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Danish disgrace gathers pace

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Tuesday, 31 January 2012, 21:32

Paul James: Robinson's extra layer of protective clothing

Paul James: Robinson's extra layer of protective clothing

The collection of European Islamophobes due to speak at a rally in Aarhus, Denmark the end of March continues to grow.

Joining our own pint-sized Fuhrer Herr Tommy Robinson, is a collection of well known European Islamophobes. The shameful collection includes representatives from the thuggish "Defence Leagues" to the supposedly respectable "cultural Conservatives" whose various web and blog sites excuse and encourage the football hooligans, drug dealers, thugs and wife beaters of the Defence Leagues.

The organisers' believe this will be an "historic day for the counter-Jihad movement", where they believe "Hopefully thousands will join us at the mother of Demos, taking place in Aarhus, Denmark."

What with it being a public meeting, the chances are that thousands will indeed attend, and let's hope it is a repeat of the last outing by the EDL, when they came unstuck in a muddy field seven miles outside of Amsterdam in 2010.

In was on that field in Holland where Tommy first met BFP leader, Paul Weston who as yet has no confirmed whether he fancies a repeat of that fateful day

Where this rally leaves the EDL's plans for another demonstration in Luton on the same day remains unclear. Confirmed to speak in Denmark so far are:

Elisabeth Sabbaditch Wolff
Anders Gravers (SIOE)
Pavel Chernev (SIOE Bulgaria)
Ronny Alte (Norwegian Defence League)
Kasper Mortensen (Danish Defence League)
Mimosa DeDanann (Finnish Defence League)
Isak Nygren (Swedish Defence League)
Rene Buller & Czesław Kaczmarczyk (Polish Defence League)

There's no word as yet as to how many of the EDL's brightest will be making their way over to discuss "Halal food, Immigration and other things of interest ..." but our sources report that the EDL may have to break up fights already breaking out in Denmark between rival Islamophobes there. With this in mind, Paul James of Middlesbrough who was recently turned down for the job of Regional Organiser there, has apparently emptied his piggy bank in anticipation-at his own expense- of being Tommy's bodyguard for the big day.

Paul Weston with Elisabeth Sabbaditch Wolff

Paul Weston with Elisabeth Sabbaditch Wolff

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Roberta goes it alone

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 30 January 2012, 23:06

It seems the love affair between the EDL and Roberta Moore is finally over.

Moore, one time leader of the EDL Jewish Division has finally announced that she has formed her own organisation, separate from the official EDL.

Announcing on Facebook that she has formed the "Jewish Defence League UK" she confirmed her final breakaway from the English Defence League.

Moore had tried to link up with the far-right American Jewish Task Force, whose leader Victor Vancier has been imprisoned for terrorism offences.Her plans however,were heavily criticised by the EDL leadership.

Never far from controversy and with more enemies than friends, her departure will be seen by most within the EDL as a welcome relief.

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Pay it back, Peter

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Sunday, 29 January 2012, 11:49

Molloy: The "hardworking" BNP

Molloy: The "hardworking" BNP

The BNP's Peter Molloy is a bit of a "card". The former squaddie moved from Merseyside to Spennymoor in County Durham, to run for council on a ticket of "local jobs for local people". He was never very popular in Liverpool either, according to our sources there.

Proud of his military career, Molloy is rarely seen without military service medals pinned to himself and when the mood takes him, the beret of the Kings Regiment. He spent most of his military career in the Royal Signals however, but that's not a problem.

Pete's known for his giving and forgiving nature. When a friend of his writes on facebook that they are not a racist but "I just fucking hate muslims (sic) scum of the earth", wise old Pete advises "that's ok cos (sic) Islam is a religion (sic) not a race".

Pete's pearls of wisdom go beyond mere shiny pieces of metal. Pete doesn't feel the need to work. Not being a local to Spenymoor, perhaps he's taking his own campaign advice. He admits he's not even "looking properly" but like all good men, will probably get himself a job as soon as his partner has their baby. (It's very difficult to polish one's medals when there is dirty nappies clogging up the home I guess).

