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BNP lose out on £389,000

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 31 January 2014, 14:42

Griffin: Sick as a parrot

Griffin: Sick as a parrot

The British National Party is in legal hot water after failing in a High Court bid to inherit £389,000 left to it by a British ex-pat.

The two sons of Joseph Robson, who died in Spain, appear to have stopped their father's money going to the hate party.

A judge today ruled that Mr Robson's bequest fell foul of the ban on foreign donations to political parties, saying the BNP broke the law by 'receiving' and 'accepting' the gift.

Judge Richard Sheldon QC effectively tore up Mr Robson's will, declared that he died intestate and awarded his fortune to the sons he tried to disinherit. Neither of Mr Robson's sons attended the hearing.

This is terrible news for BNP leader Nick Griffin, who as we reported in December, had set up a charitable trust to inherit the money.

Griffin is apparently on holiday in Portugal while his party faces being wound up in March. Party insiders were told that this £389,000 was going to save the party!

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More dirty money: The British Nazis cashing in on Lee Rigby's death

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 31 January 2014, 12:35

Watmough: Hiding behind his wife again

Watmough: Hiding behind his wife again

The National Front (NF) has been strenuously denying that money towards their legal/lager fund goes straight in to the pocket of Eddy Morrison, as we revealed here yesterday.

Just so there is no misunderstanding, here is a little more proof. Morrison, a 'poet', has a lot of websites with dubious content. All of these websites tend to start off very active before grinding to a halt at which point Morrison likes to ask for a donation should you wish to read more about white horses, Aryan sunsets, bargain booze and wicked Jews.

Morrison: Another blog and some more begging

Morrison: Another blog and some more begging

He runs his websites and monthly periodicals the same way he does his political activities it seems.

Email:Eddy's lager/legal fund email address again

Email:Eddy's lager/legal fund email address again

If Morrison ripping off more boneheads was not bad enough, how about Redwatch webmaster and serial Nazi-saluter Kevin watmough's recent on line activities?

Watmough has a long history of cowardice as well as besmirching the memory of British soldiers by his Nazi activities. He makes a "living" by flogging badges and t-shirts as well as tatty old Nazi newspapers to the various weirdoes who inhabit the far-right.

Among Watmough's previous on-line activities has been raising funds to campaign for the release of nazi paedophile Martyn Gilleard, who Watmough described as a "Prisoner of War" until it was revealed publicly that Gilleard was a paedophile.

Watmough's latest money making scam has been to try and cash in on the still very real anger about the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby last May.

Sick: Nazi Kev tries to cash in again

Sick: Nazi Kev tries to cash in again

Realising perhaps, the very public revulsion that would follow exposure of this sick and twisted individual cashing in on both the poppy and the name of Lee Rigby, Watmough has instead chosen to sell his Lee Rigby poppy badge using the name of his lesser known (but no less unpleasant) wife, Kathleen Dermody.

Hiding: Kev hides behind his wife again

Hiding: Kev hides behind his wife again

Unfortunately, the address both Kevin and Kathleen give is the disused BCM box of Kevin's failed "British People's Party", where Kevin and Kathleen set themselves up to be worshipped by themselves, mainly.

Dermody, who also uses the names McDermody and Watmough to keep people from tracking her down has kept a low profile lately, although she does attend the odd (very odd) Nazi demonstration where she tries to blend into the background and not get spotted. We’re told this is due to her job working in aged health and allegedly being a member of one of the health unions.

Dermody: If you tolerate her then your Granny could be next

Dermody: If you tolerate her then your Granny could be next

It seems when it comes to making dirty cash, there is no-one the Nazis and their fellow travellers will not try and con and blag.

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Far-right round up: Not-so funny money

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Thursday, 30 January 2014, 10:51

Kevin Layzell: prepared for street protests

Kevin Layzell: prepared for street protests

Hel Gower runs the English Defence League (EDL) these days. She may as well, as she owns most of it.

Now that the departed founder of the EDL, Stephen Lennon (still using the name Tommy Robinson for cash purposes), has been sent to prison for mortgage fraud, surprise, surprise it seems he was never really that far away all along. Lennon's been complaining to Gower that the prison he is at is "run by the Muslim community," and he would like all of his former supporters (or as he lovingly referred to them, "scum") to break out their crayons and write to their MPs. Oh yes, and could they also send his missus (also using a fake name) some cash too, please.

Never mind the sheer front of the boy, how little does he care for the plight of those former supporters of his currently being rounded up for misbehaving at one of his demonstrations?

Prison woes: Wardens with Islamic Ray Guns?

Prison woes: Wardens with Islamic Ray Guns?

Gower's decision to still keep trying to feather the nest of the Lennon family has made her rather unpopular with the remaining rump of the organisation and who should be in there stirring the pot? None other than one of the Dowson family. Alice Dowson, daughter of Belfast based gangster, pimp and fundraiser Jim, can obviously smell blood.

Gower: Dowson Jnr sticks the knife in

Gower: Dowson Jnr sticks the knife in

Talking of blood, expect more than a little to be spilt as the National Front's internal woes continue. The southern faction has issued a warning that any monies paid in membership renewals to the northern faction could well end up in the hands of serial lush and Nazi dreg Eddy Morrison.

NF: Southern faction is concerned

NF: Southern faction is concerned

Well, I'm delighted to confirm that monies to the northern faction's legal defence fund do most certainly go into Morrison's Paypal account, which is, by the way, against Paypal's rules. So it's only fair that one assumes Morrison will at some stage sell the NF and its membership details for a magic alcohol bean sometime soon.

