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A Very Sordid Affair

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 31 October 2011, 17:30

Jennifer Matthys: Too intimidated to attend tribunal

Jennifer Matthys: Too intimidated to attend tribunal

The BNP v Marion Thomas employment tribunal held in Belfast finished just before 4pm today.

Everyone who observed the proceedings agreed that tension, bitterness and hatred lay thick in the air like a poisonous cloud.

Patrick Harrington, the BNP's legal advisor, who earlier did not want to discuss Marion Thomas's allegations of being held against her will by officers of the BNP, chose to return to that very subject for the afternoon's session.

What transpired is that the BNP exchanged £7,500 in cash for what appears to be their membership database and server in a Tesco's car park in Northern Ireland.

Local newspapers tomorrow will lead on this and also Adam Walker's alleged description of the town of Comber being like a "dump".

Harrington, the former NF leader had to be helped with procedure by the chair of the panel, but managed to confuse the complainant Marion Thomas
nearly as much as he confused himself.

The key question remains was Marion Thomas held against her will by three agitated BNP members who were exchanging cash for property ?

Another allegation made by Thomas is that the BNP treasurer Clive Jefferson helped himself to £200 because of his "inconvenience" at having to allegedly hold her against her will. Or did he give it to Ian Kitchen?

On a number of occasions Thomas's legal representative queried Harrington's line of questioning. Harrington contends that Thomas was only employed by the BNP for six months and therefore can claim neither unfair dismissal or claim for redundancy pay.

As we have reported before, there appeared to be no love lost between Marion Thomas and Jennifer Matthys, daughter of the BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Jennifer has refused to attend the hearing saying that she feels intimidated.

Tomorrow should be fun if not a little uncomfortable for one BNP witness.

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Breaking for lunch.

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 31 October 2011, 13:48

As the Belfast employment tribunal has just broken for lunch, it gives me a chance to update the blog with some of this morning’s proceedings.

Marion Thomas, sister in law of Jim Dowson has been giving evidence this morning and describes most of what the BNP are saying in the tribunal as rubbish.

Thomas alleges that Jennifer Matthys, daughter of BNP leader Nick Griffin took £900 from one of the BNP's bank accounts to correct an error made by her husband Angus regarding the BNP's postage.

When the matter of Marion Thomas's false imprisonment was brought up, Patrick Harrington, the BNP's legal advisor objected to it being discussed in the tribunal as he said it was a criminal matter.

The BNP spoke of one meeting that they claimed took place between BNP party manager Adam Walker and Marion Thomas where they claim a discussion took place regarding her redundancy. Thomas claims no such meeting happened as she claims Walker was on a boat home to England at the time of the supposed meeting.

At regular occurrences throughout the hearing, the Vice President of the employment panel has had to warn the BNP members present for disrupting the hearing by talking in the tribunal .

The hearing continues.

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posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 31 October 2011, 10:46

The hearing has been delayed from opening for 30 minutes.

Patrick Harrington, the BNP's legal advisor and leader of the fake trade union "Solidarity" has now showed his face.

Still some people seem to think Griffin is on his way.

Don't hold your breath for that one.

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No sign of Griffin.

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 31 October 2011, 09:15

Some of the BNP bigwigs have started to appear at the Belfast tribunal.

Adam and Mark Walker appeared first, accompanied by two unknown females.

Next to arrive was the BNP's feckless party treasurer Clive Jefferson.

In all there appears to be approximately 8 people in the BNP party.

Marion Thomas, the complainant has also arrived with what appears to be a bodyguard.

All the parties appear to be in the reception at the moment with some harsh words apparently being exchanged.

As of yet there is no sign of Nick Griffin.

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Will he or won't he?

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 31 October 2011, 08:22

Waiting to see whether the BNP leadership have the nerve to show up in Belfast today. Griffin and co are expected at an employment tribunal to answer charges of unfair dismissal against former employee Marion Thomas.

The case is an interesting one as the BNP owe lots of angry small businesses money and the BNP has intimated once before that they fear for their safety there. It's expected that as many as eight senior figures could be called to give evidence, but not Mark Walker. He is in the North East at another tribunal related to his teaching ban.

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Flogging a dying horse?

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Tuesday, 11 October 2011, 17:35

Griffin: Dying horse/cash cow, it's all the same..

Griffin: Dying horse/cash cow, it's all the same..