One can only guess what they think of all of this down at the benefits office. One does have to confirm that one is looking for work, don't they? And while he's obviously not looking for work "properly", Pete has managed to write a book about his time in the army which he has titled "Scaley" and sells for £50 on Amazon. Page after page about bayonets and boots, Pete’s book was no doubt written at the expense of the tax payer. Even the black and Asian tax payers at that, too.

Last week, the BNP made a big thing about Pete and his fellow BNP members' going out in Spennymoor collecting rubbish. Very civic minded one might say, particularly as the council allegedly will not deal with fly tipping. Pete's best friend Adam Walker even commented “Whenever we get a spare half-hour, we do a bit of leafleting to keep things ticking over. The locals recognise us when they see our team out doing activities such as this.

"It’s good for the local branch because it raises our profile, although it must be a bit embarrassing for the local authorities and lazy councillors, who take tax money to do the work but then don’t and end up having to be helped out by members of the British National Party.”

Ah yes, those "lazy" councillors, never mind the poor tax payer, too. Said Adam Walker leads the BNP’s “Operation Fightback” whereby lots of angry Nutzis are encouraged to write to newspapers to defend the BNP’s Christian morality (or something like that). From today, I’m launching “Operation Payback”.

You see, the reality would appear that Peter Molloy's über BNP activities are funded by the tax payer. From writing books, hanging around at the BNP's Cumbria offices, to delivering hate leaflets, to wearing medals and following the BNP around the country he should have been looking for work. We have hundreds of pics of Pete when he should've been looking for work.

Get writing that cheque Pete. England expects.

Molloy: The "hardworking" BNP

Molloy: The "hardworking" BNP

Review: Must try harder, Pete.

Review: Must try harder, Pete.

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Brons dumped by The Brent Group

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 25 January 2012, 00:38

Andrew Brons

Andrew Brons

It seems that the obscure “Brent Group” , set up by a group of disgruntled BNP members have realised that Andrew Brons is not their new messiah after all and have unceremoniously dumped him in favour of the EDL linked British Freedom Party.

The group originating from Somerset was adopted by Brons as the blueprint for his “Parallel Party Structure”, effectively a party within a party.

Instead of Brons forming a new party from the dying corpse of the BNP, he chose to sit on his hands and wait, much to the annoyance of those BNP members frustrated by Nick Griffin’s leadership of the party.

The Brent Group lead by Roger Bennett describes itself on its website as “a focal point for those who have left the old party, been suspended or not renewing membership. The Group belongs to all who join.”

It seems however that their patience with the Yorkshire MEP has finally run out.

In a statement released by Bennett he wrote

“After the BNP leadership election many of us wanted a new party to be launched headed by Andrew Brons MEP. This did not take place and many of our supporters have drifted away into small groups or, sadly, lost interest."

"The opportunity to launch a new party with any degree of success has now been lost; the potential members are no longer there."

"My proposal to you is to join and support the British Freedom Party."

"There is no other alternative for real success. The British Freedom Party, with the Brent Group members will be the only party to have a real chance of success.”

With support for Brons at an all time low, only time will reveal what the ageing MEP’s next move will be.

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Spare a thought

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 24 January 2012, 21:42

Terror: Speaking with European partners on viloent

Terror: Speaking with European partners on viloent

I thought I should spare a thought tonight for my colleague Matthew Collins. Not for him a night in Cardiff watching his beloved Crystal Palace in the League Cup semi-final, nor indeed a night at home in his large replica shirt watching and screaming incoherently at the "Eagles" on TV.

"Poor" Matthew's been on the road for the last ten days plugging his book and then returned straight home to a series of conferences he agreed to speak at long before Palace's shock win against Manchester United up at Old Trafford in the last round of the League Cup.