NF legal fund: Coming to an off licence near you

NF legal fund: Coming to an off licence near you

The BNP is also having fun with money. They're hiding it somewhere, but if Mr Griffin does not cough up twenty grand in March, the BNP will be wound up and those members not canny enough to have declared themselves bankrupt could be parting with the family silver.

Add to that the rumour doing the rounds that Griffin's own bodyguard Martin Reynolds has been sounding out other employees on the European payroll about possibly all filing together for severance when the great junket that was their time in the European Parliament comes to an end. Reynolds has also been sniffing out work in London on the building sites for himself, such is the faith he has in the party leader being re-elected to the European Parliament in May. One word of advice, Martin. When people google "Excalibur", the employer you put down on your CV, it does still come up with BNP. So do pictures of you in lewd sex acts when potential employers' also google your name.

Still, Griffin himself has very little time for the likes of Reynolds or Adam Walker anyway. This will explain why Walker is still moaning about not having his petrol money reimbursed by either the party of the local branches for attending party demonstrations. One person close to Griffin (his wife), is believed to have told Adam that sometimes people have to attend demonstrations for the good of the cause and at their own expense. This did not go down to well...

So it isn't any wonder that the BNP leader is spending so much energy on his "Jolly Boys" , the group of "young folk" who do so much revolutionary work for the party at their own expense. They may be a bit rigid and weird, but once the BNP really hits the gutter in May, these highly trained and dedicated young folk will man the barricades against the Zionist onslaught and the immigrant hordes etc, etc

Kevin Layzell, one of the more rigid/weird young members of the party, has been given the task of addressing this weekend's London Forum on the very theme of why the BNP now favour sending young boys out dressed like clowns in the name of the party. The London Forum brings together a whole host of far-right clowns. Most of them will be more interested in hearing Richard Barnbrook's talk about his time as a member of the Greater London Assembly (GLA) on behalf of the BNP. "Dicky's" time as a GLA member was marred by his incompetence, his only having the one suit, lies about knife crime, his falling down drunk occasionally and eventually, being shafted by the BNP.

And finally, Nick Griffin claims to have been re-writing Pete Seeger's classic song "Where have all the flowers gone" when he heard of his death.

Should read: #where has all the money gone..#

Should read: #where has all the money gone..#

Only a month now until that very song becomes "Where has all the money gone".

Roll up, roll up: Let's see if Dicky can stand up

Roll up, roll up: Let's see if Dicky can stand up

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Jobbik hold outdoor rally at Speakers Corner

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Sunday, 26 January 2014, 15:27

The Hungarian nazi party Jobbik are currently holding their rally at the historic Speakers Corner near Hyde Park in central London. They have been followed acrosds London by a small group of antifascists.

There are about 100 nazis at the rally.

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First Jobbik supporters arrive

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Sunday, 26 January 2014, 12:56

The first supporters of the Hungarian nazi party Jobbik, have begun to arrive at Holborn station in London carrying flags.

There's about 100 people there to greet them, mainly journalists and film crews.

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BNP uncover (another) Jewish conspiracy

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 24 January 2014, 19:41

Protocols: with depiction of

Protocols: with depiction of "Evil Jew"

The world has always been full of conspiracy theory. It's what used to get "witches" burnt at the stake. It's also what can lead to genocide.

The Nazis were very taken with a book called "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," a notorious Antisemetic work about a 'worldwide Jewish conspiracy' for world domination. It was published in Russia in the very early part of the last century.

Anyone with a clear mind who read the book was quite aware that it was a hoax, a cruel and crude forgery, depicting a secret meeting of Jews hatching a plot to carve up the world.

They (the Nazis), decided the contents of the book were justification enough to murder millions of Jewish people. It even found its way onto the German school curriculum as a "must read" book.

The BNP's 'Zionist' conspiracy

The BNP's 'Zionist' conspiracy

After the Second World War, the defeated admirers of the Nazis decided that the Holocaust was itself to become another conspiracy. If you lied about facts enough, and waited long enough, soon memory would fade and the victim would then become the victimized again. The British National Party (BNP), has a long history of denying the Holocaust and claiming that it is in fact, a lie; that the murder of millions of Jews, Roma, Gays, Communists, Socialists, mentally ill and the disabled (among others), were never gassed by the Nazis.

Holocaust denial has been on and off the menu for the British National Party (BNP) in recent times. Its founder, John Tyndall, was a long time Jew-hater who sold "The Protocols.." via BNP publications. Tyndall himself admitted that the book was a fake and a forgery, but still, in his opinion, it did give people a fairly accurate idea of what the Jews were up to.

And Tyndall knew what the Jews were up to because he had read "The Protocols.." When he was mildly popular and important, current BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP, made sure that nobody would run around publicly talking about Jewish conspiracies or the Holocaust being a "hoax". He did have to call the Holocaust a hoax however, to ensure he got the top job in the BNP. It comes with the territory.

As things have slid-and slid badly in the BNP, Griffin is once more letting Jew hating and conspiracy out of the bag again.

Back in 2012 we saw an updated version of Jewish conspiracy theory raise its head at a BNP meeting in Salford. Griffin no longer even cares who he is seen or associated with, hence the recent love-in with Hungarian nasty party Jobbik and the violent Nazi thugs of Greece's Golden Dawn party.

As well as calling people (in this case Jewish people) liars, the trick has always been to also portray them with a horrible caricature, as has been done on the front cover of "The Protocols.."

Yesterday, the BNP produced a story about Griffin's criminal mates, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party from Greece. "Golden Dawn Leader Nikos Michaloliakos arrested on the orders of international Zionists"says the BNP's website. For Nazis, and Islamists, the word "Zionist" is often used when really they just mean Jews. It allows them to get away with conflating the two and confusing many people into thinking it is an acceptable way to attack Jewish people. In this particular story, surprise, surprise, there's actually no proven Zionist or Jewish influence at all. Just a suggestion that in fact, Golden Dawn are a shoddy, violent organisation.