I'm beginning to lose count of how many videos from how many different locations the BNP has issued in the last 24 or so hours.

Of course, when they say they're "answering the smears", the BNP are not really doing any such thing. The evidence suggests that in fact, most BNP members are feeling quite uncomfortable while Nick Griffin waffles down the camera while being interviewed by another one of his guilty party.

Obviously the cynicism expressed here and in other quarters last night put paid to any pre-planned emergency appeals that the BNP may have been planning once their website mysteriously went off line, but there is no denying that despite the recent limit being placed by the racing industry on race horses being whipped too much, the BNP persists in still absolutely flogging their old nag to death.

Seriously, "Turn Smears into Cash" says one of their satellite sites today. More appropriate would surely be "We make cash disappear, no questions asked". Or should that be "no questions answered"?

Nick Griffin was apparently "trending" very highly on twitter last night. Apparently most of it was abuse directed at him, while we're very happy to see that national curry week is still at number five. I'm sure that must leave a nasty taste in someone's mouth. That and paying the BBC license fee must really grind Griffin's gears (sorry, I wasn't going to mention his missing Skoda), because the BBC is according to one absolute senior BNP bore "one of the lynchpins of the entire multicult and globalist mind control machine..." I kid you not!

That would explain why the last thing of note that Nick Griffin ever wrote was about the BBC and the alleged Jewish conspiracy in it, right down to children's television presenters.

Griffin also claimed last night that the BBC was apparently the largest contributor to women in this country being sent to prison-for non payment of their license fees, apparently! I did a check, and while there is a surprisingly high number of incarcerations for that, it is not true. However, women in general are imprisoned mainly for crimes where they actually pose no risk to the wider general public. Perhaps Griffin should be thanked for drawing attention to that? Of course, that was never his intention. What wishy-washy liberal nonsense would that be in his eye(s)?

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The only way is out for Essex

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 7 October 2011, 14:45

Griffin & Braun: Braun defends Griffin

Griffin & Braun: Braun defends Griffin

Thurrock BNP held a meeting last night. From the outset it appeared to be the usual sort of BNP meeting: No blacks, Asians or Jews were allowed to attend and there was a bit of argy-bargy in the car park afterwards too. (That might be to do with the large amount of alcohol that was consumed before, during and after the meeting.)

Collectively the group decided that they would not be renewing their party memberships when they expire at the end of the year. This has not gone down too well in the party leadership, as you can imagine.

The leadership's current form suggests that having budgeted on Essex coming to the aid of the party that they've probably already gone out and spent the Nazi lucre on staples, bottles of cheap cider and glass coffee tables. And golf clubs.

The fall out started this morning when the combined forces of what is left of the BNP's membership in Essex exchanged pleasantries.

Griffin's infamous lap dog, Mick Braun of "spray pakis (sic) and poofs with hydrocholic (sic) acid" fame, described the decision as akin to when Rodney Trotter took over the tenants association in 'Only Fools and Horses'. I assume it was that he was referring to, as apparently the other Griffin sycophant Clive Jefferson has also earned himself the moniker "Rodney" in honour of said show.

Karne McGinn of Thurrock BNP, formerly a racial comrade of Braun's, hit back. Having been told by the impressively optimistic Braun that he and the rest of Thurrock BNP could be "replaced", McGinn suggested that any replacements that Braun and Herr Griffin could drum up would be "ethnic candidates or maybe South American".

Touché! That's got to be a dig at "charismatic" Carlos Cortiglia, the formerly anti-British Uruguayan who is now standing for the BNP in the London Mayoral elections. Is he not ethnic too, by the way?

Warren Parrish, a veteran activist and candidate close to the BNP's first councillor Derek Beackon announced that he would not be renewing his membership either, as the BNP was "no longer" the party that he trusted.

Braun reply was swift labelling Parrish a "Nazi" to which Parrish replied "The only reason I haven't been active recently was that you showed up and f**ked everything up in Essex".

Then there came a new angle. I'm going to refer to it from now on as the "Ferguson Factor". I know that Sir Alex- a former shop steward and passionate trade unionist won't appreciate it, but there then followed an analogy that Nick Griffin was a winner rather like the manager of Manchester United!

If the football analogies continue, there's a small token of our appreciation available to the first person that can provide us with a picture of Clive Jefferson under an umbrella so that we can run the obligatory "Wally with a Brolly" headline.