Yesterday Matthew addressed an international meeting in London of people from government bodies from the UK, Norway and Sweden on the theme of far-right extremism-six months on from the Oslo terror attacks.

Today Matthew was at Kings College London as a guest speaker at the International Centre For The Study Of Radicalisation (ICSR).

The meeting was "packed to the rafters" to hear Matthew debate with Jamie Bartlett from DEMOS on the issues surrounding the rise (and fall) of the English Defence League (EDL) and how best to address them.

Although the two do not entirely agree, the lively meeting belied Matthew's inner turmoil: Shortly before midday, as his thoughts turned to the big game in Cardiff tonight, news came through from our office that Matthew was needed in Brussels, leaving on a train just before the game was due to be aired on television.

He's been asking for text message updates of the game, but as yet I have not had the heart to send him one..

ICSR: But is he dreaming of Wembley?

ICSR: But is he dreaming of Wembley?

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Unemployed pub bores and "vermin" meet

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Sunday, 22 January 2012, 21:17

Thanks for the info Jeff & Claire

Thanks for the info Jeff & Claire

Lucky for me that I opted against a stroll around Paddington in London on Saturday while waiting for my train. The last thing that I wanted to do was to bump into old "friends" and "comrades".

Had I ventured out for a light refreshment I could have ended up in a time warp of ageing and unimportant Nazis and their supporters in a meeting of the "New Right", well one of the "New Right" groups, that is.

We've written about this odd mix of racists, Holocaust deniers and tyrant worshippers before and unsurprisingly, they are currently themselves in the middle of some sort of schism so the group has to meet twice as regularly now to keep everybody happy.

Most of those (if not all), are from that particular group of (mainly) former BNP members that Nick Griffin likes to refer to as "vermin". Among those apparently at the meeting was John Morse, who went to prison in the 1980's for editing a rather particularly unpleasant edition (or two) of the BNP's monthly newspaper British Nationalist.

Griffin's current BNP remember Morse as a "useful idiot" while I remember him as a vicious racist and anti-Semite who used any opportunity he could to poison the minds and lives of ordinary people with his racism. A bus driver by trade, Morse used to spend his weekends at Brick Lane market in Tower Hamlets, shouting racist abuse while trying to flog his newspaper.

Also there was Steve Brady, who was rumoured until recently to have been secretly in Nick Griffin's gang and even touted as a potential Editor of the BNP's irregular monthly magazine. Brady studied zoology at University but actually ended up working for a certain German car manufacturer in Milton Keynes. He liked to pretend he was some sort of Loyalist link-man and Lothario, but the reality was far less exciting. He was for a short time the Deputy Chairman of the National Front while desperately trying to hide his politics from his employers.

The meeting must have been a little more downbeat than usual however. At their last meeting, Michelle Renouf mourned the passing of Colonel Gaddafi. At this meeting no doubt, she mourned the revoking of the British broadcasting licence by OFCOM of her employers, Press TV although she apparently declined to actually speak.

Never mind the "New Right", it was more like a Job Club for unemployed Holocaust deniers’.

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Griffin acknowledges rat problem

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Sunday, 22 January 2012, 19:45

Pathetic: But is Griffin's latest outrage a cry for help?

Pathetic: But is Griffin's latest outrage a cry for help?

Three weeks into the new year and it appears that flailing BNP leader Nick Griffin has only just realised how deep into the mire his party really is.

Sources inside the party have been telling us that membership renewals for the new year are best described as "poor" (though that is not the actual language being used within the party leadership!)

As well as an appalling tweet today about Muslims it appears that Griffin has turned his attention to the very rats leaving his sinking ship. Someone has suggested the vile tweet he made could even be a desperate attempt by Griffin to court some kind of legal controversy leading to him receiving public sympathy. Such is the desperate and warped environment inside the party at the moment, nothing surprises us here.

The departing rats from the BNP have apparently been described as "vermin" by Griffin in a text message sent to members and supporters. Most of Griffin’s venom has been directed at fellow MEP Andrew Brons, but it appears there is plenty spare for some others also.