In the cartoon that appears with the article on the BNP website, check out the menacing shadow of the hooked nosed individual in the background. Sinister, eh? Jewish, probably...

Now check the original source where the BNP got the story from:

The Truth: Where the BNP gets its news from

The Truth: Where the BNP gets its news from

Concerned: One BNP member took umbridge

Concerned: One BNP member took umbridge

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Far-right round up

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Thursday, 23 January 2014, 22:41

Golding: Holds up Britain First's membership list

Golding: Holds up Britain First's membership list

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Thursday, 23 January 2014, 20:54

Well, it took them a week, but the BNP finally removed the big lie about Polish people from their website. They did it quietly and with neither an apology to their poor members nor the poor ex-wife of the serial liar Dr Stuart Russell who wrote the piece.

It has been a very stressful week for the BNP. Their former gangmaster, fundraiser and pimp Jim Dowson used their mailing list to inform the BNP membership and their associates, that party leader Nick Griffin has very kindly decided to, potentially, share his debts with each and every one of them.

Unusually for Griffin, he has failed this week to issue a video address to his membership of himself sitting astride a horse and waving a rifle in the air whilst issuing threats about his enemies. Still, moving home can be stressful but I'm not sure that Griffin is quite ready to follow his hero Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi and move into a tent. Whether he will join certain other members of the Griffin family on a caravan park is not clear, either.

Dirty Bed Sheets

Still, Griffin must have been delighted by the link-up between some of his young members and the leadership of the violent band of malcontents called the South East Allaince (SEA) last weekend. Whilst Griffin has been to Athens to rub shoulders with the thugs of Golden Dawn, the ever excitable Kevin Layzell was busy hanging what appeared to be his soiled bed sheets over a motorway.

BNP members; this is where your money goes

BNP members; this is where your money goes

Writes kevin, "I believe that flash demos are the future; they are an effective way for a small group of people to make as much impact as a well-attended demo with hundreds of people." Yes, of course you do, Kevin. When was the last time the BNP held one of those?

There was much excitement when the group that hung Kevin's dirty bed sheets were joined by the SEA's leader Paul Prodromou. Still, despite the recent love of all things Greek, it was better for all concerned that Prodromou was actually addressed by the more Anglo sounding name he uses, "Pitt".

Kevin writes that he and five others were "honoured by the presence of the South East Alliance members and their leader, Paul Pitt, who gave us a talk about his efforts in street politics." Great stuff. I wonder if Prodromou was bragging at all about his "10,000 man march" ? Not likely.

Nazis heading to court, again

Elsewhere, the National Front are suing the National Front. It's like Kramer versus Kramer, but this time with dirty ashtrays. Terry Williams of the NF is standing in the Kingstanding ward by-election in Erdington, but has not been able to actually register himself as the National Front candidate. The NF's always done themselves more harm than "ZOG" ever could. This also includes one of their Swansea members being evicted from their home this week, too.

NF legal fund: Coming to an off licence near year

NF legal fund: Coming to an off licence near year

Flag Day

Britain Frist's Paul Golding is tonight currently in police custody for his nefarious activities. Perhaps the police could have a look at this youtube video while they are questioning him, too.

Nick, Nick

Some EDL members apparently turned themselves into the police this morning after watching themselves on Crimewatch last night.

It's not been a good year for the EDL or their founder Stephen Lennon. He received an 18 month sentence today for mortgage fraud. I guess this will also spare the indignity of Lennon turning up at Holocaust Memorial Day events this weekend as had been reported earlier in the week, in what seems to be some sort of mad PR campaign.

His sponsors, the The Quilliam Foundation, have been removed from next week’s British Muslim Awards shortlist a report today revealed.

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The State of Hate in 2013

posted by: Matthew Collins and Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 21 January 2014, 12:41

EDL descended in huge numbers on Newcastle in May 2013

EDL descended in huge numbers on Newcastle in May 2013

Arrests for violence, growing evidence of involvement in terrorism, the re-emergence of the old Combat 18 factions, confrontation on the streets again over Northern Ireland; it was almost as if we were in 1993, not 2013 last year.

Our research has provided us evidence that even suggests that the BNP actually had a larger paid-up and active membership in 1993 too. As we begin 2014, a total and complete electoral demise of the extreme far right in this country is within our grasp.

The BNP, still the only serious electoral threat from the fascist movement in Britain, is itself almost on the brink of abandoning serious electioneering. It’s leader, Nick Griffin, has for two years slowly convinced those still close to him, that the party must begin to reconcile itself to the idea that for the foreseeable future at least, the BNP’s flirtation with the political mainstream is over.

BNP Red, White and Blue festival August 2013

BNP Red, White and Blue festival August 2013

For Griffin himself, this has been a long and bitter realisation. He actually began making plans for what most in the BNP was unthinkable, at a secret meeting in Stoke way back in 2012. Publicly, it was not until October last year that he actually admitted that he may not be re-elected to the European parliament in 2014.

For Griffin and the BNP, what is most bitter is that the conditions for electoral success, would appear perfect. Immigration scare stories, Islamist terrorism on the streets of the capital, ‘Muslim’ grooming gangs and deep and severe cuts to public services all conjure up an impression for many that the BNP must be cleaning up dissatisfied voters in their thousands. But it is not to be. Griffin is facing defeat in his bid to defend his European seat and the party will almost certainly be wiped out of local government.

Bleak future

The fortunes of the BNP splinter-group, the British Democratic Party, look even bleaker. Despite emerging with the promise of replacing the BNP as the dominant group on the British far-right, the BDP is disappearing without a trace.

