours

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Exclusive: Euro Nazis back Asian MEP's Presidency bid

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 9 December 2011, 11:49

Hate List: Tory MEP's supporters sign up

Hate List: Tory MEP's supporters sign up

Tories in parliament here in the UK have been demanding that the PM finds his "Bulldog Spirit" when he heads to a meeting of EU leaders to discuss the Euro Zone crisis.

One such Tory who has found such spirit-or perhaps the spirit has found him-is MEP Nirj Deva. Standing to be the EU President in a race to stop a German Socialist being elected, the representitive for South East England in Europe since 1999 has apparently found favour with a rag tag of racists, fascists and Holocaust deniers whose signatures have been found giving him their nominations for the post about to be vacated by Jerzy Buzek

Among his esteemed list of supporters are:

  • Nick Griffin BNP (UK)
  • Bruno Gollnisch Front National (France)
  • Philip Claeys Vlaams Belang (Belgium)
  • Oreste Rossi Lega Nord (Italy)
  • Dimitar Stoyanov Ataka (Bulgaria)
  • Slavi Binev (Bulgaria)
  • Andreas Molzer FPO (Austria)

Whether Nirj Deva would be willing to jump into bed with this bunch of anti-immigrant fascists and Holocaust deniers is anyone's guess.

Never mind Mr Cameron finding the "Bulldog Spirit" as so many of his MP's want him too. One particular favourite of his party, Winston Churchill, the war time PM would be turning in his grave!

Nirj Deva

Nirj Deva

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British Freedom makes themselves look stupid

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 9 December 2011, 02:25

Paul Weston

Paul Weston

At Christmas time the far right aided by some sections of the right wing tabloid press traditionally cook up a “Christmas is being banned" story that inevitably turns out to be untrue.

This year’s Yuletide award for stupidity goes to the miniscule BNP splinter British Freedom led by UKIP reject Paul Weston.

British Freedom announced a link up with the thuggish EDL just last month with the possibility of EDL members standing as election candidates under the British Freedom umbrella.

It seems the victim of this year’s made up Christmas story is the much loved charity The British Red Cross with British Freedom announcing on their Facebook page “The British Red Cross has again banned overt reference to Christmas from its 430 fundraising shops to avoid “cultural insensitivity” Do not donate to them.”

However The British Red Cross are old hands at this having dealt with this kind of nonsense since The Daily Mail printed an incorrect story about them back in 2002.

On their website The British Red Cross under an article entitled “How the Red Cross didn’t ban Christmas” quickly demolished the untrue story.

“To reiterate: this story is now nine years old. Many of our shops and offices are decked out in Christmas decorations, and our online Christmas gift shop is open for business. We have in no way “banned Christmas” nor have we discussed doing so.”

They continued “It’s true that you won’t find explicitly religious items or displays, relating to any faith, in any of our shops, at Christmas or any other time. But this certainly doesn’t amount to a ban on us celebrating or mentioning Christmas, or any other holiday. And it’s absolutely nothing to do with “offending non-Christians” or to serve any other sort of politically correct agenda.

The point is that the Red Cross is not a political or religious organisation. This neutrality is one of our fundamental principles and governs everything we do in the whole Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. We can’t let people in need down by compromising our neutrality. That is why we do not align ourselves with any particular political cause or religious creed anywhere in the world. And that’s why we don’t have any items of a religious nature in our shops.”

Red faced British Freedom administrators quickly deleted the posting from Facebook when it was pointed out to them that what they had claimed was nonsense and are now pretending the whole incident didn’t happen.

Good job we managed to get hold of this screen grab.

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Turkey makes Christmas address

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 7 December 2011, 20:50

Griffin: Dreaming of a white Christmas?

Griffin: Dreaming of a white Christmas?

Old Nick Griffin looks just about ripe for Christmas plucking. He's had better years and he admits as much.

Standing in front of an EU Christmas tree in Brussels, Griffin has made a Christmas address, a "message" via the interweb, to his fans.

Never mind the bollocks as someone once said, never mind all those people on the dole at Christmas too because the BNP don't pay their bills either; this year's Christmas is going to be particularly special for Nick and his wife Jackie "the Night-nurse" Griffin.

Unto them a Grandchild has been born. And before you ask, yes, a lovely white baby it is too. Their first. "And the thought of the baby born in Bethlehem will perhaps have an extra poignancy in our house" he tells us.

Wait for it, wait for it...

Nope, he's not joking. Yes, the Griffin baby is not unlike Jesus. Obviously..