Griffin apparently then goes on to name a host of former high profile members of the party and even Robin Tilbrook of the rival English Democrats on his "vermin" list.

Griffin's angst hasn't been helped by a large dose of supreme Aryan incompetence that apparently only came to light on Friday afternoon, despite the best efforts of party staff to hide it from him. And with a certain someone going on maternity leave soon, the thought of a certain double act known as "Rodney" and "Trigger" running the office in her absence was the last straw.

Griffin has been budgeting on a membership of 4000 to keep him in power in the BNP and in return in the public eye. Not only does it appear that they are clearly someway short of that figure, that despite their best propaganda efforts talking up yesterday's supposed day of action in London, half of those expected to take part failed to materialise!

Griffin: Surrounded by "Vermin".

Griffin: Surrounded by "Vermin".

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 20 January 2012, 21:17

Tired & Emotional - Claudia Dalgleish

Tired & Emotional - Claudia Dalgleish

The split between London BNP organiser Steve Squire and his now very ex girlfriend Claudia Dalgleish certainly could not be described as amicable.

As reported previously, Claudia is using every opportunity available to stick the proverbial knife into her ex beau Squire.

Facebook appears to be one of her weapons of choice and in an amazing turnaround her number one fan now appears to be one time BNP National Elections Officer Eddy Butler.

Butler and Dalgleish in the past have been regular sparring partners on Facebook, with Claudia taking the loyalist corner of Nick Griffin and Butler the perennial renegade.

Not anymore, rumours are rife that there is dangerous liaison blossoming between the two previous combatants.

In an interesting exchange today Claudia was happily defending Butler to anyone who would listen when along came two of the more regular Griffin attack dogs, Mick Braun of Romford and Bob Taylor of Dagenham.

During a heated exchange between the onetime BNP comrades, Dalgleish made a number of serious allegations. At one point she admitted to taking part in “dirty tricks” with Braun and Taylor in the name of their leader Nick Griffin. In another she claimed a leading BNP official has taken part in the sale of illegal drugs.

Of course we have no proof if any of these accusations hold water and we won’t be repeating her claims in any detail (To repeat a libel is also libellous), however several hours after the initial claims were made, Dalgleish deleted all of the comments from her Facebook account.

Good job we got the screen grabs when we did!

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Paul Who ?

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 20 January 2012, 17:13

Paul Weston

Paul Weston

Paul Weston leader of the miniscule British Freedom has a North American tour planned for next month.

According to their website Weston has already made an “impact” over the pond.

When they say impact they mean appearing on the tiny Canadian TV station Sun News Network with the Islamophobic presenter Michael Coren.

The Sun News Network only has an average audience of 12,900 viewers a day, hardly a huge success in a country that has a population of 35 Million is it? Just as a point of reference the CBC News Network broadcasts to 10 Million Canadian homes.

Later Weston will also address the Tennessee State General Assembly in the United States although we aren’t quite sure what the good people of Tennessee have done to deserve that.

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Meeting of Hate

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 19 January 2012, 17:57

The EDLs last attempt at a European meeting was a disaster

The EDLs last attempt at a European meeting was a disaster

A collection of anti Muslim groups are planning to meet up in Denmark in what is being called the launch of a European movement.

"There will be speeches from every defence league in Europe," said Isak Nygren, the spokesman for the Swedish Defence League."

As all but the EDL are miniscule it will be interesting to see just how successful this meeting will be as the EDL attempted to kick start something similar to this in Amsterdam in 2010, then the EDL were chased out of town by antifascists and followers of the Ajax football club.

Matthew Goodwin, an expert on far-Right politics based at Nottingham University, said that he was worried by the EDL’s attempts on gaining a foothold in mainland Europe "It shows us something that I don't think British commentators have grasped, which is that elsewhere in Europe, the EDL is seen as being quite a significant movement," he said. "When you look at guys like Anders Breivik and the Danish Defence League, we can see how groups in Europe are looking at Britain and the EDL as a model."