The BNP has been usurped by UKIP, whose increasingly tough stance on immigration and migration is both more appealing for BNP voters but also reaching sections of the population that would never had countenanced voting for a fascist party.

2014 will be UKIP’s year and will be the year when Britain joins many other European countries in having a sizeable right wing populist party. And after May’s elections, the BNP might appear a distant memory.

It has been a roller-coaster of a year for the English Defence League (EDL). It began with leader Stephen Lennon in prison and increasingly dispirited with the direction it was going. Then, after the murder of Lee Rigby, it sprung into life once again and attracted more than 100,000 new supporters on Facebook.

Stephen Lennon announces his resignation from the EDL October 2013

Stephen Lennon announces his resignation from the EDL October 2013

However, their bubble soon burst and their demonstrations quickly became smaller once again. By October Lennon had had enough and, together with Kevin Carroll, unexpectedly quit the organisation.

The EDL continues but it is almost certainly going to be a mere shadow of its former self.

Threat disapears

Lennon has been replaced by a committee of leaders who, at a recent leadership meeting, decided to try to make the group more mainstream. They agreed to try and kick out Nazis from within their ranks and even open up dialogue with moderate Muslims. However, this is unlikely to make much difference to their fortunes. To all intents and purposes Lennon was the EDL and without him it is nothing.

Yet the decline of the BNP and EDL does not mean the threat has disappeared. We are likely to see a fracturing of the movement, with actions being more localised and perhaps more militant. Thousands of young men have been radicalised by the BNP and EDL and these people will not vanish overnight. In some cases we will see EDL supporters drift into UKIP while others appear to be moving over to the more hardline and confrontational National Front. Others, as we have seen in Leicester and Lincolnshire, will get involved in local community actions against migrants and campaigns against mosques.

The EDL and its satellite “counter-Jihadists” groups are a serious disengagement from civil society. The levels of violence they are capable of, the intimidation of progressive people and a complete and a serious rejection of a multicultural Britain for a society, sees them now advocating increasingly serious levels of violence, murder and terrorism like their founder Stephen Lennon prophesised would happen after the Breivik massacre in 2011.

March for England protest April 2013

March for England protest April 2013

Much of this talk is of course just drunken social media bluster; however, there are a number of cases before the courts where we can identify the influence of the English Defence League.

We are even seeing a return of some of the old faces from Combat 18 and with scores to be settled from the death of Chris Castle, in 1998, there is likely to increased activity from this quarter. Charlie Sargent and Martin Cross are both out of prison and this appears to have reawakened Will Browning from his semi-political retirement. They might be ageing and represent a long-forgotten chapter in the history of the British far right but their hatred of one another still burns strong.

Blood and Honour’s Ian Stuart Memorial gig September 2013

Blood and Honour’s Ian Stuart Memorial gig September 2013


As antifascists we take a great deal of pleasure in the credit for the plight of the BNP and even the non-electoral English Defence League (EDL).

Publicly and privately, both on the streets and even inside the BNP, we have engineered a lot of the disasters that have befallen the party. Griffin himself was also one of our greatest assets. But we shall not rest on our laurels. Griffin is frustrated: he is frustrated that his party was ill-prepared for an onslaught, he’s furious how quickly people buckled and jumped ship when the going got tough and how little of the BNP’s real central message was imparted on its membership. He once declared that the BNP was going to be a “revolutionary” party, we could be about to witness the BNP attempt at least, to play out a bloody revolution. But of course, the hyperbole came to nothing and he has only himself to blame.

However, there is no time to rest on our laurels. The face of the British right is changing rapidly and so we need to prepare to deal with the new challenges we will face. And in UKIP, and their right wing populist appeal, we have an even bigger job to do in the future.

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EDL braced for more raids, arrests and even Crimewatch

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 17 January 2014, 16:53

How the EDL's big day in Birmingham looked

How the EDL's big day in Birmingham looked

Over the last week some sixteen English Defence League (EDL) activists have been arrested in a series of raids on their homes as West Midlands Police follow up on the serious disturbances that took place in Birmingham last September at an EDL protest in the wake the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Although 28 people were arrested on the day, it is expected that up to sixty more EDL activists are being sought in connection to the serious disorder on the day. The police will no doubt be helped by idiotic EDL members posting up footage on social media of their violent activities on the day.

The Birmingham arrests follow the sentencing last month of 32 EDL activists to a combined total of 55 years for violence following a rally in Walsall in 2012.

Following the convictions for Walsall, up and down the country terrified EDL members are expecting their doors to be put through.

The EDL in Teeside are having an open meeting in Billingham's Cowpen Leisure Centre on the 25th of this month where a solicitor is expected to dish out legal advice to a number of EDL activists worried about arrest. The 16 arrests so far have taken place from as far and wide as Newcastle and Torquay.

Worse still for the EDL is that a number of their activists will be paraded on television's Crimewatch next week as West Midlands Police seek to widen their net. Quite a panic has broken out in the ranks with people pointing the finger at others for "grassing" them up.

To add to the confusion, the EDL yesterday issued a statement reinforcing they will not work with groups like the Infidels and the South East Alliance, so they probably should not expect any sympathy or cooperation from those groups. In the North East in particular, this will only increase the hatreds between the groups.

Not helping: The EDL is running out of friends

Not helping: The EDL is running out of friends

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Dowson starts the war early

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Thursday, 16 January 2014, 14:22

Dowson's attack

Dowson's attack

There's few characters more interesting on the British far-right than Jim Dowson. Dowson, a third party fundraiser, made his name and his money by intimidating young women-in the name of God, outside family planning clinics across Ireland and Britain.