Derek Beackon (glasse0 with Warren Parrish

Derek Beackon (glasse0 with Warren Parrish

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Did you hear the one about a slow news day?

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Thursday, 6 October 2011, 21:03

Old friends: How the BNP usually works on Anglo-Irish relations

Old friends: How the BNP usually works on Anglo-Irish relations

Busy day for me today. I've been working in Belfast on quite a good story that should annoy a few fascists when it comes out. One naughty type even suggested that I would be punished for it. (Word is that he seems to thrive on that kind of activity).

Being in Belfast, I took the opportunity to visit and talk to some of the businessmen and women who fell hook line and sinker for the BNP's promise to pay their bills on time. In most cases, they just did not pay at all. The BNP has left a real trail of destruction over there.

Traditionally we have no truck at all with people 'who lie down with dogs' but Northern Ireland has a low wage economy and a sense of desperation prevails in the case of small businesses trying to make just enough money to get by. And the BNP did not just rip off one community, they spread their tentacles right across the communities. On that point I was a little bemused...

That was until I picked up a story in today's Irish herald. I don't know the writer, Claire Murphy, but she got a story between her teeth and most certainly ran with it, no questions asked!

"BNP plans Irish wing to oppose immigration" wrote Claire. Initially I thought it would be in line with the BNP's traditional plans for the Irish. I assumed that Nick Griffin was sending his lardy security team to the Emerald Isle to build some kind of wall to stop the Irish visiting Britain. But no, the BNP is apparently "agitating" (whatever that means), for the "establishment of an 'Irish National Party' and believes there are already like-minded groups in existence." So, why would the British "agitate" for one then?

Claire also writes that the BNP "grew in popularity in the last UK election". Maybe it's an old story. I believe the correct word or term to describe their last election results is actually "annihaliated". A quick look on google would show that. Even just a little knowledge of the subject too, actually.

Not only that, Nick Griffin is described as the leader of the "anti-immigration lobby." Apparently not an Imperialist apologist, then?

Still, at the end of the day it was pretty run of the mill reporting, actually. One does not expect an Irish journalist to remind its readership, warn even, that the BNP is more than "traditionally" an anti-Irish party. Perhaps this explains why Patrick Harrington refuses to join them? He launched his own "party" on St Patrick's Day long ago and has stuck with that tiny grouping and the allegations that he is some kind of pro-IRA supporter ever since. (Perhaps that's the punishment he thinks I deserve?)

I shouldn't be the one to give any Irish journalist a history lesson. There are many excellent Irish journalists who will no doubt over the next few days pour scorn on Claire's story. Least of all, why would Ireland want an Irish model of a British party? Wasn't there some kind of dispute that went on and on for a few hundred years based on a similar premise?

Claire fails to mention or perhaps even remind her readers of a little bit of shameful English history. My father, who is Irish, never let me forget it. The BNP more than a little harks back to and longs for an era when one could quite happily refuse board and lodging to "Blacks, Irish and Dogs". if one so desired, one could even put it up in the front window of one's house or hotel.

But the story goes a lot deeper and is far more sinister than that. During the most dark and horrifying days of conflict in Northern Ireland, the BNP's security wing, Combat 18 (C18), peddled drugs and provided guns and bullets for the Loyalist murder squads in Northern Ireland (when they were not also grassing up their Loyalist friends, that is).

"Bog trotters" I seem to recall was one way that the BNP referred to the Irish. They even ran trips to Northern Ireland to help stoke up the fires of sectarianism.

Only a couple of years ago there was almost a revolt by the revolting members of Liverpool BNP when the Irish tricolour appeared on the banner of the local party. "The Irish tricolour is a terrorist flag" protested one senior member.

Historically, the last time a group in Ireland rose up against that country's progressive and anti-Imperialist traditions, they ended up on a half empty boat heading to fight for the Fascists under Franco. When they got there, most of them ended up getting shot by fellow fascists!

These days there will obviously be people in the BNP of Irish descent and heritage. The BNP's founder John Tyndall was even of Irish descent. This says more about the great things of this country than it does about the BNP's policies.

What Claire Murphy could really have done with mentioning is that under the BNP's policies, there would be no Ireland at all. It would be just another part of Britain under British control.

Still, I guess having almost bled the north of the Island dry, like the parasite that the BNP is, it has to try to bleed another part of the body dry just to survive.

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