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Violent group intends to disrupt Anarchist film festival.

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 16 January 2012, 11:42

Jeff Marsh

Jeff Marsh

A violent group, closely aligned to the English Defence League has made direct threats to an Anarchist film festival due to take place in Leeds next month.

Casuals United, run by convicted football thug Jeff Marsh has vowed to disrupt the Leeds Anti Fascist Film Festival which will take place in the city in February.

Marsh from South Wales has been previously convicted of stabbing two Manchester United supporters in 1989 and was sentenced to two years in prison.

He is currently banned from every football ground in the country following a conviction for affray in 2010.

Members of Casuals United were widely believed to have been involved in violent scenes over the weekend when a number of their members travelled to the Whitechapel area of London with the intention of stirring up trouble with the local Asian residents.

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The Emperorís New Clothes

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 16 January 2012, 08:33

Troy Southgate

Troy Southgate

When new publications drop through the office letterbox, a member of staff scours the pages to see if there is anything of interest. Unfortunately I drew the short straw and was lumbered with the latest issue of New Imperium. The turgid publication published by the equally pompous organisation The New Right.

For some people the New Right are seen as a new threat, possibly with aspirations to fill the vacuum left over from the crumbling BNP. The reality however is somewhat different. Fifty political train spotters in a back street London pub does not make a dynamic political movement that is going to take this country by storm.

Chief train spotter is Troy Southgate, according to his Wikipedia entry Southgate is an author, musician and leading National-Anarchist activist. He is also a Crystal Palace supporter much to the annoyance of fellow Eagle and colleague of mine Matthew Collins.

Southgate started his political career with the National Front, moving to the International Third Position, English Nationalist Movement and the National Revolutionary Faction, before establishing The New Right in 2005 with one time BNP “Cultural Officer” Jonathan Bowden.

Described as “Metapolitical, beyond movements and organisations and putting intellect before dogma”, Southgate and his merry men want people to believe that a room full of washed up and past it racists will change the world. However, reading New Imperium quickly confirms that The New Right is nothing more than a “Cult of Personality” worshipping at the church of Troy Southgate.

Not only is Southgate editor and designer of New Imperium he is also the organising secretary of The New Right. Turning to the back of the magazine you are met with two pages of books for sale via The New Right. Every book advertised has Southgate listed as either author or editor and at an average price of £20 per book Southgate corners the market in boring books about dead fascists and is making a pretty penny from it as well.

The rest of the magazine is pretty much what I expected, the snob end of the fascist spectrum attempting to appear more intelligent than your regular BNP lout.

Southgate in his editorial talks about “excitement regarding The New Right’s continuing progress” and “The secret behind their success.”

Progress? Success?

I wonder what the collective term for a group of pub bores would be. May I suggest The New Right?

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Washed up soldiers

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 11 January 2012, 17:21

Interesting little snippet sent in today from one of our regular contributors.

It seems the British National Party's Veterans Officer, Pete Molloy has taken a shine to the EDL splinter, the Combined Ex Forces.

The Combined Ex Forces or Cxf as they like to be known are a gang of self styled far-right paramilitaries who threatened both the Prime Minister David Cameron and the Metropolitan Police with “snipers” at last years Rememberance Day commeration.

Molloy, best friend of Adam and Mark Walker and one of Nick Griffins biggest supporters in the North East made the post on his Facebook wall in response to an invite to a proposed CxF demo that has been announced at Downing Street in March.

Wishing them good luck in their endeavours, Molloy unfortunatley has to turn down their kind offer but adds " but if my circumstances change I might be able to make it. "

This wouldn't be the first time the Cxf and BNP have looked lovingly into each others eyes.

The CxF shared a few precious moments hero worshipping Nick Griffin at the BNP's "Protect the Poppy" demonstration on the same day CxF leader Michael Rafferty threatened to assassinate the Prime Minister.