He then found Nick Griffin, and between 2008 and 2011 the two of them drained the pockets, purses and pensions of thousands of BNP members and supporters with endless begging letters, text messages, fundraising appeals, phone calls and emails all begging for money to save Britain.

Dowson in particular, was very good at it, boasting to one Irish newspaper that from his Belfast bunker, he and the BNP were "raking it in."

So tight were Griffin and Dowson, that we used a phrase better associated with the Mafia to describe Dowson's role in the British National Party (BNP). We christened him Griffin's consiglieri. Given that one Dowson/BNP employee was threatened by Dowson with a shot gun and others who crossed him were threatened with death and destruction, it seemed a fitting sobriquet.

BNP officials however, hated him. They were none too happy with the secrecy and intimidation that cloaked the BNP call centre in Belfast that Dowson owned and ran. Dowson even excluded a number of BNP officials from the office, and forced the hapless son in law of Nick Griffin, Angus Mathys, to spend his days at the office wearing rubber gloves and opening sacks of hate mail.

Dowson eventually fell on his sword and was one of the first to leave the BNP's sinking ship in 2011. He was loathed by the majority of the far-right, but as he has the apparent Midas touch, it was not long before he not only set up a commercial rival to the BNP (the BNP's own description of their political attitudes), he even lent his services to other far-right groups.

Later, when the BNP leader and his family became embroiled in kidnap plots and alleged paramilitary conspiracies’, Dowson was never far behind the headlines.

Dowson's own political venture, Britain First, has surprised many by surviving and even showing signs of growth. This has been in part to Dowson's ability to grab headlines in Northern Ireland over his often outrageous antics and those of his own boy wonder, the former BNP leading light Paul Golding, another one not averse to publicity stunts.

Last month we revealed exclusively, that Dowson's party is to fight the European Elections, most notably in Griffin's seat in the North West region. News of this came just before Griffin was declared a bankrupt.

Griffin's response to the news was angry. Well, he probably won't take very well either to last night's email shot by Dowson to some 80,000 people from the BNP's old mailing list, either.

The bulletin was entitled 'WARNING: All ex and current BNP members, must read this!' It went on to make a number of unsubstantiated allegations about people in the party, but most of all, warned current official’s that they may well be liable for Griffin's debts, as we blogged about here first.

If waking up to Dowson's kiss and tell attack was not bad enough, today's YouGov poll for the North West Euro constituency makes even worse reading, probably....

YouGov: Not looking good for Griffin

YouGov: Not looking good for Griffin

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More fabulous BNP cooking:

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 15 January 2014, 21:13

Cooking up racist lies BNP style

Cooking up racist lies BNP style

Fresh from last week's cookery lesson from bankrupt BNP leader Nick Griffin, today there has been another master-class in cooking the books in truly BNP style.

The BNP's former press officer, Dr Phil Edwards, has always been a notorious liar. He was however a joy and a pleasure when he was taking media enquires. You were always guaranteed a drunken rant as Edwards, whose real name is Stuart Russell, liked to quaff vast quantities of ale in the pubs of his hometown of Aslockton, near Grantham.

I'll call him Stuart Russell from now on.

Dr Russell: Firestarter and liar

Dr Russell: Firestarter and liar

Sadly for Russell, he is now barred from most pubs due to his notorious racist outbursts. He took to using the name "Phil Edwards" to disguise his true identity from local authorities who may have used his services for firework displays, which is how he made his honest money.

Things went particularly awry from Russell's time in the job when we looked a little further into his business and history-after not just tickling our general curiosity, but arousing our suspicions because of his particularly passionate dislike of Polish people.

Well, it wasn't long before we uncovered that Russell had a Polish ex-wife and the rest sort of followed.

Today, Russell is back on the BNP's website and once more he's having a go about Polish people. According to Russell, the UK's prison population is now "10% Polish." That would be extraordinary if true. The Doctor is definitely doing BNP-style mathematics.

What Russell has done is bastardize a rather crude Daily Mail article from November of last year, which claimed that there were 900 Polish prisoners in UK jails at a cost of £35m to the notoriously prolific Conservative tax payer.

At the time of the Daily Mail article, the prison population was 84,500, so the Polish made up around 1% of the prison population.

So what happened? Have we locked up another seven thousand Polish people since November?

Or has the good doctor been on the ale, looking at his old wedding pics and telling lies again?

The root of all evil: That damned marriage certificate

The root of all evil: That damned marriage certificate

Blame the Jews: How BNP members react to the lie

Blame the Jews: How BNP members react to the lie

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Filthy lucre

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Sunday, 12 January 2014, 13:41

£60: The price of hate

£60: The price of hate

Last week I mentioned in passing that the English Defence League (EDL) appear to be back up and peddling their merchandise.

The person fronting the merchandise is Dave Bolton, a man notorious for getting battered by angry EDL demonstrators on demonstrations, posing in the nude with an EDL balaclava over his head and having the word "Britian" (sic) tattooed on his neck.

As you can imagine, an illiterate punch bag is the perfect person to front the EDL's overpriced wares.

The EDL's ebay page

The EDL's ebay page

Since the departure of the EDL's founding Fuhrer, Stephen Lennon, his "PA" Hel Gower, has continued to bear the brunt of the everlasting hatred of the footsoldiers.

Since last November (after Lennon departed), the EDL has made around £1500 from Ebay sales alone. It's no wonder some EDL divisions are getting their own shirts done on the quiet.

The address for sales is registered to Essex, but the English [and Jewish] Defence League is registered to two directors- Hel Gower from Dover (Kent), and Gail Speight from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, with six shareholders-all female. Gower holds the largest share.