But aside from himself and the new Aryan born unto the Griffin Klan, old Nick is also going to spare a thought this Yuletide to the "extended family" that he has in the British National Party. And why not? Christmas is a time of giving and we all know how Nick likes to receive any time of year, "in good times and in bad" he tells us. He also says he feels his members "love". Of course, there is a little less love this year, so perhaps those desperate of foolish enough to still afford to be in his fan club/party could give a little more?

Nick's done his bit over the last year for the great white race too. He tells us how he led sixty "patriots" (we counted forty) to "protect the poppy" this year and it does not matter to him (not that he mentions it), that a lot of that number were paramilitary nutters who threatened to kill the Prime Minister on their way there too!

But Christmas can also be a time for reflection. So spare a thought for the kids in Sheffield who had their Christmas as good as cancelled because of the BNP's actions, or as Griffin recalls it, when his thugs "stood up for family values" and intimidated a primary school for their "wicked plan" to teach school children to say no to the sort of predators the BNP normally prefer to work with school children.

He goes on: "I can tell you with absolute certainty that 2012 is going to be a good year for the British National Party". Many in the BNP would of course, like that to be an indication that Griffin is going to stand down, but he is not. So it's actually going to be another great year for Hope Not Hate instead. Every day over the last few years that Nick Griffin has been leader of the BNP has felt like Christmas for us.

In winding up, Griffin tells those who are still watching him to "get involved" in his little party. "I'm really looking forward to meeting you, which is a certainty if you get involved". Bless my Mother, she was about to get on the blower and join up too...

Of course it is a certainty you'll get to meet Griffin if you join the BNP. He has room for three more in a phone box outside of his farmhouse in Welshpool. And if you can't make it there, he'll probably come to yours if you have not answered the endless begging phone calls, letters and emails from him throughout the year.

Griffin:Beefing up on the gravy train

Griffin:Beefing up on the gravy train

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Russian Democracy: Griffin Style

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 7 December 2011, 13:29

Now where have they hidden that vodka?

Now where have they hidden that vodka?

Nick Griffin has recently returned from Moscow following an invitation for him to be an independent elections advisor in last week’s Russian parliamentary elections.

Griffin obviously couldn’t believe his luck. Known to like the food and drink, Griffin was in hog heaven with copious amounts of food and free flowing vodka along with dancing Cossacks being the order of the day.

Perhaps it was the vodka or his own sense of self importance that clouded Griffin’s judgement when it came to the actual reason he was in Russia, to give an impartial view of the Russian election.

Or maybe Moscow just wanted a few gullible idiots to churn out their version of events on state television?

The election has been widely condemned as being loaded in favour of the ruling “United Russia” party, with numerous accounts of vote rigging, harassment and state interference.

Yet Nick Griffin declared that there were “A handful of small technical failings in a few polling stations that didn't affect the validity of the election”.

Posting on Twitter he also said that “UK Electoral Commission could learn a lot from the Russian set up to monitor & improve elections.”

Really? Do we want the Russian system that has seen opposition leaders such as the veteran liberal politician Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister turned vocal government opponent rounded up and detained?

The same Russian system that banned a number of political parties from even standing in the elections?

The same system that arrested two well known anti corruption bloggers and placed them in jail?

EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said “Reports of procedural violations are a serious concern". She also highlighted the "lack of media impartiality, a lack of separation between party and state, and the harassments of independent monitoring attempts".

A report from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe details alleged attempts to stuff ballot boxes, manipulate voter lists and harass election monitors. The group, which monitors and promotes democracy and human rights in Europe, cited the lack of an independent body running the election or impartial news media.

Yet Griffin wrote “Eye opening being in a country that has set up a democratic system recently and with intention of being honest & transparent. UK elections are a bent farce by comparison.”

The election results triggered two days of protests in Moscow and St Petersburg with several thousand protestors taking to the streets. Russian police are thought to have arrested hundreds of the protestors as anger over allegations of official corruption and economic stagnation started to boil over.

United Russia, the party of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin remains the largest party, albeit with a smaller majority and his reputation tarnished.

Is this the sort of democracy Nick Griffin and the BNP would like in this country?

Of course it is.

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"Tram Woman" sobs, BNP gets busy

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Tuesday, 6 December 2011, 14:23

Cliff Le May (Left) David Clarke (Right)

Cliff Le May (Left) David Clarke (Right)

Emma West, 34, appeared at Croydon Magistrates' Court charged with a racially aggravated public order offence.

She broke down in the dock as a video allegedly showing her racially abusing fellow passengers on a tram was played the courtroom.

West pleaded not guilty to the charges and was supported by a number of her family.