Griffin and his new friends the CxF

Griffin and his new friends the CxF

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Dalgleish sticks the knife in

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 9 January 2012, 15:55

Ouch!: Claudia says bye-bye

Ouch!: Claudia says bye-bye

Steve Squire is the BNP's London organiser. He has his work cut out too, what with London BNP almost being moribund after consecutive splits, racist assaults, defeats and disagreements.

Steve used to at least have a little bit of glamour in his life in the shape of former model Claudia Dalgleish, who according to some in the party lived a life of tweeting and blogging as if she was on the set of television's "Sex and the city".

Not the most of popular BNP members, Dalgleish was at least interesting to follow with her constant carry-on. "Let's do lunch darling" she dazzled, constantly reminding her more dowdy comrades that she lived a life of jet-setting aside from hanging out with racists and neo-Nazis.

Dalgleish describes herself as an “Entrepreneur; Philanthropist; Humanitarian” which must have sat quite uncomfortably with the wife-beaters, glue-sniffers and imbeciles of the BNP.

So here's the good news for the BNP's Dowdy Brigade. Claudia has left the building. She's gone and left Steve and the BNP. As stoic as Steve is taking the whole break up, he knows that deep down it really is back to pints and pork scratching for the BNP's London meetings now.

And it's bad news for Nick Griffin too. Like everyone else in the party, he too enjoyed being photographed with her. But worse still, bang goes a potential cash cow just when the party is really struggling to get its act together for the GLA elections.

Claudia's now off on her post-BNP life and it appears she's telling anyone that cares to listen she has a new man who is not in the BNP. "New Year; new people; new experiences; new possibilities. Fabulous!" She tweeted earlier today.

If that didn't dent poor Steve's ego, Claudia then wrote "BNP will NOT get a GLA seat-that is a certainty-not a prediction-but good luck all the same".

Off for a Cosmopolitan and a trip around Bloomingdales it is then

Griffin: Better than having Simon Darby at his side

Griffin: Better than having Simon Darby at his side

Split:Claudia and Mr Big are no more.

Split:Claudia and Mr Big are no more.

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"Paramilitaries" plan secret Manchester meeting

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 4 January 2012, 23:32

A gang of self pronounced far-right paramilitaries linked to both the EDL and the BNP are planning a secret meeting in Manchester later this month.

The Combined ex-Forces (CxF), is a uniformed gang of ex-squaddies, mercenaries and people smugglers who threatened both the Prime Minister David Cameron and the Metropolitan Police with “snipers” if they interfered with their plans to defile Remembrance Day in London last year.

The group spent their day in London before being swooped on by armed officers, locked in conversation with senior BNP officials.

The vicious and conspiritual group are planning their secret meeting at O’Neill’s pub in the Arndale Centre in Stretford on Saturday 21st January. The group, who claim to be highly trained and armed say they’re dedicated to overthrowing the government and plan to discuss “serious topics” during the meeting. Topics that will be covered “may distress or offend some people” which will ominously include for those of us who follow the behaviour and attitudes of the far-right in this country, “themes of adult content with issues that effect all of us and our children, including child abuse”.

Speakers the group have billed to speak include a retired Metropolitan Police officer named Albert Burgess and a retired Lieutenant Commander of the Royal Navy, named Brian Gerrish, a well known member of the British Constitution Group and the Lawful Rebellion movement

While the often childish antics by CxF of dressing up in matching uniforms and promising military action may remind some of the Army Comrades Association, a rather comic book forerunner to the Irish fascist group the Blueshirts, CxF continues to issue threats and promises of violence and terrorism directed at both the government, police and antiracist and antifascist groups that should not be ignored.

We hope the good people at O’Neill’s close early and other publicans deny entry to uniform wearing wannabe-terrorists. To ensure this, HnH will be passing a file to the local council to ensure action is taken to stop CxF discussing terror in their city.

Nick Griffin greets CxF last year

Nick Griffin greets CxF last year

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