EDL shareholders

EDL shareholders

I'm not entirely sure how this works, but perhaps the next time the EDL are out and about smashing up property, perhaps the shareholders of the company should be held liable. Afterall, the EDL isn't a political party or registered as third party with the electoral commission.

EDL's Directors

EDL's Directors

It's just a T-shirt supplier to morons.

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Griffin: is he winding the party up?

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Saturday, 11 January 2014, 17:50

Griffin: Definitely not cooking the books

Griffin: Definitely not cooking the books

No sooner had he been declared a bankrupt, Nick Griffin was out trying to convince everyone that it was business as usual for the British National Party.

It probably will be business as usual as the BNP are renowned for not paying their bills and Griffin seems quite confident that he can comfortably follow suit with impunity now.

This week it was reported that there is a farmhouse for sale in Wales that looks like Griffin's, smells like Griffin's and even sounds like Griffin's. But nobody can be too sure as there is some confusion over the ownership, the correct address and who actually lives there.

Many on the far-right are delighted by the result against Griffin. Adrian Davies, the far-right barrister who funds the rival British Democratic Party (BDP), has gone out of his way to write and blog about the case.

For Davies, it is quite personal. He has spent a large part of the last twenty years of his life trying to get Griffin expelled, humiliated and imprisoned for a variety of reasons.

Last year, in his capacity as a barrister, Davies defended the Belfast businessman accused of threatening the Griffin family. The businessman, David Sloan, was convicted and sentenced to prison.

During the Sloan trial, there seemed to be some confusion both in the court room and in the press as to who was actually on trial. HOPE not hate lamented pre-trial that we were unable to print a number of the allegations that were at the time printed in the Irish press. On a number of occasions there were attempts to introduce into court all kinds of scurrilous information-allegedly about Griffin's finances, which were rejected outright by the judge presiding.

Since the announcement of Griffin's bankruptcy, stories about properties in Croatia-among other places, have now been reintroduced, this time by the leader of the rival and moribund English Democratic Party (EDP), who is himself a solicitor.

People inside the BNP, now used to hearing outlandish stories about the way the party deals with its finances, tell us that Griffin, a Cambridge law graduate, has been advised in his ongoing legal difficulties by Patrick Harrington who is more common to acquiescing to the chair of employment tribunals.

What has not been aired for some reason, is just how bad Griffin's bankruptcy is for the British National Party. The judge has also ordered that Griffin and Simon Darby pay £20,000 into court by March. This will of course be paid by the BNP as there is in the party's (recently obscured) constitution, an indemnity out of party funds for liabilities incurred by the Chairman of the party.

There are a number of further people still chasing Griffin and the BNP for funds, among them the Commission for Equality and Human Rights, legal firms and former employees of the party.

As Griffin has gone bankrupt (and now it appears, so too has his former deputy Simon Darby), the debt must therefore go back to the party and if that is the case, those that were pusuing Griffin for monies can therefore chase the BNP. And the BNP has been none-too discreet in bragging of late about its supposed, healthy financial position.

Gilbert Davies & Partners, who brought the action to recover fees charged to defend an action by the Commission for Equality and Human Rights appear well within their rights to start an action to recover assets from the British National Party. And should evidence emerge that for whatever reason, people have helped either Griffin or the BNP dispose of or hide assets in funds or associations, and it can be proven so, those people themselves could be in contempt of court.

And here is the kick further, just as happened with the sacking of Mark Collett, if the party's pot does appear empty, Gilbert Davies and a host of others still seeking what is lawfully theirs, could be able to pursue other BNP officials for the monies owed to them. We have been told by one insider that discussions are taking place among some to actually issue a winding up order against the party very soon.

This is all one presumes, known already by Adrian Davies.

So, how many other BNP officials can we expect to seek bankruptcy in the near future? The party was limping towards the European elections in May, it not even be crawling after March.

Adrian Davies: Busman's holiday

Adrian Davies: Busman's holiday

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BNP teacher who drove car at children takes Michael Gove to court over teaching ban

posted by: . | on: Friday, 10 January 2014, 16:43

A teacher and British National Party activist has taken Education Secretary Michael Gove to court after he was banned from teaching for life.

Adam Walker, who taught at Houghton Kepier School, was struck off after he verbally abused three schoolboys, chased them in his car and slashed their bike tyres with a Stanley knife.

He received a suspended sentence for the offences.

Now Mr Walker is taking legal action against Mr Gove and the regulatory body.

At an Administrative Court sitting in Leeds, the 44-year-old claimed the decision to ban him for life was “prejudiced” because of his BNP support.

Mr Walker, a married father-of-two, argued that the National College for Teaching and Leadership – which replaced the General Teaching Council – recommended that he should be banned from the classroom for a minimum of two years.

But the punishment was increased to a life ban by a senior official in Mr Gove’s name the next day.

Mr Walker, an IT teacher who qualified in 2000, appeared before a conduct committee in 2010 after he labelled some immigrants “savage animals” on an internet forum using a school laptop.

Mr Gove has used his case of an example of why members of the BNP should be banned from teaching. But no legislation to that effect has come into effect.

Representing himself, Mr Walker told the court: “When this failed to occur, in typical fashion, Mr Gove made a prejudiced decision on their (the NCTL’s) behalf.”

Judge Clive Heaton QC summarised Mr Walker’s case as:

•the punishment was out of kilter with what other organisations considered just, after Mr Walker said the Disclosure and Barring Service had not banned him from contact with children, and the karate authorities had not stopped him instructing.

•he was more strictly dealt with than all other cases heard by the regulatory body or the Secretary of State.

•there had been undue interference by Mr Gove.

Rory Dunlop, for the respondents, said Mr Walker’s behaviour with the unruly children on Tudhoe village green on St George’s Day 2011, which resulted in convictions for criminal damage, possessing a knife, threatening behaviour and dangerous driving, was serious.