Also present were a number of BNP and EDL members and supporters who have no connecion to West.

Among those present for the BNP were Cliff Le May and Dave Clarke from New Addington and BNP mayoral candidate Carlos Cortiglia.

Clarke is a well known BNP thug who once ran for council and was given a year's community service for assaulting two female pacifist campaigners.

David Clarke, who got 518 votes when he stood in 2009 was sentenced on four counts of assaulting anti-racism campaigners.

Clarke, of Dunley Drive, New Addington, pushed and shoved Lorna Nelson-Homian, James Cox, Nigel Green and Silvia Beckett in two separate attacks outside East Croydon train station.

During the 2010 general election Clarke was ejected from a JD Wetherspoon pub after a sex act was performed in full view of diners and drinkers.

Pics: Copyright of Hope Not Hate.

Carlos Cortiglia

Carlos Cortiglia

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There's unions and then there is Solidarity

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 5 December 2011, 12:34

Patrick Harrington (Far Left) looking glum after another disasterous hearing.

Patrick Harrington (Far Left) looking glum after another disasterous hearing.

Patrick Harrington’s Solidarity “Union” sent out an email yesterday. “Hard Time Ahead-Get Union Protection” it told me.

I agree with the sentiment. However that is about the only advice I would ever take from the faux trade union of the BNP. Their email continues “Apparently, the reason why businesses are not taking on workers is because it is not easy enough to sack them!”

There of course speaks the voice of experience, because Solidarity and its General Secretary Patrick Harrington seem to spend most of its time in employment tribunals defending the BNP against its former employees!

Oh, and not very well I might add too.

Harrington and his fake union was recently criticised by the panel at the recent General Teaching Council for England (GTCE) hearing where Harrington was defending disgraced teacher and BNP activist Mark Walker.

The hearing was called to discuss the conduct of Walker who used school computers to send a vulnerable 16-year-old former pupil a sexually explicit message via email.

Walker sent the girl emails while working at Sunnydale Community College, in Shildon, County Durham, in 2007.

The panel found Walker guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and banned him from teaching indefinitely.

The panel criticised Harrington after he made a statement on the Solidarity website regarding Mark Walker’s suspension and referred to a scheduled investigatory meeting, which should have remained confidential to the school, Walker and Harrington.

The GTCE panel described Harrington’s actions as “inappropriate”.

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Britainís Most Expensive Party?

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 2 December 2011, 14:31

With the BNP in terminal decline, you would have thought that Nick Griffin would be trying his hardest to hang onto what is left of the party’s membership?

Apparently not, and with the BNP’s finances in a terminal nosedive, Griffin and Co. have devised a cunning plan to milk the remaining few members of every penny they possess.

They have increased the membership rates by a whopping 60% and in turn have become Britain’s most expensive political party to join.

From December 1st the standard membership fee has shot up from £30 to £48 per year. That in itself is a huge rise; however the BNP are actively encouraging its members to pay monthly via direct debit with BNP treasurer Clive Jefferson explaining “I cannot emphasise enough the importance of moving the membership over to a monthly collection payment system. It will help the members by making membership affordable to all”

That’s an interesting concept by Clive, and one that perhaps explains why the party is in financial meltdown. He actually aims to make the membership more affordable by charging the members more?

Using the monthly direct debit scheme which costs £4.50 per month, members will be paying a gigantic £54 per year for the privilege of seeing the BNP potentially shrivel and die. That is an 80% increase from the standard £30 membership.

According to the BNP, “One-off annual payments can also be made but are not going to be encouraged because steady monthly income makes budgeting and management much easier, and ALL new members will have to join using the monthly payment method.”

What it also means is that the BNP will have your bank details and with the way the finances have been run over the years, that is not a position most financially astute people would want to be in.

So let’s compare the current BNP membership rates to other well known political parties in the UK:

Figures shown are for new members.

The BNP: Standard Membership = £54 (Existing members can make a one off payment of £48)

The Labour Party: Standard Membership = £41 (This is over a 12 month period. You are not charged extra for paying via direct debit)

The Green Party: Minimum Membership =£31 (This is over a 12 month period. You are not charged extra for paying via direct debit)

UKIP: Standard Membership £30

Plaid Cymru: Minimum Membership = £24 (Plaid Cymru do not charge extra for direct debit)

The Conservative Party: Standard Membership = £25

The Liberal Democrats: Minimum Standard Membership = £12

Scottish National Party: Standard Membership =£12 (The SNP do not charge extra for direct debit)

So, £54 to join Britain’s fastest shrinking but most expensive party. To see it go “belly up” however, remains priceless.

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