It was striking that Mr Walker only admitted his guilt seven months after the offences, he said.

“Children look to teachers as their examples,” Mr Dunlop told the court. “When you have someone not just behaving extremely badly, endangering children, but also failing to take responsibility for that behaviour and lying about it, what kind of example does that set to children?”

He added: “It cannot fairly be said that the Secretary of State was wrong to decide that the ultimate sanction was necessary for someone who endangered lives then lied repeatedly about it.”

The judge indicated he will reserve his judgment.

Mr Walker now works for two BNP MEPs.

Sunderland Echo

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Victims say BNP monster is too dangerous to be freed

posted by: Janice Burns | on: Thursday, 9 January 2014, 09:23

Victims of racist thug James Boyd told yesterday how they hope he is never free again after he admitted a 10-year campaign of horrific violence against five women.

James Boyd battered two of the women when they were heavily pregnant.

Another victim – who was just 14 – was left with terrible injuries when he stamped on her private parts in a bid to make her unable to have children.

Yesterday, the women said they hoped Boyd died in jail.

Siobhan Melrose, 26, said: “He put us all through hell and he deserves to die.

“We hope he takes his own life because he’ll never change. He will always be a danger to women and when he gets out of jail, he’ll do it again.”

Leigh Cameron, 24, who was pregnant when Boyd tried to strangle her and throw her down the stairs, added: “He is worse than an animal.

“They should lock him up and throw away the key. No woman is safe when he’s on the streets.

“The best result would be if he hanged himself. That would be justice.”

Boyd, who has a string of convictions for racist attacks, threatened his victims with knives, choked them, spat on them, and punched and kicked them.

The tattooed monster, of Whitburn, West Lothian, told one of his pregnant girlfriends: “You don’t deserve to have a child” as he knocked her to the ground and repeatedly kicked her in the stomach.

While he was battering the living daylights out of his victims, Boyd, a BNP and National Front activist, was also cheating on them with a string of other women.

The control freak put them through mental hell, too. He was consumed by jealousy and stopped the women from shaving in a bid to make them unattractive to other men. The thug’s first victim, a 15-year-old girl, was subjected to a year of violence in 2003. On one occasion, he held a knife against her neck and another against her stomach and threatened to kill her.

Leigh, left, and Siobhan say Boyd will never change

Leigh, left, and Siobhan say Boyd will never change

Siobhan, of Whitburn, was his most recent victim.

She endured three years of hell before she fled his clutches last year.

This week, Boyd, 28, appeared at the High Court in Glasgow and confessed to violence towards the five women.

He was finally brought to justice after the mum of a sixth victim, a 13-year-old girl, reported him to police.

Her daughter had been held hostage and beaten for three days.

Police traced the other women last year. The 13-year-old was so disturbed and terrified by her ordeal that she was unable to give evidence. She moved away and her case never got to court.

Three of the victims in court were distressed as details of Boyd’s brutality were read out.

Prosecutor Jo McDonald, said: “All the women comment that at the beginning of the relationship, the accused was caring.

“But he became more and more paranoid, jealous and controlling as the relationship continued and when drinking, he was violent and abusive.

“They all describe continuing assaults and abuse throughout their relationship with him.”

Boyd bleated to the judge that he battered the women to block out ­memories of his own violent childhood. He also blamed alcohol for his terrifying outbursts.

His lawyer Stuart Carson said: “Mr Boyd accepts that during these relationships he suffered from jealousy. He was paranoid
about these young women and he was controlling.

“He was drinking on an almost daily basis and says this was to block out memories that he had been abused as a child. He took out his anger on those around him.

“He says he is sorry for what he has done. He says he of all people should have known better about what he was doing because of the feelings he has about abuse.

“Violence was commonplace in his childhood.”

Boyd’s victims were disgusted by his excuses and insisted alcohol was not to blame.

Siobhan said: “He was a monster with or without drink. It’s disgusting that he is trying to make excuses for beating every woman he had a relationship with. There are no excuses for what he did.”

The judge Lord Turnbull ordered a background report to determine what risk Boyd poses to the public and deferred sentence until the end of the month.

He told the thug: “You have pled guilty to acts of violence which seem to me a course of conduct perpetrated over 10 years and involving almost every young woman with which you had a relationship.”

Yesterday, police described Boyd as “a predatory, callous and unremorseful individual”.

A spokesman said: “Boyd subjected his victims to years of physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse. He now faces significant time behind bars for his crimes.”

Daily Record

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The 'Jolly Boys' have gone to Brussels...

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Tuesday, 7 January 2014, 14:13

The Young BNP:

The Young BNP:

The youth wing of the British National Party (BNP), has arrived in Brussels, home of the European Parliament, for a week long 'training camp' under the direction of the dear leader, Nick Griffin.

From across Britain (well, Blackpool, Leeds and Essex) young BNP activists made their way to Dover for the ferry to Calais and then the drive to Brussels.

There was apparently much excitement among the youngsters as they counted the millions of foreigners arriving at the sea port oblivious to the significance of those cherished white cliffs overlooking the port.

It was certainly exciting for Kevin Layzell. For Kevin, this is four days away from Mummy with only his golliwog and a hot water bottle to protect him from the foreign hordes. It's the biggest challenge he's had since he was left home alone with take away menu and written instructions on how to use the dishwasher.

Layzell: I have nothing even witty to say about him...

Layzell: I have nothing even witty to say about him...

There was certainly some reticence on Kevin's part about the whole trip. Firstly, it meant having to spend time with Jack Renshaw whose posturing, gobbyness and bragging about his libidinous escapades with a trainee firefighter from the North East leaves Kevin giddy with disgust and self-loathing.

Of course, much of this will play out perfectly in Brussels. The serious, dour and lonesome Layzell has actually prepared a briefing paper that he plans to distribute to those present which he hopes "will get the party back on track". He recently complained that the left were "rampant" and had already won the battle against the BNP.

Layzell: What he means is,

Layzell: What he means is,

Renshaw, who although in Brussels, will be trying everything to give the impression he actually stinks of Paris, has treated this training week like he does his university coursework and left the paperwork at home. He will instead shout from the back of the room that he has better ideas to save the party, and that includes a campaign against paedophiles (not BNP ones you understand).

Yes, Jack will re-invent the BNP wheel and all those around him will be brought a pint of Belgium lager from the healthy stipend Mummy and Daddy allow him each month while he lives in Manchester. At some stage, they'll probably all overturn Kevin Layzell's bed and wee in his sock drawer while he's in it [the bed or sock drawer]

However, Jack has been warned that if he upsets any more people in the party, the pervert secreated to protect him, George Edwards, will not be settling any more disputes on his behalf. Already Jack is being lined up by one documentary team for a near inch perfect reproduction of the excellent Mark Collett sting.

Renshaw: Has everything Layzell wants

Renshaw: Has everything Layzell wants

Alwyn Deacon, the trusted but incompetent office manager and election guru who ensures there are never any BNP candidates other than himself in elections, will be running some of the sessions for the youngsters. Alwyn has been invited to Brussels to run sessions because at the end of the day, he's got nowhere near as much charisma as the Dear Leader. For this very reason, any lumps of wood that may detract from Griffin's brilliance have been left at home.

There is actually a sense of urgency in the whole training week. Griffin is in a sorry state politically, not financially. Rest assured, that although one of the Griffin children has moved into a mobile home of late, there's enough nuts squirreled away to ensure the Griffin family breadbin will always overflow with bread, Jam and Hungarian salami.

Chancellor Jefferson will also make sure not one of the youngsters leaves Belgium without signing over their worldly goods of girlie magazines, Play Stations and unused gift vouchers to the party just in case should they have an accident on the way home.

This is Griffin securing his political future. Pitting Layzell and Renshaw against each other but also trying to educate the young "Turks" in his party that Griffin is once more about to go for a bewildering stroll up the revolutionary garden path as the party could be about to go into meltdown should Griffin lose his seat. Already, in Manchester, Salford and Tameside veteran BNP activists are questioning whether it is even worth continuing as one put it succinctly over a pint of lager in the Salford Arms on Saturday night, "carrying on feathering Griffin's nest."

The BNP's youth wing is being prepared for defeat and being educated in the cynicism and paranoid conspiracy about Jews, Zionists and Marxists that will be necessary to blame for any defeat in the European Elections.

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EDL merchandising in very safe hands

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 3 January 2014, 21:46

Dave Bolton: He loves 'Britian'

Dave Bolton: He loves 'Britian'

Much is always made of the amount of money the English Defence League made out of their merchandising without paying tax.

Well, it's certainly in safe hands since Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) quit the group.

Dave Bolton from Essex is very proud to be in charge of EDL merchandising these days, he even says that he can personalise "Any EDL product you require."

You may recall Dave is the EDL member with Britain spelt as "Britian" on his neck tattoo.

Good luck with that lads. The new DLE t-shirts will be a winner.

Safe hands: DLE t-shirts coming soon....

Safe hands: DLE t-shirts coming soon....

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Nick Griffin declared bankrupt

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 3 January 2014, 10:52

Griffin: Sick as a parrot

Griffin: Sick as a parrot

As we predicted in the last issue of HOPE not hate magazine, it appears that Nick Griffin MEP, leader of the British National Party (BNP), has been declared bankrupt.

Griffin declared himself as without assets and offered to pay 42p in the pound over five years to all his creditors with the balance to be written off. This was rejected by the petitioning creditor.

Deputy District Judge Fox dismissed Griffin’s application and then proceeded to deal with the bankruptcy petition, which he granted.

Lawrence McDonald, counsel for the petitioning creditor, referred to the filed BNP accounts as being healthy.

The Judge was satisfied with the petition and declared Griffin bankrupt.
In an earlier hearing on 6th Feb 2013, Griffin had been ordered to pay what amounted to nearly £120,000 in outstanding moneys and costs to one of his or the Party’s creditors.

At them moment, this does not affect his standing as an MEP according to the party. In an interview with the BBC, the BNP has said that Griffin will still be standing as a candidate in the hope of being re-elected.

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An old friend pops by to comment

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 3 January 2014, 00:46

Collett: No love lost for his former boss

Collett: No love lost for his former boss

Years ago, Mark Collett was Nick Griffin's gold boy. They were prepared to go to prison together after the BBC exposed their vile beliefs.

Griffin told the media he was prepared to read War & Peace inside whilst Collett, we assumed, would get himself a few copies of the Beano.

Despite courting Griffin's daughter, Collett was never very popular with the membership. He went from one tearful humiliation and disaster to another-the best being his run in with comedian Russell Brand.

Then it all went pear shaped. As Griffin ran the party into the ground during 2010, Collett was allegedly behind a plot to have his leader murdered!

Griffin and Collett in happier times, When Griffin had cash

Griffin and Collett in happier times, When Griffin had cash

Unsurprisingly, the BNP sacked Collett. He then took them to court and won an unfair dismissal claim. He currently makes a living desgining leaflets for the rival English Democratic Party.

So, Collett is leading the chorus of people once close to Griffin taking great delight in his demise tonight.

Collett: No love lost for his former boss

Collett: No love lost for his former boss

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